Micro RC Airplanes

We are hoping that this blog page will be a good place to keep you all informed of our current projects, general news and basic topics as related to Scratch Built Remote Control Airplanes. However, though the 600 meter (roughly 2000 ft) range of the plane itself and 400 meter (1,300 ft) video feed range should be sufficient to make your neighbors consider a restraining order, Spy Hawk’s espionage capabilities are limited somewhat by a reported 15-20 minutes average fly time from a full charge – a charge which takes around 40 minutes to complete.

Too many questions to answer in this area but I will say that if an RC vehicle is being used in any way to spy or conduct surveillance then I would feel this is a privacy violation but if they just fly over the house for fun and happen to have a camera running then this is not really an issue for me. The tricky part is knowing and regulating the difference between a violation and an act to intentionally video somebody unknowingly.

That said, such tools should be regulated in how they are manufactured – I think any drone” that has a camera strapped to it should be required to have something such as a bright, blinking light on it and whatnot to make it noticeable, and should be legally prohibited from flying a certain altitude on or near private property that has not agreed to have it there.

It features easy beam mounting to fit in the same engine mount as a comparable glow engines. It was at an indoor flying meeting, and I remember being in awe at this guy controlling his plane around the chaos of all our free-flight models! What we really liked about this plane was that it includes three selectable frequencies, so it’s possible to fly three planes together.

When you’re learning to fly rc, you don’t want to be flying your plane too close to you, and the bigger it is the further away it can be from you without causing too many disorientation issues A micro plane gets very small very quickly once you start flying it away from you, and that can lead to all sorts of problems. No other form of aviation can equal the experience of flying open cockpit in helmet and goggles.

You should still expect destruction, and no RC pilot’s flight kit is complete without a variety of different kinds of glues, tapes and paints, but you’ll have an easier time of repairs. This Extra 300 is a very light and powerful RC airplane, that is fully capable of all the 3D maneuvers. Our LED lighting is brighter than any other product on the market and covers small planes up to 50% scale.

I personally don’t like the term drone” because practically every time there is a bad occurrence with a quadcopter the media calls it a drone plus I have noticed that in any comment section about the news article most the people say owners use them for spying and they are going to shoot them down if one is flying around their house or property. We were loaned the planes in our comparison by a major manufacturer and distributor of RC toys. I only pull positive Gs during these flights, but the forces trying to rip the camera free are substantial.

We also meticulously determined the maximum range of each transmitter and plane pairing, measured the precise dimensions of each aircraft and even timed how long it took to assemble them. An idea for further development: split fuselage near to motor mount and design different firewalls for different motors. There are no problems starting the motors and if you run the two (or more) fan units on the same battery pack and speed-controller they will have the same rpm. The tiny Blade® FPV Nano QX quadcopter is a totally immersive RC experience you can take everywhere.small rc plane