Automatic Gate Opener Buying Guide

In the recent few years, a huge hype is seen in people who are in search for some equipment that could help them protect them and their belonging. The biggest difference with gate openers however is no gate is the same; they are hung on different hinges, on columns or posts, made of different materials, have different power access, subjected to different wind and weather conditions, are picketed or tube or solid, open many or only a few times a day, and many other conditions that affect your gate opener to make an automatic gate opener

Inexpensive, farmyard bump gates are the essence of simplicity: an electrified polyethylene or fiberglass arm (or two, depending on the width of the opening) extends across an open gateway, bisecting two stretches of electric fencing; to open the gate from the cab of the truck or tractor, the operator gently bumps the arm, it swings open on pivot posts and the operator drives through; the gate closes smoothly behind him.

We’ve got a few more paragraphs to go. Those that follow are on the limitations that stem from the type of gate you currently have installed and how that affects your ability to automate your gate. Whatever your security concerns, you’ll find the right solution in our extensive line of automatic gate systems. The Closed Position Stop Plate helps to stabilize the gate in the closed position. The Strongway Single-Swing Automatic Gate Opener is a durable and reliable way to keep your property secure. After that, we can set up a maintenance agreement to make more service calls as required.

This is a great trick (I just tried it with a piece of sheet metal and our front gate) but it’s only one tool. Opening and closing your gate could not be easier, we provide options for keypad access, remote controls, and push buttons. We carry a huge selection of electronics and components for your automated gate security and access, including everything you’ll need for entry and access point control.

If you happen to have a swing gate, then you have to check its joints to see if the lube has worn off. You can choose to use a keypad and also decide whether your gate will open both leaves partially or only one leaf so that pedestrians might enter. A driveway gate should include one or two gate panels (sometimes called leaves), posts, mounting hardware, hinges and DIY installation instructions. Product Description The Mighty Mule FM200 is America’s #1 DIY (Do It Yourself) gate opener since 1987. With a Mighty Mule automatic gate opener, you can, and you can install it yourself!

Exit devices-sensors that open the gate automatically when a car approaches from inside the gate-cost $140-$200. Look for a gate equipped with a backup battery pack or a manual, fail-safe” system so the gate can be opened during a power failure. You could place a platform in front of the gate so that when you drive onto it the weight of your vehicle pulls open the gate via a system of rope and pulley. The Estate Swing Cell Phone Access Receiver allows the user to avoid all that while providing a simple, secure, and convenient means of operating the gate opener.

Knowing the dimensions and the approximate weight of the gate, the sturdiness of the post and the material the gate is made out of, is necessary in order to choose the correct automatic gate opener for your requirement. The stall force potentiometer on the control board controls the obstruction sensitivity (the amount of force the opener will apply to an obstruction before it automatically stops and reverses direction). The gate can now be opened and closed by remote, has an easy manual override, and provides security for the clients’ property when they are absent.

Mighty Mule Gate Opener for single swing gates is especially designed to open lightweight gates, which have a height of 12-feet. The trouble is that when the gate is using power faster than the rate of recharge (continuous, consecutive cycles), there will be a low voltage lockout, and the gate opener will not be able to operate until it is recharged to make an automatic gate opener