DIY Cubby House

I bought a plan from bunnings but didn’t use it. It is about $15 but you can have it for $0. Just PM me your address. We had an old coffee table that was no longer inkeeping with the style of our house but instead of throwing it out, I stored it upstairs in a corner of what is supposed to be my art room – after 6 or 7 years in this house I’m yet to actually do any art” in this room, I prefer being downstairs where the action is, anyhow… – I have had this old coffee table stored upstairs since last year knowing that I had a plan for it, I was just waiting for the day.

We used parts of a bedhead (roadside find) for the door and window frame; the window is cupboard doors from a TV cabinet (roadside find); the lamp on the outside is from the garden of our old house; the floor is wood from the nearby school they were throwing away, a friend’s leftover decking and our old stair rail; the roof is clear Laserlite and used to be our front a cubby house

My wife is no fool, once I push my chest out and boast of a magical land where cubby houses only cost $500 she tells me to go for it”, with that wicked little smile all wives have that tells us how excited they are to watch the world burn around us. As all husbands know once your wife has questioned your budgeting skills (or anything for that matter) it takes what was once a simple delusion and turns it into a scientific fact that you will fight to the death to honour.

Let the kids come up with an architectural marvel and then throw some sheets over for a DIY fort. Made using some of Bondor’s signature products, the cubby is expected to make an impact in the competition. You should assume that your cubby house will be very, very rigorously tested by your children when they play in it. Make everything as break-proof as possible. The best part about a cub house is the small details, so put in some creative touches wherever possible. Attach a cross beam to the veranda posts 600mm from the floor to support the veranda pickets.

Because the world has changed very few children build the type of cubbies and structures that I did as a child but there are plenty of other simple options. If using a table: Put the table where you want the cubby house to be. Put as many blankets or sheets as you need to cover the whole table so you can’t see inside. Before you build the cubby house write down a list of priorities to help you develop the ideal set up.