How To Build A Fireplace Mantel Easy Modern Fireplace Ideas

How to build a fireplace mantel – An option to improve your fireplace is a simple mantelpiece. I always felt like the room was a bit lacking and felt like the Fireplace could be a great focal point, but the weird shape of the bricks on the ends made it so that a pre-manufactured Fireplace Mantle would now work without us having to make some adjustments to it. So…of course…we designed one based on some inspiration pictures and made one to fit our existing Fireplace.

Installing an electrical outlet that is discreetly hidden, but meets all aspects of the National Electric Code, allows you to have powered holiday decorations on your mantel without a dangerous and dangling extension cord. I found chiseling chunks of wood off the sides of the mantel created the look I was going for. When finished, your mantel frame should look like a ladder, with one 24-inch board on each end, and two boards in the center. First thing we did was find the center of the wall and decide on the measurements based on the existing mantel front.

Here, you can see the crown molding we added to the front (from the mantel piece to the piece on top of the corbels) and a cross-section of the pieces we used to create the mantel. Now, this is where true DIYers prevail- I was at Point A (no mantel) and knew where Point B (mantel) was, but no directions on how to move between the two, which meant that I had to carve my own path. Apply wood putty to cover the screw heads, taking care to smooth the putty evenly with the surface of the mantel. If you decide to use an antique fireplace mantel, be sure it will pass the modern building codes.

For about $100 and an afternoon of work, I’ve got a custom mantel that makes a huge impact in my living room! One of the most contemporary mantel treatments, the floating shelf mantel, consists of one narrow ledge mounted on the wall over the firebox. Late 18th century French Caen stone surround from the Northern region of France. The surround is finished with pine face trim along with cove and crown molding for some added detail. As with the columns, you can apply a frame to the surface of the MDF and a bit of crown moulding above the frame and under the mantel. Our tv would be placed above the fireplace as well but I want a deep enough mantel to decorate.

Inside You’ll Find Detailed Instructions On How To Source, Buy, Build and Install Your Dream Fireplace Mantel Includes dozens of photos of custom sketched and hand-carved classical masterpieces You’ll enjoy reviewing complete designs you can build and finish yourself. Whatever materials you choose or construction techniques you use, installing a new or upgraded fireplace surround is sure to be a satisfying way to enhance your living environment. I started the installation by transferring the elevation of the baseboard to the front of the fireplace using a laser.

No matter the design or sequence of the mantel install, it must be built and installed with strength in mind. One thing to consider when building your framework is that the outside of the mantel will cover the frame. When finished, this mantel will be exactly the same height as the old one, which is nice because we liked that about the last one (mostly we just wanted to fix the smashed tile hearth, and the side proportions since it got skinny and sloped into the wall from the side). Use construction adhesive to attach the mantel shelf to the top of the columns and beam.

The exposed face/area of the bridge beam is 10 inches tall (an additional 2 1/2 inches along the top is concealed by crown molding). We weren’t 100% sold on the idea of the white mantel when I built it, so it’s actually fitted over the existing brick and isn’t secured with any fasteners. I slid the mantel over the cleat that I built on the stone and drove 2″ wood screws from the sides and top of the mantel into the 2×4’s underneath. I think he did an amazing job creating the mantel and dealing with the attention to detail aspect of my personality. We detached the firebox door from where it was attached to the fireplace with a piano hinge and laid it flat.

It would look more than a little odd, in my opinion, to have a rough-timber beam as a fireplace mantel in a room that oozes French Provincial architecture. I know it is not super fancy or intricate, but I LOVE it. For those wondering, total cost for the mantel was $130.81! In this excerpt from his book Building Fireplace Mantels , Mario provides step-by-step advice on how to create a classic mantel for your fireplace. I’m not much of a TV watcher… I spend most of my time in the workshop!) I searched for electric fireplace mantel plans, but didn’t come up with much. Use a hammer and a crowbar to carefully remove the mantel and existing surround.

If the room is large and has high ceilings, you can and should build a larger mantel. You’ll notice from the scrap prototype that this essentially involves creating a wood box to hide the fireplace unit. We made sure it was wide enough to jut out from the slate we were installing around the mantel. I printed out the plans (excellent, by the way) and H and I wrote down the measurements needed to fit a mantel around our fireplace.

We used an old ornamental door frame, some reclaimed molding and a few pieces a salvaged marble to create a new fireplace mantel and surround. Try organizing things symmetrically so your mantel feels balanced, but don’t forget to layer and mix up height. Miter the corners of decorative molding and glue and nail them to a pine one-by-ten for the mantel.

I would have loved to figure out a way to put the TV on another wall but there is no other place in our living room that would work. And I hope you saved the original surround ’cause it looks to me like it’s Aztec relief and probably of value to someone looking for that stlye. We used a level to draw a pencil line from the top of the mantel to the ceiling as a guide for either side of the wall.

As the mantel shelf extends beyond the face of the legs, the wider it will be. This is because the corbels and crown moldings, which support the mantel shelf, extend to the sides proportionally to the depth. We also added another piece of decorative trim right where the vertical posts” of the fireplace frame seemed to support the middle span” that stretched across the whole fireplace. This Fireplace Mantel Surround in Empire Cherry Finish is characterized by Poplar and Cherry wood construction.

Mantels Direct is committed to excellent customer service before, during and after the sale of our fireplace mantels and mantel shelves. After levelling the shelf, draw a line on the wall that corresponds to the edge of the mantel. Then, I marked the center point on the 2×4 and the center point on the fireplace to make sure my mantel would be centered on the fireplace ;). Next, I used a black marker to mark inside each of the three holes onto the stone, so that I would know where to drill the holes into the stone.

She created a focal point with her mantel that works just as well as an actual fireplace. Also, check with your local building official to determine the minimum clearances you’ll need from the firebox opening to the columns and mantel; the allowable proximity of combustible materials to an open flame is governed by building codes in most areas, and you’ll need to comply with local regulations. Of course, the three-plus-one rule is just one of infinite ways to decorate a mantel.

We wanted this space to still be useful, so we put in a door to fake a firebox and have access to our outlet on the wall behind the fireplace to run our cords out of sight like a media cabinet. If you are in need of instructions don’t count on this book, unless you have brand new construction… and need to know how to build a mantle box. When Ashley deconstructed her original fireplace surround, rock cladding mounting to a backing board was the first step in getting everything ready for the new fireplace surround and mantel shelf.

That’s because the brick fireplace flared out right under the mantel and got thinner towards the floor (from the side it was actually pretty top-heavy). If you have the skills and tools, you can design and build a mantel from premium boards and either stock or custom-milled moldings. Now, if you’re not as confident as Scott with your woodworking skills, you can buy an entire fireplace manual kit either online or at the home center. If you keep them with 2″ or so of the top, then the crown molding will cover these nail holes.

All this really is, is a long box” with an open end utilized when you mount your diy mantel. Click on the play button on the video player above to watch the video on how to build a fireplace mantel. Back down in the basement we begin cutting decorative molding for the face of the surround. We slowly brought the assembled mantel into place and attached it to the nailers from each side of each leg. Make sure your cleat is wide enough for the mantel to be fastened to the cleat with screws. I knew what a mantel looked like, so all I had to do was put things together in the proper dimensions and I’d have one.