How To Make A Pirate Ship For Kids From A Box

If you’ve just gotten a new fridge, chances are you’ve also gotten a giant carboard box, which is much more exciting to your child than the appliance that came in it. With a little effort, and a lot of duct tape, you can transform that box into a pirate ship that’ll have your preschooler reaching for his eyepatch and ordering you to walk the plank. The friends came up with the idea for the ship when planning a Halloween Party on Treasure Island.” To prepare for the project, the friends began what they call trolling”- or stalking the streets for piles of cardboard left at curbsides , waiting for garbage truck pick up. The trio loaded these bounties up in their car and hauled the cardboard to the warehouse-studio where the party took place.

Next job was putting together our pirate ship, we umm-ed and arrrr-ed about how we can make it. Tiff took it in her stride to cut out the main shape of the boat and some windows for us to wave out of. When Tiff had completed her mammoth task, Captain Soraya (who has now perfected her ‘arrrrrrr’) climbed aboard the pirate ship along with some of our Burrow pirates and bobbed along the sea.

To get the front to bend and come together to form the bow of the boat I cut slits in the bottom edge of each piece of cardboard so they folded over each other and then at the top tucked one of the sides of cardboard into the other and then taped it together (It’s so useful to have an structural engineer in the house for problem solving construction issues!) I also drew on an anchor and edging strips round the port holes and sides of the boat.

If the middle of the box seems a little flimsy afterwards, you can tape cardboard strips across it to add extra support. The video shows pretty well how cool you can make these cardboard playsets look. Once your kids have their pirate names they can use them in any of the pirate activities for kids listed here. Once you’ve got your cool pirate ship fort, you can decorate it in any way you want by drawing skull and crossbones, old Halloween stickers can be placed on it; you can even make a flag that warns away those other pirates too.

They had never served on pirate ships, but their ancestors might have, according to my dad. Cut half of the box flaps” off the top of the box, be sure to leave all of the bottom ones intact. Leave a comment with your favorite pirate activities you do at home with your kids and be sure to join us on a Pirate Adventure when the weather warms up this spring!

Make a pirate ship for the party by going to a local appliance store and getting a refrigerator box. In 2011, Ghost Ship IV The Afterlife” continued to grow, refine, and perfect its artistic vision. Or you could try constructing the ship from lighter cardboard (posterboard, the salvaged backs of drawing tablets, or what have you) to make the job easier on small fingers although the finished toy will, of course, be less sturdy.