A raised deck is the best option if you have a home higher off the ground like a bi-level or raised bungalow. The plans for building this deck are available free of charge from DekBrands, the company that sells Dek-Block piers. Design, plan, and build your own deck with these guidelines that walk you through every step in the process, from getting a permit to buying lumber to maintaining the finished deck. However, codes do differ from town to town, so be sure to check with your local building department before starting construction on your pool deck.

Cable railings are a good option if you have a view from your deck you want to leave unobscured to some extent. Slot a deck post in the gap between the joist support post and the corner of the sub-frame, then hold it in place with a quick-release clamp. A 16 x 20-foot pressure-treated deck with no more than three or four stairs costs around $30 per square foot, or $9,539, according to a 2014 report by Remodeling magazine. I plan on attaching metal roofing to the underside of the deck joists at an angle to drain water into a gutter at the end. For example, if the first floor of your home is above-grade, you’re going to need a raised deck.

In addition, using 2×6’s as decking may do little to improve the overall strength of a deck which is more related to the underneath substructure. If there’s a way to dual-purpose the post at the top of the deck to be both the end of the deck railing and the start of the railing for the stairs, I haven’t seen it. Accordingly, most decks with this stair configuration end up with the dual posts sitting close together. The error: When it comes to digging footings for their deck piers, some builders are lazy. Checked out both the shed and deck build and I am very impressed with this blog,,, and Steve.

Outdoor kitchens are gaining in popularity, and are a useful and attractive addition to any deck or patio! Draw up your final plans based on the inspector’s recommendations and requirements, and get all necessary permits before you begin building—especially electrical permits, if that will be part of your new deck. The deck timbers were allowed to extend beyond the deck by about 400mm allowing plenty of room for a curve to be cut. Thank you for sharing; I am planning to do something similar and been trying to find the best way to have a floating shed under the deck (which is >9ft off the ground).

As with the spindles, there should be no gap wider than 100mm between the bottom rail and the surface iof the deck. If you are painting or staining the house, build the deck first and paint or stain last. Tip: Locate the footings for the stair landings and pad after the main deck platform is built, as it is more accurate to measure when done relative to an existing deck structure.

To keep the cost of your raised deck as low as possible, keep the design simple and stick to pressure-treated lumber. A deck staircase that rises 8 inches per step or less and uses 2×12 treads will be within code and help avoid the steepness associated with staircases. Elevated decks have generally been supported by 4×4 and 6×6 solid timber posts. Elevated Deck Home Design Photos – Houzz – Elevated Deck design ideas and photos.raised deck plans

Low maintenance decking and PVC railings enhance the pleasures of outdoor cookouts and dining on an 8-sided, 10′ diameter raised picnic area. Freestanding decks are a good option for your home if your house doesn’t have a good setup to allow for the addition of a deck. Visit our Western Red Cedar Outdoor Project Plans page, and choose from a wide variety of free downloadable plans and videos for your DIY pleasure!

The timbers forming the deck are simply proprietary timbers with grooves already cut into them. These questions are quite specific… I would assume that this deck was designed using prescriptive design procedures so elements were not engineered. Decide how you’re going to space the deck posts (remember they should be a maximum of 1.2m apart) and cut the base and handrails exactly to length. If you need to, plane or saw down its outer length to make sure the inner edge is in line with the inside edge of the deck post.

A permit application will need to be filled out and submitted to the building department along with a deck plan, copy a of the property survey and a small filing fee. For an unusual, whimsical outdoor area, incorporate a large existing tree into the raised deck design This upper-level deck sits amid the treetops and stays shady almost all day. Tubs that are mounted on the surface of the deck should have a set of steps, which should be removable to provide access to the tubs pump and controls.

Whether smooth faced, grooved or ribbed deck boards are preferred, it is important that the deck surface is kept clean by regular brushing with a stiff bristle brush to remove dirt, algae and dead leaves which could make the deck slippery in the wet. I am doing a similar deck and I hate the way the gap looks so I wanted to have the boards touching, as you did.

You’ll need to position your joins exactly half-way across a joist – that way you can screw both boards into it. You’ll also need to stagger the joins and to get a professional effect you can arrange them into a regular pattern across the deck surface. Some clearances around a deck are code-required, like providing a minimum 36-in.-tall escape path from a basement egress window, while others are simply practical, like ensuring access to hose bibs.

You’ll need to attach the railings to a deck after you’ve built the sub-frame, but before you lay the deck boards. If on the other hand you have considerable experience in construction and carpentry, then there are many examples of how to build such a deck in the links below. This guide provides valuable information construction tips and examples for ground level decks or raised timber decks on domestic properties. This’ll give you a straight edge from where you can lay the rest of your deck boards. The entire deck is supported by concrete pier blocks that simply sit on the ground.

The structural members can be concealed with foundation plantings-such as shrubs-or with skirting, which usually consists of lath or lattice panels cut to fit between the deck surface and the ground. A deck builder can give you costs, ideas, and recommendations a lot easier and faster than if you researched it all alone. Wood doesn’t tend to be very expensive, and you can choose wood to match or complement a wooden deck without any trouble.

Design a deck is something you could undertake yourself or you could engage a draftsperson to draw it for you. And so it’s with the coffee in the morning and wine at night cliché that we present to you our epic collection of 68 photographs of inspirational wooden decks of all sizes, locations, shapes, sizes and wood-types to help you generate deck design ideas for your outdoor sanctuary.