Wooden Garden Planters

If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your garden this year planting vegetables and more, then we have a great project here to help you start planting right way. This allows 4 or 5 inches of the board to extend below the garden box to help hold it in place, and to keep the box from bowing due to the weight of the dirt in it. I used a 4″ x 4″ post for each corner of the box, and a 2″ x 8″ board for extra support for each long (10 foot) side of the box. If you have a lot of things to plant or don’t have someone to assist you, I suggest making several smaller boxes.

If you’ve seen any pests or beneficial insects in your garden in the past few days please report them to The Big Bug Hunt and help create a warning system to alert you when bugs are heading your way. The compact rotational garden utilizes a small space efficiently while maintaining easy access to each section. These are the plants that he filled the planter boxes with just after he completed building them.wooden garden boxes how to build

Make sure to mix the soil below with the bed with the soil you’re adding to the bed to prevent the water sitting on top of the garden soil, especially if you have very heavy clay soil. However, I did notice that you mentioned using railroad ties for raised garden beds and I think you should mention that while these are great for flower beds and the like, they should never be used near vegetables because they are chock full of carcinogens. Before you begin to build the three boxes, select a well-drained, level area in your yard where you know the strawberries will get full sun most of the day.

This hanging planter is made up of five wooden planks with openings that let pots dangle. This is a great way for seniors to garden and enjoy the benefits of the exercise and the great taste of on-the-plant ripened vegetables. For a wall that doesn’t require a concrete foundation, dig a shallow trench to accommodate the bottom several inches of timbers, stones, or wood.

We’ve got several of these now, (I say WE, but it’s actually my hubby who did all the work while I made the lemonade) but we started by making a garden on top of an old coffee table! Aim to fill your raised garden up to about 50mm from the top, rake it level then, shoot down to the Mitre 10 garden department and decide what veges you want to plant in there. As a result, more of the garden can actually be used to grow things, rather than to walk around them. Now, using a drill/driver and a bit, screw in a 10-inch timber wood screw through the pilot hole.

As you can see, there’s no limit to the ways you can build your garden bed, and by using all different types of supplies and materials, you can do something personal and unique. Raised beds tend to dry out relatively quickly, and are often used to make it possible to grow a garden where soil drainage is poor, so you should not normally experience problems with drainage in a raised bed. For extra stability you can drive a wooden peg into each inside corner and nail it in place. My husband painted the wood to protect it from rotting, first with a sealer and then with indoor/outdoor paint.

When you are ready for raised garden beds preparation of soil in your beds, fill them with commercial soil or mix the existing soil with compost or manure As beds are built up, keep adding compost to further improve its soil structure and drainage. I hope that this inspires you to build your own raised vegetable garden and to get out into your yard and smell the roses (or cabbages). This raised garden kit is pretty lightweight and sturdy as well as easy to assemble.

As we mentioned earlier, you may need to move your garden around for optimal growing, and this setup allows you to do that relatively easily. The prices include wood from Home Depot, weed mat ordered from ($.50 per foot), home made Mel’s mix ($2/cu ft). That gives the roots a minimum of 3 feet in which they can easily reach the nutrients necessary to build healthy plants. After choosing a preferred type of wood and gathering lumber, it is time to construct the planter box.

Please tell me if you have any special tips for southwest Florida raised bed veggie garden. We’ve been wanting to make use of all the space for the past few years and when I read Delilah’s post about her goals for 2014 and saw the amazing raised bed planter boxes she created from scrap wood, I got inspired. Otherwise, the pressure of the moist earth will cause the wood to warp in as little as one year.

But they can be expensive, especially in my case because I have 16 garden boxes to build. Here’s a raised garden that’s been arranged in a geometric shape, not just for looks, but for function. It sounds like it might be difficult to give your garden enough sun and water in this spot. If one separated the crops in a raised bed garden into individual ground level beds, the water needed to irrigate them all (even with drip hoses) would almost certainly be more than that needed to water the single raised bed they share. The article is called Build a Vegetable Planter Box with these Plans and is located at -.

Loni shows you how to build a durable vegetable planter that will last for years to come and produce fresh veggies for the whole family. Cost: Depending on the size of your bed, cedar or redwood could cost up to $150 per bed; pressure-treated wood costs $75 to $100. A lining can make an existing raised bed safer, but if your raised bed is made of creosote railroad ties or arsenic treated wood, it’s best to remove the wood from the yard to prevent continued migration of the toxics. Reuse materials such as you’ve used brings a great character and quality to a garden as well as being the best for the environment.

Yes, planter boxes are a great solution to a lot of gardening problems, but plastic or terra cotta planters can look cheap and clash with your personal style. The screw thread needs to bite into solid wood to hold firm but you can use a smaller drill (no larger than 8mm) to make screwing into place easier. If I had to choose an alternative option, it would be the recycled uPVC Link-a-Bords which many gardeners swear by. I was so impressed by the eco-credentials of the company producing these that I intend to use them for other parts of my garden. There’s ongoing debate about what timber you should use to build a raised garden.

In addition, use treated-wood screws (porcelain coated or stainless steel) to build your flower box, otherwise you’ll be faced with traces of rust after a few years. To support timber beds, place wooden stakes at ever corner (and every few feet for long beds). I would definitely recommend this to anyone not interested or without the time to craft their own garden box.

A large row-garden watered with any sprinkler system will use (and waste) more water than a raised bed with a drip hose, because the sprinkler waters paths as well as garden rows. Yogurt containers and kleenex boxes line his workshop, organizing all of his nails, screws, twine, and extra wooden chopsticks (among other things). You can go higher (up to 24 inches) if you have a bad back but then you may need to build cross-supports because the sides of the bed could bow from the weight. I plan to do a smaller garden box for my son, he’s a quite good gardener at 2 yo… Not as me, I killed plant.

Sealing teak planter boxes once a year helps keep the color consistent, but it is not necessary to protect the integrity of this particular wood. If you’re interested in placing an order for a custom Chevron Garden Box , please contact me through the StuffSethMakes Contact Page with more info on the sizes you need. The depth of raised garden boxes generally require at least 6-12 inches for the proper root development of plants. This tutorial is based on what we did to build our raised beds – but we don’t proclaim to be experts.

Last summer I decided to build self-watering” veggie planters that I could leave for a week without watering. You’ll need 64 cubic feet of soil to fill each bed; make sure that you purchase soil that is specifically meant for filling garden beds (NOT compost alone, or just mulch, or potting soil). To a gardener (me), those words meant a warm southern exposure and a sizable empty space in which to plant a vegetable garden. Once they were all leveled, we filled the boxes about 3/4 of the way full of soil. Many pallets and treated wood have chemicals in them that can end up in your food.

Whether you opt for traditional boxes on the ground or decide to try for a vertical wall planter box, you’re sure to get a great, maintenance free look that won’t rot away over the years! Here, a pallet functions as the basic frame for a garden; just staple landscape fabric securely to the back before planting. To dig in raised garden beds, we needed only four tools: a fork, a rake, a shovel and a hand trowel — all inexpensive.wooden garden boxes how to build