26 Floating Deck Design Ideas

Floating deck plans are exist for people who really wants to be able to put their deck everywhere, and also wants to be able to changes their location anytime, with ease. Cut 5/4 x 6 deck boards for the perimeter decking, parts (K) and (L) (Project Diagram, Drawing 7) so that each board overhangs the cedar fascia by 1-1/2 inches and is mitered at the ends (Photo 8). Fasten them in place with stainless-steel trim screws. By pouring concrete into a tube form one can extend the tube above ground level to the desired height. Depending on the type of exterior used (vinyl, stucco, brick, etc.) floating decks can sometimes be an easier option.building floating deck

The deck not only created an outdoor living and dining space for family and friends to gather, it helped to completely transform a simple rectangular lot into a visually stunning family friendly retreat. The ground does not heave here from frost, but because we are on solid clay- changes in moisture level can mean up to 6 inch (measurable) ground shifts over a period of a couple months.

If you can get away will a floating style for a free standing deck, go for it. Otherwise, do investigate the flat form footing concept. Begin by setting the first pair of blocks directly onto the ground beside the pool. The customer assumes all risks associated with the construction of their building project. A good contractor will arrange the necessary permits and inspections, so when it comes time to christen your deck with the first barbecue of the season, there will be no nasty surprises. From what I have read a foundation load point on a deck needs to be buried below the frost line (which can be up to 48″ deep).

What you put on your deck is nearly as important as what type of deck you install. Always check with your local building department before you start construction. Here’s an easy way to get your own floating deck at home without a lot of work. These concrete blocks are very convenient; they can be placed just about anywhere and manipulated to get the needed height. Concrete can then be used to help ensure that the blocks remain steady and in place. Utilizing the concrete footings, we placed our pressure treated 2×6 lumber into the grooves to maintain their vertical position.

Now add the long joist (F) (Photo 4). Secure the hangers to the frame and joist with fasteners that are approved by the hanger manufacturer, such as the #8 x 1-1/4-in joist hanger screws in the buying guide. Free-standing doesn’t mean the deck can’t be attached to the house, it just means that the deck frame must be self-supporting. Since a slope on the roof was created, the floor of the new balcony is not level. Complete the pool-deck frame by screwing 2 x 4 diagonal braces to the 4 x 4 posts.

It is advisable to talk with your local inspector about codes in your municipality before building. In addition to construction issues, as a DIYer, you run the risk of building your deck only to have an inspector tell you to rip it all out because it isn’t up to code. Layout allows you to align and square the deck with the house and establish the locations of all foundation piers. Plus, there are very few attractive pool-deck plans available, and most of those require you to dig and pour dozens of concrete footings.

Use a drill and decking screws to attach joist hangers to the interior of your floating deck’s frame. If it’s attached to the house you will need a permit as well vice no permit (usually) is required for a floating deck. Grade the ground, remove the grass, put some 6mil plastic down and put my frame over it on these posts. A deck made from inexpensive materials may not be cost-effective when you include construction and maintenance costs. The beams are truly the backbone of your deck; don’t be afraid to overdo it” when building them.

Above ground required us to over-excavate the whole bottom, and then refill with about 10 inches of sand to create a bottom with some give in it. Also, we will try to keep the ground around the pool evenly damp to reduce movement- splash a lot I guess. Most decks are attached to houses, but there’s no reason they have to be. Sometimes the best spot to set up a deck chair and relax is at the other end of the yard, tucked into a shady corner of the garden. Tube form footings use less concrete than other methods because you need only fill the footing and tube area and not the entire hole.

Remember that any type of post that is imbedded in soil and concrete will be prone to rot and decay over time due to moisture retention. So with that savings I got myself a nice impact driver to help me in my deck building endeavors!!! Place one board in the middle of the deck area, making sure it hangs evenly off each end of the 2x6s. Assuming 12×12 floor, put a deck block in the center on top of a 8×16×16 footer(concrete blocks or poured). Tighten the top bracket well to force the supporting post to anchor well to the deck.

A 2×4 nailing strip (on edge) and a 2×5/4×4 handrail (flat) are included to properly finish the top. Any place two elements come together, such as the deck platform and the exterior wall of your house, can cause trouble, as small debris builds up and traps water. With the decking complete, allow the deck materials to dry for one month before applying a preservative.

This means not having to battle weeds growing-up from the ground and less probability of being damaged by a falling tree. Floating Deck Mistakes – A floating deck means that the structure of the deck does not connect to the house structure. Experts recommend creating a mock up. Put everything you intend to have on your deck where it’s going to go. If you are going to put a gas grill on your deck, do some research before determining its placement. He wanted a custom RV deck design that had a modern design with high usability.

I read somewhere that ”the act of taking a step up gives you the illusion of being in a different place.” I wanted to create a different place in our yard but because of our low fence walls and our HOA’s rules against having anything go above the fence walls, I knew that the different place would have to be low to the ground. The wooden frame will help to hold the complete deck together as the barrels will fit snug under the deck. As mentioned earlier, we employed a timesaving deck-building method that didn’t require us to dig postholes or pour concrete footings.

After trimming the hostas and adding mosquito-repelling plants to the deck (mint and citrosa geranium), she’s noticed a decrease in the mosquito population. The Illustrated Home illustrates construction details and building components, a reference for owners & inspectors. Because a floating deck is not connected directly to the building with a ledger, minor seasonal movement has no impact on the deck and won’t affect the house. Attaching the ledger early in the deck building process establishes the elevation of the deck, as well as its length and relationship to the house. This next deck and railing is a beautiful addition to a 30 foot recreational vehicle.building floating deck

Giving the outdoor area the feel of a spectacular tree house, a wide deck winds all around the home’s exterior with railings and quiet gazebos to duck into. The side we put the deck on was only 30 inches from the ground so we did not have to use bracing so it went pretty fast. This will certify that the deck is safe for a certain number of people to occupy, just as you would with a new interior room.

The average price to build a floating foundation deck noted above is cost data to compare a contractor’s estimate with doing it yourself. The Douglas Fir decking boards were then laid over the joists, steps were built, and the completed deck was stained. Floating decks typically come in square or rectangular designs, but can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes.