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If your garden is starting to look a mess and you don’t have anywhere to safely keep your garden tools then our choice of garden storage solutions at Home Essentials are just what you need. With these models of benches, you can have your storage and seating space in one convenient furniture piece. The main benefits of metal garden storage are that they are rust resistant, easy to maintain and also come with FREE delivery to mainland Ireland. You can choose a storage container that’s created of fiberglass, to ensure that you will have no corrosion or decay issues in the future, but this type can also break or break if not managed properly. Prior to creating or even purchasing a storage box, you should first identify its purpose.

We’ve reviewed many metal storage boxes but none, other than those made by Biohort, have galvanised steel cladding to the same thickness. There’s a large selection of garden storage boxes to choose from today, made out of traditional timber as well as contemporary options such as polycarbonate and galvanised metal, and there’s a wide variety of prices attached to them as well. Its price can’t bear comparison with other garden storage boxes of a similar size, which in this case is a base of 0.93 X 0.35m and a height of 0.61m, whether made of metal, timber, or plastic, but sometimes you have to pay a little extra to obtain the very highest quality.

It apes the style of a traditional garden bench, with a high back rising up from a double seat, but of course underneath it all is a highly useful storage space. It’s this, combined with its generous storage capacity compared to its price, that gains it the number two position in our list of the very best garden storage boxes. It also has a height of 0.61m, which is just perfect to sit upon and it can seat two people comfortably. The storage could be solid wood, which is likely to be more expensive but gives a unique appearance.

In this way we’ve been able to include high quality storage boxes to suit all budgets, so let’s enter the WhatShed list of the top 20 garden storage boxes available online in the UK today. The double doors featured on this wooden garden wall store allow you to gain easy access to larger items such as lawn mowers and hose reels. Our plastic garden storage boxes also come in a choice of sizes and styles with those that open like chests and others that open with doors at the front.

As such, it has a unique appearance, and yet it’s one that we found very attractive, and so it will make a good alternative for those who need a well sized storage facility for their garden but don’t want a product that simply sits there like a box or chest. We have wooden storage that is perfect for storing lawn mowers, bikes small garden items or toys for the children via the Waltons garden storage chest If you are looking to store larger garden items then there are 7 x 3 and 4 x 4 wooden storage options.

This box fits 6 patio chair cushion sets nicely into it, using a bit of force to push the cushions down but still holds them nicely into place. Plastic outdoor storage tends to be the cheapest option although may not be as aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately the directions were not in the box so I went to the Keter web site and printed a copy. It has an automatic opening facility which is especially useful if you have an armful of items that you’re about to deposit inside the garden store, and it was good to see that the lid is padlockable, even if a padlock isn’t included as standard. The Storage Chest is complete with a hinged lid which provides great accessibility.

If you’ve like the idea of garden storage boxes that can double as weather proof garden benches then this could be the product for you. As with all wooden garden sheds it is important to remember to apply a timber preservative to the wood when constructing and then annually to maintain the reliability and durability factors that it boasts. Numerous storage boxes made with metal are also PVC coated so their colors don’t fade even with out regular painting. These crates are really useful boxes for garden storage, toy storage or for making into cupboards. The wooden garden storage offers a reliable and durable storage area that can be used indoors or out.