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The TEKNA ProLite is a superior performance spray gun that features quality air caps as well as 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 fluid tips. Now you can connect the air and set the regulator to the recommended pressure as stated by the gun manufacturer. The 3M Accuspray System is a High-Volume Low Pressure spray gun that features disposable atomizing nozzles that make it as effective as a new primer spay gun. Easily clean paint off all the hard to reach areas in an airbrush, spray gun or any other item with small orifices that need cleaning like the fluid tip, air cap, paint cup. Material adjustment knob – enables you to control paint output, making small items as easy to spray as large items! Users also receive filtered spray and pattern adjustments that are easy to access with a side dial on the left.

The 1.4 is specifically designed for clear coat, but I still prefer the 1.3 as I feel that I have more control of the gun. Very likely, some thinner will remain in the cup; leave it in there and fasten the gun back onto the cup until next time. The specific job that you are performing will determine the setting that you use. The ME Spray Gun Pulls mist into a filter in the gun, reducing the already small amount of overspray. And Wagner acknowledges that the paint particles are not as fine as those from the other sprayers, resulting in a textured” paint surface.

All the spray guns have an adjustable flow control to change the amount of material being sprayed. The system consists of an air compressor, oil/water filter, air hose, spray gun with cup attachment or spray gun with separate pressure pot for paint, and the appropriate hoses. In the end, if your deciding on painting your car yourself and your afraid on what gun to choose… well don’t be afraid to purchase this gun. There are enough other problems to fill a painter’s day than re-doing work because the gun choked.

When both air and material volume are increased, the spray gun can reach it’s maximum capacity in how much surface can be covered per unit of time. There are many paint gun choices to make as well and if you don’t have some basic information you will not know if you made a good choice or not. With the cup mounted on the top side of the gun body, the paint will run down (gravity!) to the fluid tip. This started getting talked about about 8-9 years ago and that is to force every shop to have a gun cleaner.

Another great feature is that suction feed minimizes tip clogging with waterbased finishes when you hang the gun up and want to use it again in several hours. Once this is done, unscrew the air cap (the piece that screws over the tip) and soak it in clean solvent until the material loosens and flows out easily. A dirty spray gun that is clogged will not produce a professional paint job regardless of the cost. They couldn’t set down the gun on any flat surface because the paint would pour out the vent hole in the top of the cup. Water-based polyurethane materials also sprayed well when using this Fuji system.

After the Graco, this sprayer applied the best spray pattern with even coverage and a well-confined pattern. The sequence of work is extremely easy: after pre-cleaning the pistol and pot with the brush fed with cleaning agent, the fully emptied spray gun (do not pour the residues in the washing container!) is placed on the flushing nozzle with the open pot ahead and the trigger guard is fixed with a clamp. I’m a big fan of gravity feed spray guns so I chose the pressurized 600cc, T75G” spray gun. If one of the air passages become plugged, the spray pattern is not going to spray evenly.

It can be used as a spray through” cleaner with an assembled gun, or a wipe down” product for thoroughly cleaning, needles, caps, tips and all other gun parts. Typically used to paint semi trucks and other large equipment, pressure feed allows the painter to hold the gun at any angle, even upside down. So basically while cleaning the inside of the gun I am cleaning everything else. Spray finishing with an HVLP spray gun can be highly productive and give superior results, or it can be frustrating and quickly ruin a painting or wood finishing project. Set the pressure on the gun with the trigger pulled and air flowing through the gun.

Although I have no major issues with Earlex, I actually use my Fuji Turbines more in my shop. I have a couple different spray guns and have been priming and painting the car I’m restoring. If you’re considering updating your finishing skill set to include spray finishing but you’re concerned about what looks and sounds like a complex undertaking, don’t be. The Fuji Mini-Mite 3 is easy to use, easy to maintain and continues to be more than equal to all of my finishing tasks. This setup is the AM-6008 gun with 1 qt pressure cup and a 1.5mm or 1.8mm setup.

When I am satisfied with that I’ll set those aside and start breaking down the gun. I never really spray oil-based finishes, but I wouldn’t be comfortable leaving it overnight. That happened way back as I first discovered HVLP and since that one time, I have yet to blow paint through any of my guns again. This Graco 2-quart pressure pot system I currently use is an older model, but gives good results. The most likely place for that leak to occur is the joint between the gun body and the fluid tip. As I stated earlier, I chose the T-75G”, 600cc gravity feed gun and I did so for a few reasons.

TIP: Since gravity is working against you on the cabinet frames, I recommend using a fine spray to avoid drips as much as possible. What really impressed us was the negligible overspray from the gun compared to our old conventional Devilbiss. Next direct the air fan knob located on the back of the spray gun, to sufficiently atomize the paint. A combination of good gun design, regulatory mandate and the fact that paint costs $100 a gallon. I wanted to spray latex with an airless gun run off my compressor and everyone seems to say that it can’t be done without major thinning. Turn the air cap to the vertical position and you’ll achieve a horizontal spray pattern.

I have always been lucky to have extra paint canisters that are clean to use for clean thinner. The more fans (aka blades), the more power that the HVLP will be able to generate. A quick survey of readily available sprayers revealed two categories: airless sprayers with a small built-in pump, and high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) sprayers that rely on a vacuum cleaner-type turbine. Depending on what type (clear, color, primer) of material and what brand of spray gun, you’ll get best results with a very specific tip-needle-air cap combination. Other wise you run the risk of getting oil mixed in with what ever you spray next.

Sometimes acetone or mineral spirits will work well also depending on the type of paint you use. B. Lubricate the air trigger packing just behind the trigger, again with one or two drops of oil; and then hold the gun so gravity will help pull the oil into the packing as the trigger is moved. After gently stirring sealer or lacquer, pour the entire quart into your Production Gun’s spray cup. Follow the manufacturer’s original instructions on how to disassemble and reassemble the gun to access each of these four points. My spray gun will thank me and I hope to see marked improvement in my spray finishes.