The Many Uses Of The Slippery Elm Tree

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ You’ll find answers to the frequently asked questions as well as basic rules. In most respects the wood of soft maple is very similar to that of hard maple, although due to its widespread growth it maybe more susceptible to regional colour variations. White limba is the same lightweight, extraordinarily decorative, and nice to work wood. Dutch elm disease chemotherapy with Arbotect 20-S and Alamo In: Dunn CP, ed. The elms – Breeding, Conservation and Disease Management. A dense wood which polishes well and is often seen as decoration in a piece of furniture.

Wet wood exposed to the air oxidises to a very dark colour, but if not left too long this is only a millimetre or so thick and can be easily carved away. Not to be confused with the White Oak, the Red Oak does have pores in the heartwood which allow water to penetrate therefore is is not ideal for marine uses. These conditions can be confused with symptoms of Dutch elm disease; however, the whole tree is usually affected, not only single branches, and recovery is common in the following year.

For more technical information on the amount of heat in wood, and how it is measured and calculated, see Amount of Energy in Wood. My father and uncles do a lot of wood turning, and I am wondering how suitable it is for that. Since its identification in 1921, most mature elms of European or US origin have died from Dutch elm disease. This wood brings with it the ability to exert one’s will upon the world, creating needed or desired change.

Availability may be the biggest hurdle to overcome after you decide to give elm a try. This hard open grain wood is extremely durable and resistant to insect damage or rot. The sapwood of red oak is white to light brown and the heartwood is a pinkish reddish brown. I don’t use it in large pieces, involving wide edge-glued panels, because it is exceptionally prone to distortion…But it’s a very attractive wood for small accent pieces like clock cases, spice racks and small display cases where its instability is a little easier to manage. I wouldn’t know the species, but elm was used in a lot of antique Chinese furniture.

Someday I hope to add Chinese and Siberian elm to the site, and also update the page on elm identification. The wood of the elm was used for coffins in England, and you could find it in graveyards in ancient Greece. Red elm has a greyish white to light brown narrow sapwood, with heartwood that is reddish brown to dark brown in color. More recently though more and more collectors have learned to appreciate the beauty and value of furniture from China’s regions – painted red and black lacquer cabinets from Shanxi, walnut furniture from Gansu and the brightly coloured furniture of Tibet and Mongolia.

Its stable properties have also made it the favourite wood for the construction of piano boards and keys and other parts of musical instruments. Elm wood can be used for bearer blocks of pallets, runner blocks of stillages, wood chipboard, and flooring 580. When you look at the end-grain of white ash and hard maple under a magnifying glass, you can see the difference in wood structure. Reclaimed barn wood is often sought after for its visual appeal and unique character gained through evidence of its previous use. There are more than twenty varieties of elm throughout China but they are more concentrated in the north.

Even as a green wood ash is quite dry typically having a moisture content of less than 50%, which makes it good firewood. Surprisingly enough, experimental tests showed very little advantage of spliting general wood. We have a lot of dead standing Elm trees in Southern UK (due to Dutch Elm disease) and I’ve found it’s one of the best firewoods I can burn in my woodstove. Elm yellows (also known as elm phloem necrosis) is a debilitating or lethal disease on elms caused by elm yellows phytoplasma. When looking for pine wood one can come across the term heart pine which is an age specific classification of pine heartwood.

Extensive invasion of the elm xylem with the fungus may ultimately result in the death of younger trees and decline in older trees. Editor’s note: Maple is the most commonly used wood for drum building and is the standard by which most people judge and describe other woods. As hard as red elm, more open grained, same qualities as red elm, local varieties include white and red, white being more blonde, tone greatly enhanced with depth of shell, warmer fatter.elm wood characteristics

Poplar is sold as a hardwood timber, used for plywood but its relatively poor reputation is undeserved as its flexibility and its close grain give it a balance of properties that have made it highly desirable for a number of applications (similar to those for willow) since antiquity. To some, reclaimed elm is viewed as a secondary alternative to oak, maple and beech because of the common appearance of worm holes.

The beauty of American Elm comes from the grain itself and not from the growths within it. The interlocked grain of the elms causes a little zig-zaggy pattern between each growth ring that looks like a feather and is best seen in flatsawn boards. Dutch Trig – A decade of successful biological control of Dutch elm disease in Europe and the USA. The application provides facts regarding a variety of elm trees, and can be used to help identify elm trees. Ulmi caused the first pandemic of Dutch elm disease and is therefore among the most invasive tree pathogens known to man. Odor: Elm usually has a strong, unpleasant smell when green; though once dried has very little odor.

Durable under water – Elm will last almost indefinitely when placed in water or below ground level (although it is not durable at ground level). Popular for furniture making in the Suzhou region, ‘Southern’ elm has a slightly darker heartwood than sapwood, varying in colour from a yellowish-brown to a coffee brown. In south-eastern Australia and New Zealand, large numbers of English and Dutch elms, as well as other species and cultivars, were planted as ornamentals following their introduction in the 19th century, while in northern Japan Japanese Elm (Ulmus davidiana var.elm wood characteristics

Ulmi and its sister species novo-ulmi have been the subject of extensive genetic investigation because of the dramatic impact of Dutch elm disease. Bacterial infection Erwinia carotovora of elm sap, which causes ‘ slime flux ‘ (‘wetwood’) and staining of the trunk (here on a Camperdown Elm). Apple is a good wood for aiding in the propagation of skills, often used in love magick.

On a slightly different subject – of the 200 bf of elm I bought, there were 3 or 4 boards that were a vivid lemon yellow color thruout. The red elm has a glue-like substance in its inner bark that formerly was steeped in water as a remedy for throat ailments; powdered for use in poultices, and chewed as a thirst-quencher. Elm is slow to get going and it may be necessary to use a better burning wood to start it off.

Beech (PDF) – As part of the Perdue University, Hardwood Lumber, and Veneer Series, this document provides information concerning the workability, strength, and grading of beech wood in commercial use. This premium wood has naturally occurring pin knots and gum streaks which are not considered defects. Many American species of elm will actually become larger, growing to 130 feet (39 meters) in height and 120 feet (37 meters) in width. Red oak machines well, nailing and screwing is good although pre-boring is recommended, and it can be stained and polished to a good finish.

Varieties particularly noted for furniture making include Japanese Elm (‘chunyu’), Manchurian Elm (‘lieye yu’) and Siberian Elm (‘bai yu’), which is slightly stronger than other varieties. Historically, Elm was also used for bridge piers, including the Roman versions of London Bridge. As a true poplar aspen has similar characteristics and properties to American cottonwood and European poplar. Pine: A diverse wood which draws from all the elements earth, wind, fire and water.

Some Hard Maple wood has highly decorative wood grain including flame maple, quilt maple, birdseye maple and burl wood. Different elm species contain varying concentrations of tannins and mucilageous carbohydrates in their inner bark Such species as the North American U. rubra synthesize sufficient mucilage for its inner bark to be taken as bland food in cases of diarrhea and dysentery. Dutch elm disease has had an enormous social impact in these areas and huge efforts are being made in many cities to save their elms, fully supported by the public. Hard Maple wood is sought after due to its shock resistance and overall density.

A wood is said to be very hard when it requires a pressure of about 3,000 pounds per square inch to make an impression one-twentieth of an inch deep. Tips and Techniques for Oak finishes – This article from the American Woodworker, provides step-by-step instruction for achieve a beautiful finish on oak wood. The wood has a fine uniform straight grain, smooth texture, and may naturally contain brown pith flecks and small gum pockets.

When it comes to elm, he’s forever mumbling and groaning about the negative features of this wood…and it has a few. Maple is a very light coloured wood and it is sometimes even bleached before finishing to make it even whiter. However, when the bole becomes big enough to allow bark beetles to burrow into the wood, dutch elm disease can return and kill the sapling. A poor burning wood that produces a small flame and poor heat output and the sap can cause deposits to form in the flue with prolonged use.

Distinctive Characteristics: One of the few softwoods produced like hardwood lumber (random width and length), it has been often called God’s gift to the woodworker” due to its diverse properties and uses. Flowers may be hidden behind the leaves of the elm if the tree has already produced leaves. The wood has many desirable characteristics and is suitable for a wide variety of important uses.