20 Shoe Storage Cabinets That Are Both Functional & Stylish

Today we’re showing off some beautiful ways to organize your shoe collection and stylize the nook they already live in. From mudrooms to bedrooms, there are a variety of places around the house they can and will get cluttered with the family’s shoes, so why not find a piece to keep them stored and ready for the day’s events? The short cross supports should be spaced out at the length of each of your cabinets, it’s essentially the base that each cabinet sits on. We drilled our frames together with wood screws (you may notice we had two cross support beams on the right side and only one on the left, that’s because the right side of our wall was slightly longer than the left).how to make a storage cabinet

UPDATE JUNE 23: I haven’t been back there yet, but I am told when the tornado’s came thru town a couple weeks ago a very large tree came down on the house and the Laundry room and is half destroyed, so I’ll be back there soon, after the insurance’s guy’s are thru, and get some decent shots of the finished garage with the floor installed and see how it held up over time.

Once those laminated doors start to warp, the hinges come loose or bend and/or lose their tiny screws, and the composited bottoms start to separate, it is a real pain to rectify properly since the materials used are the cheapest they can be and it becomes an eyesore that you will simply ignore till it gets worse and you’ll end up having to replace them down the road.

At roughly 16″ deep that will give me more depth than a wall cabinet but not as deep as a base cabinet which I don’t necessarily have walking room for (yes, unfortunately I have garage nook-small shop syndrome 😉 I have plenty of dowels and a jig so since I don’t have a biscuit jointer that looks like a good route for me. Now to tweak the idea for my needs.

In time, those type of cabinets will cause headaches(I know, I’ve owned some) when the elements of time and use takes their toll on them, and when putting several together in one limited area they may tend to even cause some wasted space as their sizes are limited, plus they’ll look more like you’re storing storage cabinets rather than actually using them for any particular purpose.

Small bathrooms call for creative storage solutions In this bathroom, a painted etagere placed between a pair of pedestal sinks provides plenty of storage and display space in a small footprint. Fasten two self-closing cabinet-door hinges to each door, then lay the cabinet on its back and set the doors on the face frame. Rodriguez makes this cabinet from cherry, but you could use maple, oak, or other hardwoods.

Now all you have to do is build a door, attach it and use your AWESOME pullout pantry style storage cabinet to your hearts content! For something a bit more masculine, edgy and hipster in style, why not take a vintage cabinet and use it for something other than the usual suspects. Apply a coat of finish to the door panels, and then assemble the doors (photo 9). Use a band saw to trim off the excess stile ends. In this article we’re going to focus on how to build a frameless base cabinet carcass.

The cabinet are designed to be hang on the wall, that will provide some space under for easy cleaning, as well as keeping the storage away from concrete floor moisture. Fit the piano hinges on the doors, then predrill holes and attach the hinges to the doors with screws (about one in every other hole should work). You’re sure to come across all types of designs, including wood, plastic and metal storage cabinet options. The shoe cabinet designed by Sebastian Desch is interesting for a variety of reasons.

For the top of your bench, cut a piece of wood that is 3″ wider and 1.5″ deeper than the top dimensions of the cabinet (be sure to measure to the edge of the crown moulding.) Sand it smooth. If you have a power outlet near the cabinet, you can drill holes in the back of the cabinet and stick cords through so you will always be able to find the cords and they won’t get tangled during storage. Cut the cleats to fit between the cabinet sides, and drive countersunk screws through the side into the ends of the cleats.how to make a storage cabinet

He’ll have the luxury of leaving any unfinished projects out until he returns, or they can be hidden behind closed doors. It is equipped with 6 storage compartments (4 of them are equipped with glass doors). Include a TV or DVD player for inspiration and have a cool down” area with chairs, side table and juice or water for end-of-training relaxation. Measured the dimension of your cabinet doors and plan the by just copying the way we have shared, just look at the pic for a complete guide!

Extend your cabinetry from the vanity countertop to the ceiling to capture vertical storage space. There are 4 different ways you can configure the base of your lower frameless cabinet. You can ramp up the volume in your garage with brilliant color on a whole wall or use as an accent cabinet to define space. Attach the door hinges to both of cabinet doors and drawer handle and give finishing to the whole project and it’s done for storage.

Find everything for your garage and workshop: from scaffolds to generators with the promise of reliable and affordable equipment. Located near the shower, a freestanding storage unit provides a convenient spot to house fresh towels. This project cost about $25 total to make (using some paint on hand and inexpensive 1×2 and 1×4 boards). Some models give you up to 10 adjustable shelves so you can make the shelving as high or low as you need. The width plus the depth you choose will determine how large the top and the bottom of storage cabinet will be. The door of the storage cabinet is the same size as the height and width of the storage cabinet.

Closed storage is appropriate for pills, cleaning supplies, and grooming items, but it’s a shame not to show off your prettily packaged toiletries or colorful collection of towels. The metal boxes look great and give you the perfect storage solution for items that are normally a bit difficult to store properly. Choose from among different layouts, colors and materials to customize the garage storage cabinet look, feel and operation that you want most.

A combination of garage cabinets, Gridwall racks (steel grids) or Slatwall (PVC panels), overhead storage and garage shelving will get your garage under control and free up the space to build that ideal Man Cave. Children’s bedrooms and playrooms are a challenge to organize but some simple wire storage keeps toys off the floor and saves space. In conjunction with garage storage cabinets, open shelves can provide additional storage to accommodate your family’s needs. Take a vintage and femininely touched China cabinet and display your best pumps right inside.

It could be a chalkboard or dry erase, make the outside of your shoe cabinet a bit more hidden by making that part of the piece functional too. Another option, great for classrooms, is the eight compartment storage shelves, with plenty of room for displays or for kids to store coats or personal items for retrieval later. Powder-coated garage cabinet doors have the toughest finish of any wood storage cabinets on the market today. You may refer to this as a shoe cabinet but we like to refer to it as a miniature closet just for your shoes !

I like the efficient use of the storage space with the flip-up lids, but I’m space constrained and will have some bench-top tools on top, so I’d have to consider drawers. For the sports enthusiast, Gridwall or Slatwall systems provide wall storage with specialty hooks for large items like bikes, skis, skateboards and golf bags. Use a small piece of scrap wood on the inside of each cabinet door to ensure that the door does not close past 90 degrees. Finally, a mirror is a great way to increase the luminosity of the bathroom without paying more money for electricity. Learn how to make a chalkboard and plan your kitchen and household for the month ahead.

A Tailored Living garage organization specialist will help you maximize your garage storage space with custom garage cabinets and wall storage solutions tailored to your family’s activities. We can use some of the previous dimensions we calculated to determine the dimensions of the back of the cabinet. Rip up the pallets, make a bunch of separated or removed pallet slats to plan anything you want for you exclusive projects! Open wall storage is ideal for sports equipment and large tools like rakes, shovels and hoses that create a safety hazard if stacked on the floor.

If a bloated pile of grocery store bags is taking over your cabinet space, stuff them into empty tissue boxes for a handy, compact solution. From the front, this piece looks like your average island — but from the back it’s storage central for everything you want (cookbooks, holiday accessories), but never seem to have enough space for. It will give you the idea of building storage space onto your home and can even be adapted to make a corner cupboard. I used packing foam blocks to stabilize/support the cabinet better for nailing on the backing.

These are great colors if you are looking to add virtual space to the bathroom or if you just want something a bit elegant to give your bathroom that sleek and clean look. With shelves in, all that’s left to do is brush on two coats of polyurethane, load up your new storage space, and say goodbye to that mess in your garage. Assemble the cabinet boxes (Photo 5). I use my shop made squaring blocks to help ensure the assembly is the hang strips and ledgers (H and J). Lay out the biscuit grooves in the hang strips and ledgers. Work your way up the cabinet marking the position of the shelves, clamping them in place, and attaching them with 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws.