Find The Best Wine Racks And Wine Cabinets Online

Wine racks and cabinets are a must when organizing and storing a wine collection, and we’ve got a nice selection for everyone from casual wine drinkers, to devoted collectors. If you have got some skills as a woodworker, or a handyman, then it won’t be any difficulty for you to take some of your spare time and use it on making a nice wine rack which you can use as a surprise or a gift for someone you love. Cut two basic shapes from cherry wood: 3- by 24-inch cross rails to hold the bottles, themselves, and 6- by 12-inch end panels to support the cross rails.

By setting your table saw blade or skill saw blade at 27 degrees and following a line, you could turn out dozens of these in the time it takes to measure 4 lines around a board and try to keep your saw in line on both sides of the boards for one wine holder. Many modern wine racks have stackable and interchangeable sections so that you can build out your own wine racks to the shape and capacity that you find best.

We did a simple curve by using an extra piece of wood that was cut in to the desired shape and then traced on each of the three posts. Each wine bottle and glass holder fits over standard size bottlenecks to store or serve two stemware pieces. If you’re neither, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars offers assembly and installation services within the metro Vancouver area at reasonable rates. These are designed not only to safe keep the liquor, but to also present a form of design to those that will look at it. Wine racks can come in different forms but most sommeliers agree that the labels should always be visible to the lookers.

Whether you just like to keep a few extra bottles in stock in case of an impromptu party, or you’re a serious collector who has accumulated dozens of rare and exotic vintages, we’ve got the wine rack to suit your needs. Made from quality hardwood plantation timber and baked enamel steel, every Monterey wine rack is manufactured to the highest standard. A wine cooler or wine fridge is a great solution for even shorter term wine storage, but it isn’t a substitute for wine cabinets or wine racks. To hold oversize or different shaped bottles special wine racks needs to be constructed.

After publishing this wine rack I made a second DIY Pallet Book Shelf and captured the steps on video and created a YouTube tutorial. The final important decision to make on your journey toward owning a new wine rack will be the design. Wine Rack Design + Bottle Capacity – Contemporary wine racks come in an incredibly wide range of designs and with the capacity to hold from one to more than two hundred bottles.

If you have an open cabinet (from both sides as with many dinette room divider displays), you will want the same look on both sides (standard or deluxe). Cauls Help with Clamping: TIP: You want to make sure that this strip of wood really adheres to the plywood. In case of long term wine storage, it makes sense to implement wine rack systems which can grow along with your wine collection since they can be expanded according to your actual needs.