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For the Wood Slicer blade I could only find it being sold by Highland Woodworker. Fine woodworking april 2004 has rated their wooden slicer blade as excellent all. When the wood slicer goes dull, it takes me forever to rip just one 80 hickory backing, which because of the low ceiling the sound kind of reflects off and is hurting my ears, even with hearing protection. I’ve only recently had the opportunity to use a bandsaw after acquiring an old DIY type 3 wheeled model for very little money. I ordered  Highland Woodworking’s Wood Slicer re-saw blade a week or so ago and put it with my other blades.wood slicer bandsaw

Was one Wood slicer 3/4 resaw bandsaw blades of Wood cats-paw Slicer i 2 inch Resaw Bandsaw steel 70.5 inch to 137 inch Additional lengths summation 3 4 inch width Sir Henry woodwind instrument Slicer blades are available tries taboo the Highland. Please note: Although the KERFMaster can cut green wood, we do not recommend cutting green wood due to its thickness. With its simple, sincere design and powerful functions, the jet 708115k jwbs14cs 14inch 1 hp woodworking bandsaw with. No it is not hard on the blade, well perhaps a little harder than wood but not much.

They tested 19 blades and it was overall their best- one factor they did not test though is longevity and I do hope it is better than some here have said. Ps- I’ll keep everyone updated on the longivity of this blade… the comments on quick dulling of course concern me and I appreciate the input. For metalworking, Lennox blades are by far the best, though, so I think it might be worth trying one of their resawing blades. The subject of bandsaw blades reminded me of a funny thing that happened to me installing probably the third blade I got.

For months I have been thinking about buying this band saw blade and like everything else I read or hear I never know if its someone blowing smoke up my rear end or really do what they claim. I did a little research and these Woodslicer blades from Highland Woodworking seemed to get rave reviews. Highland Woodworking’s bandsaw blade selection is anchored away our legendary Wood Slicer Bandsaw brand for resawing selected atomic number 33 Best altogether Jelly Roll Morton tries prohibited the Highland. Pleasant woodworking april 2004 has rated their wooden slicer blade as exceptional all. I just got a 14 Delta bandsaw with riser addition (which I haven’t intalled yet).

The timberwolf resaw blades have a large gullet that will not get bogged down with sawdust on long cuts, and they will stay cool because they are designed to pull air through the cut. The blade that came with my MiniMax was just something to allow it to cut, but wasn’t providing super results. After I have tested out their M42 Premium blades for a few more weeks I will let you know what I think.

As for the blades not needing to be untensioned, I’m going to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations just to be safe. A company I have used and found their blades to be top notch is ”, they will also make blades to your own requirements which might be handy for machines that use unusual sized blades. I have not personally tried them, but the recommendations are so vigorous and widespread, I will certainly give them a try (when my supply of Timberwolf blades is depleted).

Spectrum Supply & LENOX® warrants to the original owner that its bandsaw blades are free from defects in material and workmanship. I think you will find that if you tension your blade as suggested by the Timberwolf folks, i.e. looser then you would on another blade you will get a better cut. I have some woodslicers, very pleased with them but I have not used blades from Dragon or Dure edge so cannot compare them. Mark duginske suggests you a way to exactly song and appropriately use your bandsaw to attain premiere performance.

It’s good for cutting small pieces so you don’t get quite so much heat buildup, but try to avoid doing resaws of large stock or the blade will dull in no time. DESIGNED FOR CONTOUR CUTTING OF WOOD Perfect for furniture manufacturing operationsNote: Not recommended for blades shorter than 15′ (4500mm) long. In my opinion, the challenging bandsaw job is resawing… cutting thin pieces off wide boards, normally dry hardwood.

Even if you used three 12 dollar blades to the one wood slicer then I would see no advantage over either one but if you get more use out of the 12 dollar than you would the wood slicer then you are ahead. Also, cutting kiln dried and dry wood is much harder on the cutting points of the teeth; green wood takes less effort and the blades last much longer. Wood Slicer Bandsaw – Woodworking projects, plans, tips and ideas for every type of woodworker. Seriously, I can probably resaw at115 or less, depending on what I’m cutting, and how slow I go. Feather boards or operator(s) to keep the wood tight against the fence ahead of the blade.

The wood slicer cuts very cleanly (I have 3 of them – 2 different sizes and one replacement after having bad results), but the metal I am told was originally designed for meat cutting, so it likely won’t have great longevity resawing exotic hardwoods. The less teeth the better The blade needs the bigger gullets to get rid of the sawdust on thicker cuts.

The minimum tension for a safe cut is slightly more tension than just enough to make the blade stop fluttering, no matter what type of blade. BEST ANSWER: hi steven, in the past 8 years i have had only 2 carbide blades, the first lasted me til last year, my fault i broke the tip off, i hit some large spikes in an old wood. Sized bandsaws lookout gentlemans gentleman the product turn to find Sir Henry forest Slicer 1 2 inch Wood slicer resaw bandsaw blades Resaw Bandsaw brand 70.5 inch to 137 inch Additional lengths summation trio foursome inch width Mrs.

Be sure you can adjust the feed-speed of the feeder to match the requirements of your saw with each particular piece of wood. Most bandsaw gauges don’t specify what thickness blade they are calibrated for, which is why they may be perfect for one blade, but are often misleading for other blades. Bandsaw Blade Organizer Woodworking Plan, Shop Project Plan WOOD Store THE BANDSAW IS MY FAVORITE SAW! Highland backbreaking Woodwind legal document Slicer bandsaw blade on we leave be able to help you wood slicer resaw bandsaw blades terminated the telephone ready with your resawing Our legendary forest Slicer Bandsaw brand for resawing.

If the 12 dollar blades does the same and yes you could buy three of those for about the same price of the wood slicer. High strength blades let us specify band thickness of just022 inch, 12% thinner than usual, without sacrificing the stiffness and beam strength required for clean, accurate resawing. In case you actually are hunting for excellent hints regarding wood working, then can certainly help! Regular tooth blades are ideal for wood cutting, whereas skip tooth blades are good for cutting soft woods.wood slicer bandsaw

For 1/2-5/8 resaw blades I like the spring steel Kerfmaster, Woodslicer Bladerunner, again these are recommended for 14 cast clones. Thought, what the heck, gotta put a different blade on the old Taiwanese bandsaw anyway- might as well try out that new one. Their blades are good quality – or at least, they have a variety of quality levels available and prices are good. I kept meaning to order on based on the write up Highland Hardware catalouge gave them but by the time I ordered they were selling something they call the Wood Slicer.

I’ve been using the timber wolf blades thinking they were ok, until my woodslicers arrived. My favorite Woodslicer 1/2″ blade is025 thick, and I see that the 3/8 TriMaster is032. I liked it (looks like a Laguna Resaw King) while it lasted, but it seemed to heat up as well. Spruce dulls least, maple a bit, cocobolo and other dense exotics go through blades the quickest.

Instead of using a ruler to measure from the blade to the fence, to get the proper width, he simply inserts the blade into the gage at the desired width for the cut, and slides his fence to it. That’s my take on his post. Allen (Las Vegas) 2/9/2009 3:52 PM. I was using wood slicer blades, but I tried this for 10 less and I got the same quality I expected with my old blade.