Fuji Pro HVLP Spray Systems

Many of us here at The Family Handyman have used small paint sprayers in the past with limited success, so we wondered whether the current batch was an improvement. Brass fittings, including a quick connect coupler for the spray gun and a steel strain relief at the turbine fitting instil confidence in the fact that this hose was not an afterthought” but an integral part of the whole Mini-Mite 3 package. Easily clean paint off all the hard to reach areas in an airbrush, spray gun or any other item with small orifices that need cleaning like the fluid tip and air cap. The entire Fuji Canada website is loaded with valuable information to help you get the most out of your spray finishing experience.

The Black & Decker spray gun has an adjusting knob where the hose enters the gun. Additionally, the narrow spray parameters demanded by HVLP keep the painter from getting way out of whack. Be aware You will need the female couplers, at least 2 air filters in your line, and air regulator to be able to use these guns properly. The Graco gun has a lever that you simply push from side to side to change the pattern. For Gravity you can also just losten the air cap and put a rag on the front to muffle the gun.

Cleaning HVLP gravity-feed guns today requires a combination of hand and machine cleaning. This style of spray gun can operate with very little paint in the cup and I don’t have to remove the cup to clean the gun thoroughly. I also have two gravity spray gun stands, one on the bench and one attached to my spray booth for holding the gun when I need to set the gun down.

HVLP works in part because low atomizing pressure (10 PSI or less measured at the air cap) leaves larger paint droplets. In Figure 9, note the red fluid areas, which are relatively small in comparison to the blue air passages on the inside of the spray gun. One way to keep the gun operating longer is to use the cover plugs that came with the gun or the washer. You asked that I post you on how the HVLP gun worked with the boat bottom paint job. I understand that all the systems and combinations that Fuji offers can be confusing. Then take the air cap off of the paint gun and brush the gun tip and the air cap.

Adding HVLP technology to all three gun designs will improve their TE. The old rule of thumb was you could make a 50 percent improvement in TE by applying HVLP air cap technology and design to any type of spray gun. If you do, and you don’t need to be portable, you can save some money and just buy a gun. If you use pre-catalyzed lacquer (solvent-based), it will break down with lacquer thinner. What ever you do, DO NOT use any oil based products on anything from the handle forward.

AM-8008/5008 SmartPak” – We almost called this package the Not Sure Which Spray Gun To Get-Kit”. Wipe down with clean thinner on a shop towel then clean my tip with a small bottle brush, rinse and reinstall on gun. Where paint spray guns have been poorly maintained and neglected, it is easy to imagine that that a poor tool will produce a bad paint job.

Each gun sprays a little differently and is designed for different types of applications. Well, actually, the siphon feed was outdated by the gravity feed spray gun, which makes the gravity spray gun the most common spray used in body shops. This gravity spray gun kit comes equipped with plastic cups and plastic connection gaskets. Other parts include: fluid needle, fluid adjustment, gun trigger, fan pattern adjustment, air adjustment, and the gun body. This spray gun is most suitable for spraying trucks, vans and buses among other large areas.

Bleeder” style spray guns constantly spray air from the tip of the gun as soon as the turbine is turned on. This type of gun can cause problems by spraying unwanted air around the workshop even when you’re not spraying a finish. However, every good spray operator understands the joy and benefit of coming into work knowing that the spray gun will work properly and trouble-free. Hold the gun perpendicular to the surface being sprayed and move it parallel to the surface, keeping the same distance from the work throughout the spray stroke.

If you’re spraying nitrocellulose lacquer on and off throughout the day, you don’t have to clean the gun until you’re done spraying for the day. If you remember to think like a robot and keep the gun straight and parallel to the panel, you will need to bend your wrist to keep that pattern. That number should be equal to or slightly higher than the CFM measurement of the spray gun.

All I had to do was empty the paint out of the spray cup, fill it with warm water, and spray it out until the water ran clear. The gun’s baffle head assembly is designed to deliver atomized and consistent spray pattern giving your work that elegant professional finish. Airless sprayers can be a little finicky since the piston must be kept clean and lubricated, and the spray tip can clog easily. LVLP guns are very good at detail work, small project work, and finishing at home (very soft spray and low overspray) QualSpray LVLP guns are the QS-125WB, QS-600WB, AM-6008LVLP and the AM-5008 series. When you are finished you can attach a small can of solvent and spray it like paint.

In addition, because this compressor is delivering its cfm @ 125 PSI, and the gun only uses 45 psi, there is plenty of air to spare – because cfm delivered by an air compressor goes DOWN as psi goes up and goes UP as psi goes down.However, if a gun requires 15.8 cfm, there is NO way to get a fine finish from the gun. If the gun sputters or spits, thin gradually until you get a fine spray pattern with no large drops.

The 6 Ft hose permits twin set is specifically designed to enhance operation and movement of the spray gun making it extremely easy to use. If you use this gun for dyes and toners like I do, be sure to get several extra cups! Turning the knob clockwise closes the valve and reduces the amount of liquid that flows from the cup into the gun. I also have tips on adjusting a spray gun, spraying techniques, and how to properly clean a spray gun.

You will need to go all Dexter-like and tape off any open areas in your kitchen to avoid spray particles from floating through your house. I have not used the smaller gun other than running air through it, but the detail gun seems fine as well. If you’re looking for a portable solution for your gravity feed spray gun, then this might be the best option on the market today. Compressor Powered HVLP units use an air compressor to provide the amount of air needed.

What we’re talking about here is to make sure that the gun is pointed directly at the surface you’re painting, without angling to either side. And most times when I spray something new, I have to have my hands in the work to develop a new strategy that works best for me. So I sort of learn as I go. After all, the first coat usually soaks in so much that you don’t have to worry about it being perfect. Also, with the fluid needle wide open you can reduce the spray pattern size by turning the fan control valve inward clockwise. Here you must follow the installation regulations of the gun or nozzle manufacturer.

As far as the guns go, I prefer the bottom-feed gun because it holds more finish, and since it is the type of gun I started with, it just feels right. Do I need a special type of HVLP air gun to use with it, or will any quality HVLP air gun do the job. The bottom half of most cars will require you to slightly tilt your gun upwards to get the right gun angle.

The package we put together works for both automotive or woodworking and will spray the most popular finishes with small compressors (only 6 cfm required) Gun incorporates stainless steel in the fluid passages, threaded connector to the cup, nozzle and needle. I bought this to paint some parts for my motorcycle and once you get the gun set right it is a breeze to use. I usually clean up with acetone or MEK, pouring a little in the paint cup and opening up the spray pattern a little bit.

If your gun gets clogged or gummed up, just soak it in lacquer thinner and you are ready to go. Since I don’t clean as much as I should, I will keep spraying until the gun doesn’t shoot well and then spend a little extra time cleaning it. Again, it is mostly soaking the gun in lacquer thinner with the possible addition of a little elbow grease. Also contributing to the near universal adoption of gravity-feed spray guns was the concern regarding air pollution.

The video makes it look so easy and simple and will help so many of the spraytanners out there with their gun maintenance – not only to ensure best spraying results but also ensure that the equipment works well through a longer life – thanks to regular maintenance!!!!! Gun washers do basically the same thing, but help you reuse and recycle the thinner.