Does anyone have a hay unroller that uses a hydraulic motor to spin the bale? The main frame is part of the frame from a verrmer v rake, the main spear is an old valve steam, the small spears are old axle shafts out of a 1 ton truck and the bearings are used that came off a case ih offset disk since when one bearing goes bad we replace all bearings on that gang so these were still pleanty tight and should last a good while on the unroller.

The objective of this study was to document the effects of modifying a traditional bale unroller such that the unroller could be offset a sufficient distance for the tractor to straddle the row of plastic and unroll the bale in the space between adjacent rows of plastic as well as test the efficacy of the modified unroller with several types of organic mulches for between-row weed control.

In contrast, the similar mulch biomass amounts between old and new hay in 2009, and the fact that the mulch biomass amounts for the 1-year-old hay were actually less than that of the new hay in 2010 at both thicknesses, indicate that the hay did not become more dense during the 1-year storage period, possibly because the baled hay shed water better than the wheat straw.

Between work, and a 3 month old its had to find time to work on it. the last pic is a fix I had to do after I cut my tubing to short and had to add six inches to it. Probably wouldnt have happened but there were some door to door sale man trying to sell my wife some kind of cleaner and kept asking me questions while I was trying to read the measurement I took off of or other hay lift.

A few years ago i converted a carpet grass unroller to unroll bales like the ones you are talking about that clamp the bale but its not made heavy enough to support the bale during transport so we use the tractor with a spear on the front and carry it to the pasture with it then cut the stings then set it down and back up to it and clamp it and unroll.

Took the hay spear that was mounted in the truck, dropped the bale, backed up to the side of bale, stabbed a solid rod bar through the center of bale, hooked chains to each end of bar and to the frame of hay spear on truck, start to unroll, bale would hit anthill, turn sideways knock the chain off the bar, Dad would get out cussin, reposition bale hook chain back to rod, start again and then the bale would turn again.hay unroller plans	hay unroller plans

We used the front loader – I suppose one could drag it if the bale was tight, then you have to get off the Tractor and hook this gizmo to the hitch, pull out the arms to each side of the bale(best done with two people) and impale the bale with two spikes that fit into the arms, then get back on the tractor after cutting the strings or net and drag the thing.

I’ve been meaning to try this on some low quality hay rolled out on some low quality ground where anything not eaten would just add to the ground. Using hay and wheat straw mulches between rows of plastic is a chemical-free weed control option that adds organic matter to the soil and can control weeds on the edges of plastic mulch beds where control by other methods may be difficult. I would say most of the western growers use a humidity detector to bale by more than a moisture tester. I never did like hay rings but till I found this unroller there wasnt much choice.