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Today’s homeowners crave home plans that feature an indoor/outdoor connection, which allows them to not only bring the outside in, but to enjoy additional living space as well. This bespoke contemporary garden room is perfect for a modern property on the South Coast. Combine colourful scatter cushions with a soild base colour for the majority of your outdoor cushions. So that we are able to provide the best landscape design for our clients we prefer an initial consult where we able to compile a list of elements that are required by the client and look over the site and house plans to establish a design format to suit there needs.

Finishing touches such as lighting, outdoor rugs and cushions pull an outdoor room together. Locating your indoor kitchen near your deck or outdoor area makes sense too – an easy dash back to the fridge, and getting plates of food in and out becomes less complicated when you’re not weaving around furniture to walk through to your kitchen. I always enjoy to write about gardening, diy projects, home decor and interior design.

Adding plants is usually the last thing that happens in an outdoor room project, so people generally spend too little on this part. Group a variety of sizes and shapes that share the same colour or design; or use large pots to celebrate plants with striking foliage or to frame a sculpture or water feature. This multi-use outdoor room in Buckinghamshire offers plenty of space to relax.

As well as a functional use, your outdoor furniture can become a real feature so consider how it will look from the inside. Always searching for eco-friendly materials and outdoor practices, Durie is an advocate for the environment and has maintained that reputation since before he began designing landscapes. Whether you’re running a business from your outdoor room or use it for relaxing after hours, an oak floor adds both style and warmth to the space.

Please click the links below to find out more information, get ideas and see a selection of our outdoor room designs. Submit your details today and one of our design consultants will give you a call within 24 to 48 hours. An outdoor room makes a perfect finishing touch to this beautifully landscaped urban garden in Dublin, Ireland. Its sweeping curves are echoed in the bubble seats, while clever planting ensures that the garden merges with the building. Instead of planting simply along the base of the house, use the concept of outdoor rooms to bring the planting into the rest of the landscape.outdoor room plans

The Houston Home Plan 1246 : Suitable for a north or south facing lot, the Houston house plan’s great room and kitchen face a sheltered backyard area so that you can take advantage of your outdoor amenities – like a back patio, pool, garden, and more. A modern water feature with a gentle trickle and soft lighting can really set the mood for an outdoor room, like a dramatic artwork. But you can create a great outdoor space without having to worry about the elements raining on your parade.outdoor room plans

These cabinets not only add style to your room, they also come with locks so that your things remain safe, which is comforting when you think about how much some of your outdoor items can cost; of course if you bought discounted outdoor furniture, you may not be as concerned. For durability, consider using attractive outdoor furniture in a porch or garden room. If you want to take advantage of your pool or existing water feature, you may want to place the room out in the yard or in a small alcove of your garden for extra privacy.

Please take advantage of this free landscape plan and download it, send to your local copy center, print it and get started installing your own Tropical Outdoor Room. TIP – There are many designer pieces of outdoor furniture such as Sataras’ Bliss Chair that can help create a more eclectic mix of furniture. We can produce the same seamless construction whatever your type of garden to compliment an existing landscape or become integral to a new design.

Joyce Andrews, e-commerce lead for Stein Gardens & Gifts, confirms that the national trend to create outdoor rooms is a local phenomenon as well, and the Wisconsin company has seen a 300% growth in outdoor furniture sales at its stores, spurring it to further expand that category. Designer Patty Tagliapietra’s outdoor dining room in her Glendale home features a chandelier hung from an arbor.