Ridgid 13 Planer Review

Get the ridgid 13 in. replacement planer knives ac8630, with a protective coating are made of steel for durability at the home depot. One of the unique features of the Ridgid TP1300LS is the specially designed stand that comes packed in the box with the planer. Take lighter passes or run the planer at a lower feed rate (for planers with selectable speeds) and you will lighten the load on the motor – and remember that the maximum safe planing depth is inversely proportional to the width of the board (which is to say, the wider the board the less you should remove per pass). I also like the fact that RIDGID included glides and an interference-free steel top to the R4331 to allow a convenient location to stage material while the machine is in use.

Even though lunchbox planers are pretty tall, I don’t think you are going to find a jointer with a bed length that’s half the height of the planer. When I first got into wood working the way it was explained to me was that a jointer can make one face flat and one edge flat. All that means that unless the operator does something very wrong, the Ridgid TP1300LS will produce a very smooth finish. Many of the products that we review are provided to us for free by a manufacturer or retailer.

The user instructions may say to leave them parallel but the Ridgid forums do not—for what it’s worth. Like everyone else these days I needed my tool budget to go as far as it could go so I went with the Ridgid. It is an excellent value if you happen to already own any of the Ridgid MaxSelect cordless tools, because it will use the same 18V or 24V batteries you already have. Then I saw a planer review in the Nov 2006 Wood magazine where the Rigid TP1300LS was the top value tool with excellent cut quality, easy blade changes and minimal snipe.

You will find that the board coming out of the planer can flex down and tip the stand over if it isn’t immobilized. But what a jointer CANNOT do is make the opposite face parallel to the first or the opposite edge parallel to the first. The Lifetime Service Agreement (LSA) coverage currently offered by RIDGID has to be obtained for the tool purchased, if the customer wishes to have that coverage.

Directly above the hand wheel is a finger-operated lever that locks and unlocks the cutterhead to help control snipe. Conversely, a planer can only make one face parallel to the other – it cannot make them flat unless one is flat already. The Rigid TP1300LS seems to consistently get very good marks for the job it does, how quiet it is and how fast it is to change out blades. RIDGID currently does not offer or market and optional stand for use with the R4331 13” surface planer.ridgid planer review

Basically something was being contacted by the motor or knives and I didn’t want to deal with it on a brand new planer. For dust collection I used my 12 gallon Ridgid wet/dry vac which I emptied and cleaned, and inserted a new fine dust filter. Like the RYOBI before, the RIDGID was adjusted to be free of snipe in just a few minutes of tinkering, at least in my results. While it is the least expensive of all three, it has many excellent features for a planer at this price.

BTW Virutex makes (in Spain) several other planers including a lipping planer – but we used a Hoffman lipping planer in the shop – and I bought a Lamello Cantex for my home shop – based on my mild dislike of the Hoffman. I even used this planer and the DELTA model to build my custom built Phillip C. Bolger designed Brick with copper bottom and red oak exterior lumber with mahogany plywood. When I purchased my Ridgid planer over a couple of years ago, I had virtually no snipe.

I found the RIDGID TP1300LS has a very familiar feel -A feel that my oldest tools give me that guarantees good results. Snipes measuring 0.002” can be easily removed with hand sanding whereas power sanding will be required to remove excess snipe. P.S. I’ve got an older Delta benchtop and the new Delta benchtop planer is definitely better than what I’ve got, as are most of the other good benchtop planers out there now, based on what I’ve seen. If the planer continues to have feed problems, you need to have your nearest RIDGID authorized service dealer check the planer.

Snipe is a condition where the wood going through your planer comes out at the very end with a few inches or just a groove of wood that has been cut deeper than the rest of the board. If you just run a board threw the planer that has any twist or cup to it the planer pushes the board down. One should look for variable speed settings as this makes the planer more versatile and efficient. The review was set up to test the performance of jigsaws, in their ergonomics, stand-out features, and performance.

I own the dewalt but used the ridgid quite a bit a few years back; I think it’s a toss up. Both have obvious limitations but I think they surface well. Then using the RIDGID jointer, a planer, and a table saw I made a bundle of usable maple lumber that I paid $0 for. I’m also slightly concerned that the only planer model Ridgid shows on their website is the R4330. I have not had great luck with a shop vac with my Delta and it and my jointer is pretty much the only thing I take the time to dig my dust collector out from it’s corner for. As mentioned above, dust collection through the Ridgid TP1300LS manifold is good though not 100-per cent.

The Ridgid bandsaw has been recently discontinued to make way for the new model coming in the near future but the used market has them for a fair price usually. You can get a kick ass heavy duty planer for $500, and I’m not talking a portable planer. The RIDGID Jointer fills a nice gap between the benchtop units with really short beds and the professional level jointers that most don’t have room for in their shops. Just the base needs assembly and then it can be mated to the jointer bed and fence.

Some of these tips apply to other bandsaw models as well so if you don’t own a RIDGID saw, that’s ok, this article is for you too. All new RIDGID wood working power tool purchases through the authorized retail distributor Home Depot, come with a standard 3-year warranty. You don’t need to retract the kickstand when using the planer – it’ll spring back into the tool automatically as soon as it makes contact with the work. For the hobbiest though, with a bit of time in the set-up, you can even get the crappy tire planer to do a good job.ridgid planer review

The cutting head should also run perfectly parallel to the bed and this is affected by the overall quality of the planer. Additionally, if you are going to have to carry the planer from storage space to work space, keep in mind that the DW735 is a beast at around 100lbs vs 60-70lbs for most other styles. They immediately took care of the problems, sent me the replacement parts needed, & told me the planer was fine to use as it was.