Sandblasted Wood Image Gallery, Before & After Images

Located in downtown Saint Paul’s historic Landmark Center, the Gallery of Wood Art offers an often surprising and always engaging view of contemporary works created in wood. In addition to beams we also have plenty of experience of sandblasting things such as old wood panelling, pine ceilings and old church pews to mention just a few. As the examples below show sandblasted signs can be produced individually or can be incorporated with full colour printed graphics to provide additional flexibility. While not all wood signs need primed, natural finishes and stains dramatically add to the wood’s richness in detail. The paint and clear coat are state-of-the-art, protecting these cedar signs from the elements. This interpretation panel is a good example of combining the beauty of the sandblasted wood with the detail available from a full colour printed sign.

Please click here to contact Signs By Tomorrow Atlanta North for a free estimate on your new routed and sandblasted sign. We are one of the largest and most experienced manufactures of sandblasted signage in the United States. Sand blasted signs are great for retail shops, scroll brackets, post and panel, and monument signs. This A3 size plaque shows that sandblasted timber and wooden signs can work at a small scale and with simple images.

We enjoy combining full colour printed interpretation panels with sandblasted frames as it is interesting and different – a great way of attracting the attention of visitors. The wood is protected where ever the rubber lies, but all of the exposed areas are abraded once the sandblasting begins. Signarama is the best Milwaukee exterior sign company custom creating a large variety of sandblasted wood signs. Sandblasting uses compressed air to blast” fine sand through a nozzle and at the cedar wood sign. All of these steps provide Signs Plus, LLC customers with years of worry free signage use.

Even using the finest clear, vertical grain wood and superior finishes, our prices are up to 1/3 less than others! We were the first sandblasted sign source to enter the world wide web, and have since set the mark for all dimensional signage production methods and fabrication techniques. Outdoor routed and sandblasted signs are the preferred signage for various types of businesses, including: bed & breakfasts, manufacturing companies, restaurants and spas & salons.

Check out some of the high quality professional custom sandblasted and painted exterior signs designed, produced, and installed by Signarama below. Although you can choose any type of wood you like, woods like cedar, oak and balsa are easy to work with and make beautiful sign boards. Let Signarama create your next exterior sandblasted sign to get your business to stand out above the rest. As you can see from the examples below, your sandblasted pet sign can come in any shape or size.

The newest trend in routed and sandblasted sign manufacturing is the use of HDU, or High-Density Urethane, for all of your sandblasted and routed signage needs. We have been perfecting this art for more than 40 years and we are the focused on providing the highest quality wholesale sandblasted signs for your business. Please note as long as the wires are 1/ of an inch or closer, moving the GRAIN.FRAIMTM will not create a problem. We can build a sign for you almost any size, almost any shape, and finish it in any combination of colors.

We offer sandblasted signs in a variety of sizes and shapes, can offer painted or stained finish and can incorporate complex vinyl graphics or 3D into the finished artwork. The finer grit abrasive you choose, the longer it will take you to blast your sign and finer the background texture you will create. A sandblasted wood sign harkens back to the days before plastic and neon crowded the cityscape. Conversely, the courser girt you use, the faster you will blast and the more exaggerated the background texture.

If you can’t find a design you like among the 7000 signs & plaques of all types in our 45 Galleries, we will design you a sign to your requirements for free. As a reconstructed veneer, Navlam Sandblasted offers superb consistency in wood grain structure and tone across each panel making it suitable for both large and small installations. Sculptural (and dangerous) wood turning by Samuel Bernier – very large inside-out turning. And what may be right for one maker may not be right for another, as sandblasting is really an art.

To visit our 2.5-D carved and sandblasted HDU signs and plaques in Product Line 1, please visit Gallery 1. To view our 3-D carved HDU signs in Product Line 2, please visit Gallery 2. To see these photo Galleries, you can click on the numbered gray boxes in the lower left margin of this page. The look of the natural wood grain gives these signs a warmth and beauty no other material can achieve!

Sandblasted wood signs can portray a rugged atmosphere or a smooth, polished and textured look; while sandblasted glass can be brightly coloured and cheerful. The varied illustrations etched into the wood encourage passersby to stop and take a closer look, maybe even touch the art and feel how the textures change from smooth to rough. It has an effect similar to that of using sandpaper, but provides a more even finish with no problems with corners, nooks, or crannies. This large sign looked striking with the natural timber effect of the unpainted letters set off against the blue painted grain of the background. A hard wood like oak or maple will blast with a smoother finish but sand harder.

Signarama in Milwaukee will create monument signs or post and panel signs to make your business stand apart from the rest. All Signarama custom sandblasted and painted signs are custom designed, produced, and conveniently installed by Signarama Milwaukee. During the sandblasting process the areas of the sign that are to be sandblasted are removed from the rubber mask, which serves to protect the protruding raised areas from the sections to be sandblasted. These wood signs are ideal for advertisement, road signs, political signs, construction signs, store signs and retail signs.

Consider making your sandblasted or routed sign more appealing to your customers by using our 3 D Effects. The idea of a skeleton bowl came to me in summer of 2002 while looking at the striking grain pattern in a bowl I had just sandblasted. At Speed Quality Signs Inc, we have been providing companies in Orange County, CA and beyond with great signage for over 20 years.sandblasted wood

Our signs are manufactured using a wide variety of materials such as wood, sign foam, HDU, PVC, glass, stone, tile, marble, brushed and mill finish metals, vinyl, MDO and MDF. The rich craftsmanship and dimensionality of a quality sandblasted sign or sandblasted wood sign results in a uniquely appealing sign that is immediately distinguished from a standard flat sign. Browse through our Gallery to see how Navlam Sandblasted has been applied to some of our clients’ projects. As a result, choosing Navlam Sandblasted over traditional timber veneers as your decorative surface can save you considerably in labour costs and time.

Many people prefer the natural beauty of stained and varnished wood instead of the enameled paint finish of HDU, even though more maintenance is required for outdoor wood signs than for HDU signs. Maintaining continuous grain across a sign surface greater than the dimensions of the GRAIN.FRAIM is easily accomplished. These signs and plaques have premium 3D hand-carved or machine-carved bas-relief sculptured art and sometimes beveled or V-cut text , in contrast to regular sandblasted wood signs which have 2.5D art and text. Lehner Signs has been serving the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas for over 25 years with signs for any need you may have.

This sandblasted timber sign, produced in Cedar wood, is tactile, looks great but is also simple. Hold the spray nozzle about 4 to 8 inches away from the wood and spray the sand in smooth, level strokes across the face of the sign board. These can be painted with oil enamels, or the wood backgrounds can be either stained different colors or left natural, and finished with two coats of an outdoor clearcoat. We are located in Austin, Texas where we’ve done much work locally, but we have also shipped Signs throughout the country. For a truly handcrafted sign look no further than a sandblasted sign made by Signarama.