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If you’ve got a corded circular saw in good condition but is gathering dust, convert it into a table saw by building one from scratch. Yes it is fear-mongering, but the fear-mongering is occurring on all sides of this issue and the woodworking community has by-and-large ignored its own alarmist rhetoric, not the least of which are vague claims from the power tool industry that retail prices on table saws will become prohibitively expensive if flesh-sensing technology is mandated. I see woodworking with out a table saw similar to writing without a typewriter, word processor or computer. I will not give up my table saw even after I buy a better band saw, my chop saw comes in handy for repeated cross cuts but for smooth cuts I always turn to my table saw.

My tablesaw often doubles as a workbench, assembly table, or finishing table (small shop) so no, don’t make me do without it. I really really need it! In fact, many woodworkers spend a long time (years!) simply accumulating machines and tools before they ever build a single stick of furniture. The difference between a nice-looking set of bookshelves and a rude assemblage of 2x4s isn’t a table saw. With the blade half covered by the fence and blade cover, screw a block to the bottom of the sled. The only major power tool that was used in the construction of this project was a table saw.table saw build

Chipping and splintering of small pieces of molding has always be problematic with table saws, particularly when using the miter gauge at an angle. Yet, if I was going to be using my table saw every day I would put some serious thought into the Makita. Now flip the jig around front to back and use the tail-cutting ramps to saw out the tails (Figure 10). Today you can purchase a folding stand that’s designed to work with any brand miter saw.

And that saw was a high powered industrial unit so any error at all could trigger a really violent reaction. The 1792001K PM2000 is the result of years of work and research and hundreds of interviews with woodworkers that offered input which was eventually implemented in the saw. With a 3 HP, 220V, 3-phase Leeson motor, heavy cast iron trunnions, wings and table to its triple belt drive system, this model should definitely last you for a lifetime. A lot of contractors that use table saws every day will buy the Makita because it will hold up to a beating due to its extremely solid construction.

In terms of the central tool of many shops, the table saw, I can see why people would be looking for the alternatives but the danger of them is number one followed perhaps by price and size. I considered other options: solid wood (butcher block) and rejected that – I like the look in a kitchen, not on my table saw. I once bought a cheap table saw but never got along with it. After that, I bought a cheap bandsaw, learned to set it up correctly and used that for most of my ripping work, with a circular saw and straight edge to handle sheet materials.table saw build