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If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Completely worthless For a CAD program to have no way of entering decimal points in distances is completely unforgivable in and of itself, but to also require users to choose starting points for all shapes by touching the screen (which is far too imprecise for anything worth doing properly) and to have all shapes entered relative to that (unlabeled) starting point renders this app completely worthless.

By using this software, you also do rendering for your model to show the customer the visual images (just as shown in figure 1). With simple operation, you can change the texture of the cabinet to what you want, such as wood, plastic, metal and drawbench, and the background to what you expect, such as exhibition stand, supermarket and furniture city (as is shown in figure 2).

Surprise, DoubleCAD XT has the features you’ve been waiting for… things like transparent fills, draw order by layer, bezier curves, flatten 3D to 2D views, hatch pattern editor, advanced polyline editing, automatically scale units between drawings, parametric variable palette, embed/bind image files in a drawing, input multiple unit types on-the-fly, and more.

I have always used TurboCAD Pro for my 2D and 3D drawings whenever needed… namely because 1) there was no such thing as SketchUp in the 90’s, 2) it is a solid(+surface) modeler (which SketchUp has traditionally not supported) with all the added capabilities and features solids offer and 3) it’s a lot cheaper than AutoCAD, which would have been the alternative choice.cad for woodworking

More sophisticated programs allow you to draw in 3D, however they are more expensive and a drawing in 3D is more complicated than 2D. The advantage is that you can view and print 2D views of the drawing (i.e. front, side, top, bottom, back) as well as isometric views that show all the parts (screen shot 3) or hide parts behind others (screen shot 4). In addition, you can view a rendered version (screen shot 5) from any angle.

Unlike a simple 3D model on a computer, the Virtual Building contains a great deal more information about the building’s materials and characteristics, according to GraphiSoft This information can include surface area and volume; thermal properties; room descriptions; price; specific product information; window, door and finish schedules; and more.

Inventor works in a very different way to 2D CAD, and I recommend that you budget for some professional training to get you started. It is also the simplest, both for ease of use and features, although it has all you need to draw most 2D projects. If it’s a table for the room you’re creating or a horse for your little cowboy, SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse, the world’s biggest source of free 3D models has almost everything you’ll need.

Virus detection and removal software is available at many secure locations on the Web, or can be purchased over the counter. This technology develops 5 axis parts if CNC equipment accommodates the running of this geometry. It is a feature-based parametric modeler with a modular software architecture which makes it easy to provide additional functionality without modifying the core system. I LOVE the quality software companies that go out to the consumer that cant afford high end software and deliver to them a product of very good quality. EasyWOOD makes the woodworking process smoother and automatically position pieces and subpieces on the bench.

I have not used it myself, but a while back I read an article in Fine Woodworking about affordable CAD programs and the author chose DesignCAD as his choice. Sean Headrick, a former Atlantan once seen frequently at Highland Woodworking, now lives in San Jose, California where he does woodworking and design. We study the requests of our customers and develop software concepts with a concrete utility. Sketchup can have that functionality for free but it takes a lot of plugins and still probably isn’t as robust.