Dewalt DW734 Planer Reviews

I’ve had this planer for about 2 years now and have run lots of wood through it. From easy stuff like aspen to nastier stuff like ipe and purpleheart. My concern is that since there is no height adjustment for the blades on the cutterhead (they have a pin that sets them in the correct position) that maybe you should not do this. Finally the Dewalt DW734, works exceedingly well at reducing snipe, especially considering it comes under 400 bucks. The Delta planer is the heaviest at 97 pounds, and the Craftsman and DeWalt DW735 both weigh 92 pounds.

The manufacturer states that the DEWALT DW734 gauge goes up to 1/8 of an inch but we worked with 1/16 and even 1/32 and faced no problems whatsoever. These are only a few minor issues that seem to go unnoticed once you start appreciating this best planer for the truly brilliant machine that it is. The WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer is smartly engineered with a 3.25″ cutting width and 1/8″ cutting depth that enables you to work with larger pieces of wood all at once.

Both will do fine by ya. However, if you take the sale price of the Dewalt to the competitor, they should do a price match plus take off another 10%. DeWalt will maintain your tool and replace worn parts for free, anytime during the first year after purchase. I do my best to keep mine dust free, but I can never seem to keep parts from jaming in there. The metal infeed and outfeed tables help support long boards and the planer cuts straight and level. I too am in the market for a planer and these little details make a big difference.

There are also some reports that Dewalt has improved their blade design and the newer blades last longer. This best planer also comes with a double-sided blade so you can simply flip over the worn out side to the unused sharper side instead of spending on replacement blades every now and then. These knives last 30 percent longer than traditional disposable knives, helping you keep away from costly and time-consuming resharpening. In simple words, the best planer with a table extension will add stability along with durability to your practical and handy woodworking tool. And if you’ve ever used a razor blade, you know that after enough use, the blades get dull and need to be replaced.

One thing that you quickly learn about planers is just how much saw dust they create. There is a handy scale on the side of the planer divided into 1/32” and 1mm graduations. The DEWALT DW734 15 Amp Benchtop Planer comes with a remarkable 3-year warranty but our research team thinks that you might not even need it as the performance of this best planer is unbeatably up to the mark. After thinking about the prospect of not having a planer for months, i’m resolved to fixing the darn thing.

Use of any linked web site provided in a product review or post is at the user’s own risk. Re: DeWalt DW734 Planer Knives, the cheapest I found was at for about $45 for the set of three knives and they are DeWalt brand. For me, snipe prevention has mostly been a matter of supporting the wood on the way in and the way out of the planer. We also noticed that the cord storage space of the DEWALT DW734 is also pretty exceptional, unlike other best planers on our list. It is a very strong planer that offers exceptional services, the three blade system leaves a very smooth surface and most of the wood run in the planer achieves the desired results.

I was blessed to find a new, sealed-in-the-box Rigid Planer on Craigslist for $200. It was an interesting test, and we enjoyed learning about the latest features and discovering who makes the best portable planer on the market. If there are some materials that are tricky to cut, the Dewalt model may be better suited to be used as compared to the Makita2012NB.

Especially since you told me that you have not had any problems with blades dulling. And combine this exceptionally smooth user-friendly experience with the fact that the table extension places all the wood waste and debris on top of the table instead of the tiny wood particles getting accumulated under the best planer and wrecking the whole working mechanism of the machine. The DeWalt DW734 15 amp 12-1/2-inch benchtop planer uses a double sided blade so that after you’ve worn out one side, you simply remove it from the cutterhead and turn it over to the sharp side. You are correct that changing the blades on the planer is about 5,000 times easier than my jointer.

Not many know the true meaning and importance of this aspect when looking for the best planer. They are all loud but I understand that if you install the shelix blades they cut down on the noise. Another drawback of this best planer is the inability of the back table to fold up in order to save space when you’re using the back dust hood. Always remember that the best planer is to carpentry what the imagination is to a creative person. If you plane an 8′ long board, you will need 18′ total clearance (the space in the middle is to clear the planer.

To set the planer to the proper height, first lift the black bar in front to unlock the four-column carriage-locking mechanism. For those of you who simply love the pure joy of making sure that every piece of wood in your home is not only fine but also possesses the utmost quality, then investing in the best planer is not a bad idea at all. A lot of people who used planers for quite a long time know that planers can be very noisy especially when compared to the other tools that are being used but this planer is quieter than the other models which makes it more advantageous than the other models out there. Let’s take a look at this DeWalt planer and see what makes it such a great tool to have.

The DW734 has the advantage of a three-blade cutterhead which increases the cuts per inch by about 50%. I’m just saying that for every report of short blade life, there are two or more reports that the blades are lasting just fine, so it isn’t a universal problem. From my research online, carbide blades are more expensive because they are stiffer, making them a good choice for very hard woods like Teak or Ipe.

Even though it comes with its own dust bag, the dust particles that the planer will give out will not fit into the whole bag. All are within a few pounds, but if you lug a planer around a lot, light weight is important. The depth adjustment handle is on top of the planer and 1/4 turn results in 1/64″ height change so you can dial it in to the exact height required. This planer charges $400-plus tax a House Depot, therefore saved $65 by purchasing it at Amazon. The Dewalt 734 seems to get slightly better overall reviews than the Ridgid (although the Ridgid has a ton of fans too), and reviews of the Grizzly are few and far between.

To our surprise, we discovered that the WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer, which is the budget-friendly pick on our best planer list, has quite a powerful 6 Amp motor that has the ability to administer more than 34 thousand cuts per minute. DEWALT will maintain the tool and replace worn parts caused by normal use, for free, any time during the first year after purchase. Most owners agree that the Dewalt DW734 benchtop planer produces an excellent finish and produces less snipe than other woodworking planers in its price range. The DW735 has disposable blades vs the resharpenable kind, so I’d assume that the 734 has them also.

An intuitive, one tool knife change system allows the user to easily seat new knives on pins that are precision machined on the cutter-head. The DW734 planer features a dust hood that attaches to a shop vacuum or standing dust collector (sold one at a time) for efficient selection of chips and debris. This is one feature that’s very important and DeWalt took it to heart when they designed the DW734. As of right now I am on my second set of knives after owning the machine for 2 years.

The in-house knives on average last 6-8 months, but it depends more on your use. This DW734 12-1/2-Inch Benchtop planer with 3 Knife Cutterhead comes with a DEWALT warrant package that features a three-year restricted warrant, a annual free contract, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. I’ve been using 3 rotated and resharpened sets of the default knives on my 733 for 12 years.

I modified mine by installing a simple adjustable air nozzle to the dust manifold that attaches to the back of the planner opposite the exit port. The last gripe is that if you have the dust collection hood installed (which you should) you can’t fold up the rear table. If you have small shop, or if you are upgrading from a hand planer this will be a great option. I went to the DeWalt repair place and they quietly gave me a complete set of new hex head screws and wrench at no charge.

The best planer is nothing but the most basic and helpful device to add to your home arsenal, especially if you like to see your work get done your way. Very easy to understand and don’t forget to bring down the head lock lever after every and I are both very impressed with how smooth the blades leave stock. The R4331 Ridgid thickness planer features the Sure-Cut carriage lock to securely lock the cutter head in place. I’m also slightly concerned that the only planer model Ridgid shows on their website is the R4330.

That’s why I prefer to buy from Amazon Here you can find the DeWalt DW734 15 amp 12-1/2-inch benchtop planer for just $450. As I understand, the older 733 model -which I believe is discontinued- was much like the 734, but with 2 reshapenable blades (instead of 3 disposable ones). I found the bolts on my older DW733 2 blade planer to be easy to snap off if even slightly over-tightened.