Painting Satin White Paint On New Wood

I am repainting my hall, and would like to use satin paint on the woodwork as it seems to stay white longer, and is trendy at the moment, but i am concerned about how durable it is. I have already redone the kitchen woodwork and already it has marked. For the paint to be usable, the contents of the can must be well stirred (except where the manufacturer says otherwise – as in the case of non-drip paints) to ensure that the pigments and the binder are uniformly mixed. So before you apply this paint finish, take the time to prep your walls and make them extra smooth. The finish does look great but it takes an awful lot of paint to do just one chair.

The vast majority of paint is on walls and ceilings and that is almost exclusively water-based, which does almost no harm in situ to painters or homeowners. A paint extender is an additive that you add to your paint that extends” the open time for painting. In changing the formulation, and despite rigorous testing, it became clear that in some conditions, early versions of the ‘new’ paint formulations were more prone to yellowing after application.

I find that if I have paint left over from a project I scavenge the house looking for something else to paint that color. In the meantime, I plan to send an email to the GC asking him to verify with the local office that indoor use is an approved use, that it poses no health hazard and that I can sand it and paint over it with any paint of my choice when the time comes. The confusion is because you should not paint latex paint over oil-based paint (not a primer).

Don’t attempt to strip lead paint (sometimes found in old houses) with a heat gun – seek advice from a reputable painter and decorator. While slightly more expensive per gallon than regular paint, you save time and money by not applying primer and paint separately. If you don’t prime it, the paint probably won’t adhere that well, leading to streaks, bubbles, peeling, and tackiness.

Using the good paint brush, apply the primer to the wood in small amounts and work the paint into the wood. Finish with one coat of gloss, satin or eggshell finish paint, as per the instructions for bare wood. The topcoat—whether gloss, satin or eggshell finish-adds texture rather than colour, so add a third layer of undercoat for full coverage if needed. Step 4: Smooth Paint: Lightly go over the floor with 220-grit sandpaper, to smooth out the grain and give a sleek surface, then clean the floor to remove all the dust. Believe it or not, you introduced me to the wonderful world of blogs and spray paint.

As an artist, I believe color to be critical to good mental health, and there’s no quicker, easier way to ‘redecorate’ than by grabbing a fresh can of paint and trying something unexpected. Water-based paint dries purely by evaporation, while oil-based paint has a chemical drying agent added. The imported biopack in Premium Satin Enamel protects surfaces from fungus and black spots, thus retaining the beauty of your house. I think i shall be sourcing some oil based satin and trying that and yes i do rub down and between coats, but i hate it!!!!!

As it’s water based, you can clean your brushes with water instead of white spirit, which is required for oil based paint. I’m going to share one of my top trade secrets…when I’m applying water based gloss, eggshell etc on to existing oil based paint, I do not want to spend hours excessively rubbing down in order to provide an excellent bond between the 2 types of paint that would not otherwise adhere well to each other. They also take longer to dry – sometimes, 24 hours or more – so you cannot apply a second coat as quickly as you can with latex paint.

It is ideal if you have difficulty in painting without drips falling from the brush, as its consistency allows a ‘blob’ of paint to be picked up by the brush and then applied to the surface where it is spread out normally. Formulated to use on wallboard, concrete, stucco and wood surfaces, Super Seal is a high build primer/sealer that provides good opacity and seal when applied at the recommended spread rate.satin paint for wood

Gloss and semigloss have the virtue that they can be washed and even scrubbed; flat or satin finishes have a soft, understated presence. These are prone to mould, so use an anti-damp paint to protect walls and ceilings. Looks just like the factory John Deere green but cost much less than the OEM paint at the dealership. If you have alot of wood to cover, you don’t want to have to do a second coat, if you can avoid it. So bear that in mind. I shouldn’t have to use 5 gallons of eggshell off white to cover a 10×10 white kitchen. High gloss paint was used on all the cabinetry and mouldings in this project of mine.