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Craftsman-style homes are known for their attention to Arts and Crafts details, found especially in small, economical bungalows. If your wood is in good shape I would say leave it as is. Save yourself the trouble of painting it! Start with a pre-designed window or door within our design tool, then make your own adjustments to end up with the perfect design you’re looking for. The species of wood varied over time and according to the part of the country where it was milled. The dining room which was done earlier is actually a slightly different color than the rest of the wood in the house.

The popular misconception about the quality of wood used in painted trim, and therefore the advisability of stripping it, or even keeping it, comes from the assumption that Douglas fir is not worth staining. The newels were sturdy, square pillars with flat caps, while balusters were either square or turned in a Colonial Revival style. Baseboards and casings were often finished natural or stained and varnished to reveal the natural wood’s color. All the hallway wood was originally stained and shellaced but it had been painted along the way.

I don’t get why someone would buy a nice Craftsman Bungalow, with all its inherent detail, layout and character with the intention of stripping it of all it’s character and charm. First I remove the original trim and sanded the window casing (the wood part of the window that see above – not sure EXACTLY what that’s technically called). Maybe you can help me..I have 3″ siding on the original part of my craftsman home and it’s separating a little at the corners.

I’d be attaching the outer trim (?) against that line, giving a slight, decorative reveal. I’ve consulted a local wood refinisher, and he suggested using a washcoat of sealer cut with thinner prior to staining, and also mentioned that residual chemical stripper may have soaked deep into the woodgrain and could be contributing to the problem. If budget is an issue, save money while still achieving the look of oak for your interior trim by considering red oak.

Tile is a big part of decorating in the Craftsman style, and not just in your kitchen or bathroom. Then center it on the window and glue and nail it to the jamb (Photo 3). It’s difficult to get the stool and frame perfectly flush. Sort and label the wood into 3 batches: stools and headers (5/4″x 6″), side casings (1″x4″), and aprons (1″x4″). Because of the simple lines and shapes of the Prairie School interior, stencils were often used on textile window coverings. Her home is filled with wood trim and every room like the one above is cooler than cool!

Skinny and made up of one piece, the same size of this trim was often used for baseboard and casing (photo below courtesy ). Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your house photos and thoughts on stained wood trim with us! They’re white on the exterior and a custom stain (shown in my pic) on the interior walls. So start with this step and then add successive layers of Craftsman decor as time and budget permit. Once hardwoods became popular for clear trim in the 1920s, builders continued to use finish-quality Douglas fir in the back of the house. This will also help to sand down any of the wood grain that was raised by the chemical paint stripper.craftsman wood trim

So consider this style of interior trim if you’re planning on building a Colonial, Traditional, Plantation home. I decided I didn’t need that silly window sill or the two center casings that separate the three windows, they were not very Craftsman” like. There are many different styles of upgraded window trim that you can apply to your windows. Door and window casings create a frame around the door or window opening and hide the gap between the jamb and the adjacent wall.

Our wood decorative columns are true to the orders most prominent architects and builders are looking for. Particularly where trim pieces intersect, your selections need to be suited to one another. For interior I am using peel away 7. It is basically odorless, doesn’t darken wood, and works great once you get the hang of it. I might use the heat gun on the baseboards to save money. Craftsman trim is the simplest way to take your doors, windows and entryways from builder grade to custom. One of the biggest problems stems from wishful thinking by some window manufacturers and their representatives.

I actually don’t like it, since the house is a 1950’s split level that originally had white trim. To save costs, that is what our plan entailed as well for the trim and we saved even more money by going to the odd lot section. A craftsman style window replaces a mirror above the sink allowing natural light to fill the space. Other telltale signs of this style include inlayed wood designs in flooring and wainscoting, and elaborately built cabinets in bathrooms or window seats in living rooms and bedrooms. Bold window and door trim and low pitched roof are in keeping with the arts and crafts design.craftsman wood trim

And before I found my personal style, I went through a variety of trials and errors, such as painting our living room walls in various browns and even yellow and purchasing light colored maple furniture to match the light oak trim. Additional items you will need in order to install interior wood accents include a tape measure, chop saw, adhesive and nail gun or hammer and nails. The wood I am using is a soft whitewood or pine, it comes pretty rough with the wood grain very visible. Modern In the early 20th century there was a move to get rid of all trim as unnecessary. Here are 18 Craftsman-inspired color schemes in order of body color, trim, window sash and accents.

The extension jam around your window needs to be flush with your wall before the trim can be applied. If you have a Craftsman house there may be a combination of moldings used for accents. The 1x4s are the length from the existing window stool to the top of the drywall return. We also offer flexible LED strip lighting to light up your dark corners, or to add a decorative touch to your coach. Wood trim is usually clear, meaning it has no knots, which (unless you are installing knotty pine paneling) would mar the appearance. There are hundreds of trim styles and patterns available at mills and home stores today. Here Taylor uses a slight bevel to get a better fit between the surround and the window frame.

Since we can’t go back in time, we can still relive the warm detailing and respect the natural beauty of architecture and interiors with the craftsman style in your home. I’m not sure what caused it; my opening was square and level on the exterior after I’d blown through the wall and framed it up. (Check it out here if you missed it). This is such an excellent post and has allowed me to come to a 9-year long dilemma about painting trim or not.

The result was an attractive 2-story Prairie style home with a wrap-around corner porch high above the sidewalk for privacy. Not that the trim is anything super fabulous, but when we moved in we refinished the original Southern pine floors with a clear stain and they are gorgeous. Stained wood doors and trim bring elegance, character, and richness to a house.

If this is the style of trim you’d like to use for your new home, a trip to a local lumber yard that specializes in trim will be worth the effort. But if that’s not quite your style, you can get so many different trim ideas from places like Houzz or even by browsing the trim aisle at Home Depot or Lowe’s. In a design world filled with white, my wood trim is the rare minority and I love that about it. It has class, it has style and most of all it has a story to tell. But sanding removes the oxidized layer that gives old wood that old-wood patina.