FAQs About Vacuum Pressing Veneering And Laminating

Using a vacuum press is the most efficient method of veneering flat and curved panels and making bent laminations, which add decorative options to fine woodwork that can’t otherwise be made using hardwood. The hose reaches everywhere in the shop, even the cobwebs in the corners, and standard attachments all fit. Please call 800-732-4065 and speak with one of our expert consultants with any questions or assistance on purchasing an Oneida Industrial Dust Collection System. I used a vacuum pump to draw a vacuum on one container, and allowed it to sit under vacuum for 15 minutes. The panel is then placed inside the bag and the air from within the bag is removed with a vacuum system. One common complaint I’ve heard from many vacuum users is the time it takes to set up the system.

And regardless of whether our woodworking endeavors are criticized or celebrated, a talent will have developed in the process. Yes, please sign me up to receive WOOD Magazine’s free e-mail newsletters, including weekly woodworking tips,WOOD Store Deals and special offers from our partners and from the WOOD magazine family of publications. When I had a single stage collector, I made a real effort not to open the plastic bag any more than necessary to get it out – it is really ugly fine (dangerous) dust. A ball-bearing twist lock keeps the 11⁄4″ x 15′ hose securely attached to the inlet port.

As seen in the photo on bottom, facing page, the block that was in the container under vacuum has dye streaks running entirely through it. The process of degassing removed the air from the wood’s pores and allowed the blue water to be drawn deeper into the now-empty spaces. Doesn’t mar the work piece – The vacuum tape (special foam tape that gives an air tight seal between the vacuum jig and the work piece) protects the work piece. Titebond III has one of the longest wet times, 9 minutes as opposed to 4 or 5 for regular water based woodworking glues.

What polyurethane glue manufactures recommend is to wet the substrate (not the veneer, it will wrinkle) before applying the poly glue, thus it has sufficient moisture to cure when in a vacuum bag. I’ve recently replaced my bagpress with a Curvomatic Infinty laminating system which makes the mould as well as providing the clamping pressure. This and other systems are available at home centers, hardware stores and on-line.

The plenum of the table is also important as it distributes the air evenly from the plumbing to the surface of the table. The original system had a very good airflow, but I finally figured out why… the bags collected chips but let the dust back out – the airflow was not being filtered clean by the bags. The whole manifold system only has enough power to have one blast gate open at a time but this is not an issue because I only have a one man shop. This combination works great in my huge 8′ X 15′ woodworking shop and the Ridgid has plenty of suction.

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that our skin and respiratory systems can become sensitized to wood dust, meaning that further exposure could result in allergic reactions ranging from eye irritation and nasal dryness to dermatitis and asthma. As long as you have valves or shutters to close off the ends of lines that aren’t in use, this type of vacuum might be able to provide enough power to be adequate for a small garage-type shop. Maybe I will in the future add table saw and miter saw dust collection systems based on the success I had with this build. Just clamp it to your drill press and lower the sanding drum so it’s just inside the hole.

For added protection, our thermoplastic rubber woodworking dust collection hoses come with an external wear strip that is designed to give the hose excellent drag resistance and protection from abrasions caused by abrasive industrial floors. With the fences properly setup on the router table the vacuum is powerful enough to collect over 95% of the chips and dust that are produced.

To handle these large flows of wood waste safely and efficiently, Nederman has developed a wide range of products and systems based on dust collectors, piping / ducting, fans, conveyors, silos and automated control systems. Vacuum Clamping: Vacuum clamping is probably the most helpful, economical and time saving tool that very few woodworkers know about or use. Unfortunately even the most expensive vacuum systems have a hard time achieving 100% vacuum.

Manual Veneering Systems: When cost is a factor a manual system is a better alternative than veneering with most mechanical clamping set-ups. You just take a hose with you from one room to the other, plug it in, and the vacuum does its job, taking everything to the central vacuum receptacle. If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you will be amazed with the simplicity and versatility of the vacuum press in your workshop and how it can improve your woodworking.

There are a few commercially made vacuum chucks available but they are expensive and your requirements may demand a specially built chuck, making it worthwhile in both cases to make your own. If you’re veneering a flat panel, such as a tabletop, or a curved panel, such as a curved cabinet door, this pressure allows glued-up veneer to adhere to the entire surface of a substrate uniformly and tightly.

Also, I placed a vacuum bag which is sold separate in side the canister to catch any dust or pieces that may get through the dust collector. There have been a few times I’ve thought a vacuum clamp would be helpful but never to the extent I seriously considered buying one. Being inside the case with the rear exhaust port sized as per the drawing will not advesley effect the cooling of the vacuum. A canister is also better than a bag, it has more surface area so it won’t clutter as fast as a bag and this will keep your suction power for a longer time.

Our innovative Dust Right line includes a wall-mounted dust collector that provides plenty of suction without taking up floor space, expandable hose that stretches to seven times its storage length and all the couplers, adapters and accessories you need to bring dust collection to every corner of your shop. The stuff I received was yellow in color, and packaged in ten or twelve foot rolls, and it was compliant with any plastic I used for a vacuum bag.

If you’re looking to modify a vacuum into an actual collection system, depending on the size of your shop and your specific needs you may be able to get by with a modified regular shop vacuum. The DeWALT features many nice touches such as simple hose and cord storage (left photo), a telescoping handle and a stable dolly with non-marring wheels and casters.

If space is at a premium and you want a vacuum that’s easy to use anywhere in your home, this is a great choice. Either way, you saved quite a bit on the cost of a store-bought one and have a system that’s customized to your needs. Nederman offers a variety of dust collection and industrial vacuum solutions for managing sawdust and other types of wood waste directly at the source. In order to hold down a piece of wood to a table using vacuum, more than just the performance of the vacuum pump has to be taken into consideration.woodworking vacuum

There are four main components to a bag collector: the filtering medium, which is made up of a filtering bag or canister suspended above the drum; the impeller, which moves the air from the piping into the filtering medium; a motor that drives the impeller; and a containment medium, which is usually a plastic bag suspended below the drum. There are tutorials on the web that show a vacuum cleaner being used to build a skateboard.

Vacuum table is made of wood about the thickness of a piece of 5 cm-point configuration, the material is very hard. To deal with high volumes and continuous processes complete dust free waste handling systems can be engineered to suit your requirements. In a vacuum, spacer is devoid of air, which allows the weight of the atmosphere to press down with more force. I could see adapting the vacuum portion onto a larger barrel (if needed) and running permanent collection lines to various locations. I don’t know if Joe has it but I used to work in a boat shop and we used Dum Dum” to seal vac bags and to seal the bag to the mold.