Wooden Planes

Combine your blade purchase with a book and video order and take advantage of Free Shipping Offer! H: The tote is a handle on the rear of the plane.(Some aficionados object to the use of the word tote preferring handle). General Features Tongue and Groove planes (also called match planes) are sold in matched pairs intended to work with each other. And while it’s true that routine maintenance of a wooden plane will open up the mouth, there’s a little more to the story than just routine maintenance and wear. My Hand Plane Collection I have a few of the planes in my collection listed here.

This picture shows a well set up block plane with a small opening in front of the blade which is called the mouth” You need an adjustable mouth to get this small enough. I have used high carbon Marple chisels for over thirty years and Norris plane irons for a similar time and I know this modern A2 steel is not as sharp. Instead of being expelled from the center of the plane and exiting from the top, these planes have a slit in the side by which the shaving is ejected.

The text gives quite an insight into history of manufacturing the planes and explains great deal of details behind every type covered, which is very enjoyable. Woodworking machinery that perform the same function as hand planes include the jointer and the thickness planer , also called a thicknesser. The bullnose plane has a very short leading edge to its body, and so can be used in tight spaces; most commonly of the shoulder and rabbet variety.

It’s very difficult to accurately judge the condition of a wooden plane from a few pictures and a description written by someone who wants your money. I coated the outside of the plane with Araldite leaving the sole, the Araldite will help to protect the edges of the plane and I will linseed the sole. You can do all the work with a small jack that you can do with a smoothing plane.

For a couple of years now, I’ve made planes for customers on a part-time, informal basis, strictly by word of mouth. It can be used for cutting grooves, rabbets, shoulders, and other tasks, but I still recommend to start off purchasing a dedicated tongue & groove plane, molding planes, & beading planes (all mentioned below) in addition to a Stanley 45 combination plane. Thus, there are a great many planes still to be found because this was one tool which the craftsman took great care to preserve. This method of holding an iron in a plane is completely different from the Western approach.plane irons for wooden planes