Shop Vacuum Review

I was wondering if it is possible to use a vacuum cleaner as a form on wood dust collection in my workshop. Generally, the additional cost of an automatic system is only $250 – $300 more than a manual system. You’ll want your table saw to have enough power to cut through hard wood and make deep cuts. When vacuum is applied, atmospheric pressure puts down a tremendous amount of force. I did not use an automatic power sensing switch because I wanted to be able to use multiple tools in the system at the same time. For our system then, we need a collector with a minimum SP of 3.42 (1.32 SP for the table saw + 1.1 SP for the planer and 1 SP to account for air leakage and the caking on the filter bag).

The Neutro-Vac cleaner uses vacuum suction to remove particulate down to. Neutro – Vac heads combine the power of a compressed air blast, static elimination, High quality static control product. If we could do this we would have (at 500 feet above sea level) 14.4 pounds of even pressure to press with. The next time the pump is turned on it may not spin causing the motor to over heat and shut off, or worse, snap the vanes. I used a vacuum pump to draw a vacuum on one container, and allowed it to sit under vacuum for 15 minutes. This is a system vacuum that’s compatible with almost all of the company’s power tools — and other brands — and offers a mind-boggling array of accessories.

Eliminate the hazard of static electricity that builds up with your collection system. In vacuum pressing, the air is harnessed within the vacuum bag and is only allowed to move in one direction—downward. A long narrow bag is used where the laminates are glued, put in the bag, formed around the arch and vacuum pulled on the bag. The drills are generally spaced 32 mm apart on centres – a spacing system called 32 mm System. Until recently, the company commissioned external carpentry workshops with the production of workpieces on CNC woodworking machines.

Ideally, tool manufacturers would standardize dust ports so you could swiftly move your hose from one tool to another. Wood chips and sawdust lying around waiting to get on your connectors, rubber seals and/or into the vacuum pump. The first is called VC4 ( link to website ) This is a bolt down version that uses compressed air to create vacuum. Also, I placed a vacuum bag which is sold separate in side the canister to catch any dust or pieces that may get through the dust collector.

With dimensions of 140 x 130, 125 x 75, 120 x 50 and 130 x 30 mm, Dittus can address the varying requirements of its customers and clamp workpieces with the most diverse geometries – quickly, easily and securely. You can also outfit your dust collector with an upper felt bag to increase the efficiency of collecting smaller dust particles: a feature that is very helpful when using a collector on a drum sander which creates finer dust. The wood router typically holds wood with suction through the table or pods that raise the work above the table. Aside from its sleek, functional design this vacuum is a great performer and a very quiet one, too.

Hose diameters and lengths vary considerably, but the short explanation is that a larger-diameter hose moves more air and is good for picking up bigger objects, while a smaller hose increases air velocity and is better for sucking up dust. If it is not real close to being flat, then you won’t be able to get a vacuum seal to build the vacuum. It makes a lot more sense to set up a couple of saw horses and get out the circular saw to cut a sheet of plywood or MDF than to try to maneuver around in your shop to cut them on a table saw.

Our industrial machines range from 5 HP High Vacuum CNC collectors to 20 HP Direct Drive and Pulley Drive collectors, and larger. Challenge: Most shops that vent their dust collection systems inside build up dangerously high amounts of fine invisible dust. Cleaning woodworking machinery is quick and dust-free with the Big Brute Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. Carvers, crafters, and those who don’t rely on stationary machines that produce large volumes of dust and debris can use a shop vacuum. Having the motor outside will also limit how late into the evening you can use the system before getting an angry visit from your neighbour.

In addition woodworking makes huge numbers of fine dust particles that have razor sharp edges and sharp often barbed points that damage and scar our respiratory tissues. The chips and dust embedded in the lower bag, and fine dust plugged the upper bag. Rockler also stocks high CFM dust collectors , air cleaners and air filtration systems , as well as downdraft table kits and plans. Attaching teflon furniture moving skids to the bottom of the form would make moving it in and out of the vacuum bag much easier. Unfortunately, I rarely get a chance to do woodworking anymore or else I would be buying your product.woodworking vacuum

The CT 26 uses a self-cleaning filter bag to maintain its strong performance, and it has a well-designed hose and cord garage on the top as well as a cord wrap on the back. This enables optimum adaptation to the workpiece surface of varying workpiece geometries and ensures effective vacuum distribution. Buying a dust collection system is easy, determining your layout and design is the hard part.

You may not think of a shop vac as a woodworking tool, but just try to get any work done with your saws kicking up powdery sawdust into your eyes. In addition, the robust housing made from reinforced plastic is extremely durable and ensures optimum stability: Even when subjected to very high forces, the vacuum block continues to hold the workpiece securely in the correct position. If a few strands of course steel wool are put in the vacuum line, they will trap large chips and allow the dust to blow through.

Then the manufacturers come up with fancy clamping heads to really draw us in. Next thing you know, there goes $1,000 towards a vacuum clamping system that more than likely will rarely get used. Rarely do we hear of anyone discussing the drawbacks of vacuum clamping for woodworkers. The vacuum now holds the arch in its shape and the bag can be removed from the form.

Lets see, woodworking for 15 minutes, then 30 minutes with a shop vac, working in a cloud of dust, trying to clean the bags enough so that they could be used again for another 10-15 minutes. It just means you need to account for some of these losses and increase the clamping area and have a constant running vacuum source. For me I decided to go with a dedicated 2 ½” line to my router table and then 2 additional ports for handheld tools that would be connected to the system. Most manufactures will recommend periodic flushing of the vacuum chamber with a liquid to clean the insides.

Our selection includes dust collectors and cyclones, ambient air cleaners, down draft tables, wet-dry vacuums, and a complete variety of fittings and hose needed to outfit a shop. The vacuum can be switched on and off from outside the box, it will work with tool-activated vacuums, and I can now sand at will without creating either air or noise pollution. If you’re looking to modify a vacuum into an actual collection system, depending on the size of your shop and your specific needs you may be able to get by with a modified regular shop vacuum.