How To Refinish Old Wooden Furniture

If you have some wood furniture that requires a new finish or you want to extend the life of a dreary-looking piece of wooden furniture and you’re sure it needs more than just cleaning, your next step should be to refinish it. Stripping and refinishing furniture isn’t complicated or expensive, but it is messy and time-consuming, so here’s how to. No matter what color you choose, you’ll give new life to an old piece of furniture. The first two step are to clean and prepare the wood, the second two steps are to finish and seal the wood. Here are a few of my makeovers that probably bordered on questionable” when it comes to whether or not I should have painted them. I love the darker wood look of your floor against the light color of your walls.

Hmm, I just really wouldn’t try to restain it without sanding down to the bare wood. If it’s soft and the putty knife cuts through to the wood, you’re ready to go to the next step. It must also be noted that many, if not most formulations of coatings for wooden objects contain components from several of the groupings. Since it was the paint of choice in Colonial America, it gives a more authentic look to older pieces of furniture. I really hate the color; but like everything else about it. It says that it is birch veneer and wood.

So, there are a couple of things you can do. Paint it (which you mentioned not being interested in), Try and stain it (the mdf will be darker and noticeable), or replace the veneer, this is actually not terribly hard and you can usually find veneer online or at a local hardware store. I’m just trying to get a realistic gauge of what to expect from my DIY efforts on a black Pottery Barn piece of furniture I am getting ready to paint an off white color for our nursery. How to Repair Furniture Veneer Veneer is a thin layer of wood attached with glue to a solid base.

I also began sanding the base of the table which is round hourglass like curves (as if it cam off a pottery wheel) and it seems that all of that may be MDF, no wood at all. Great ideas on how to finish wooden dressers or even bookcases, for that matter. There is no need to remove every trace of stain if you are going to re-stain in the same or darker shade, and the same goes for repainting a previously painted piece. It brings the wood to life and protects it. I use Minwax’s Fast Drying Clear Satin finsih.

Keep following the same process but be sure to let the stain dry between coats so you can gauge what it looks like before deciding whether to add another coat. I bought this particular piece because of its classic lines and solid wood construction, but many would pass it up due to the surface damage. There are several different types of stains and dyes which may be used to color wood.

It’s hard to know about the veneer without seeing it. If it’s just a few corners here and there, I would just squeeze some wood glue in there and put a clamp on it to fix the veneer curling up. If you tear the veneer off the faces of all your cabinets, you might have a bigger project than what you bargained for. The idea is to be able to see the wood grain and with a primer it would be all but hidden. The only time it’s necessary to remove all traces of the original finish is if the piece is going from painted to stained. I have a few pieces of furniture I would like to re-paint, but it sounds like this might mean we won’t have any bedroom furniture for a few days!

You could refinish the table top first …and then work to match the chairs to that with your PS. The stately nature of wood furniture also makes it a popular addition to almost every type of design scheme imaginable. Painting old furniture as you have done really brightens it up and removes that dated” look. The perfect example of this is shellac, which is widely used in furniture conservation because it is very stable and remains reversible for long periods of time. Hello there, I am refinishing an old table top and after sanding off the old stain the veneer has been worn down in quite a few areas revealing spots of particle to refinish wooden furniture

As many teak furniture pieces typically become patio furniture due to the durability of the wood, the furniture may appear to be dry, despite retaining some water from the elements, greatly affecting any attempt to refinish the wood. So mopping the floor before staining it can help the wood receive the color better. I was able to find step 2 in the DIY section, but don’t see the first one when looking manually either.

How to Lacquer Furniture In general, lacquer is very difficult to work with and must be applied in several very thin coats in order to get the desired finish. There are a range of water and oil-based polyurethanes available that are easy to brush on for a shiny, hard, and durable finish. I realize that some of my readers are furniture painting veterans, but many of you are not. Once the piece is free of the old finish and has had time to dry, you’re ready to sand the wood.

Consumers should do this with a clean cotton cloth, a stiff bristle brush , and a mild wood cleaner Do not use soap and water or the furniture must go through the drying process again. I appreciate you stopping by and voicing your concerns, and I wish you all the best in your furniture painting future! Let the finish dry overnight and you’ll be ready to proudly display your furniture restoration project.

Do your research first and find out how much your piece of furniture is worth before you paint it, especially if it just looks like something so rare and special. Rosin is obtained either by extracting the sap from living trees, or by steaming it out of cut coniferous wood. Once your last coat of stain is totally dry, apply an oil-based clear coat for a final layer of sheen and protection. A range of unique stone furniture has been excavated in Skara Brae, a Neolithic village located in Orkney.

The first thing you have to decide when rehabbing” any piece of furniture is how can the piece be enhanced?” Sometimes you really can enhance a piece by painting it, especially if it has a lot of water damage, broken or bubbled” veneer that needs repair, or missing trim pieces that have to be replaced. Turn to Minwax® to add rich color and durable protection to your wood project in a single step.

How to Repair Furniture Burns Don’t get all fired up about a burn on your wood furniture. Just as with the other dresser, I then applied several coats of stain and polyurethane using the same process described above. I’ve never used Rust-Oleum latex paint, although I’ve always been happy with their spray paint and wood stain. Once the furniture is completely dry, cleaning any dirt or build-up off the furniture is the next step. I think that being able to refinish and restore wood furniture is what makes it so great.

This allows the manufacturer to create a beautiful piece for less than it would cost for a solid wood piece. They do require that the wood piece be buffed between coats to remove any residual stain. Based on how quickly my bench was deteriorating, it soon became evident that unless I wanted a pile of rotten splinters on my porch, I needed to seal and refinish the bench and fast! With a little thought and some chump change you can create some beautiful and stylish furniture.

Most old pine pieces were painted right away, so it’s rare that you’ll come across one you’ll want to strip and refinish. An accurate determination of the stability and the cause of deterioration place them one step further to the successful design of the treatment procedure. Stripping and refinishing wood furniture in a clean, well-ventilated place is the best way to minimize the accumulation of dust and fumes. A thorough cleaning is an important first step in any furniture renewal project.

I am SO GLAD I came across this post, as we have just yanked up the carpet in the master bedroom and discovered paint-splattered wood floors identical to your first pic. The gray dresser had some cool knobs already, but the red dresser I found on the street had wooden knobs. Though sometimes tedious, carefully removing the old finish and fixing any visible imperfections in the wood is worth the time and to refinish wooden furniture

When you sand off an existing finish, instead of stripping, you’re not removing the old stain from deep down in the wood grain (btw, that veneer you did is walnut). TIP: You don’t need a primer when painting unfinished or properly prepared, previously coated furniture; however, a paint and primer in one product can offer increased coverage with less coats. You can use a hair dryer to heat the surface of the wood and catalyze the evaporation of the water, or place a cloth over the ring and use an iron to heat the water out of the stain.

For cedar, this looks pretty nice, because the wood has a lot of color of its own, and the clear finish really brings it out. You’ve also opened my eyes to projects right around me. I was thinking of resurfacing our kitchen cabinets, but making them a darker stain just might work! It. I started sanding and have completely sanded down to the wood one drawer, plus the flat front of 2 more drawers (there are 7 drawers). Once the wood is stained the color you like, allow it to dry and apply a coat or two of polyurethane. It’s one option unless you want the entire wood look which I totally understand.

Then glue a piece of wood/veneer similar to grain and color, sand, and feather in your stain. You can use glaze or dark wax to get that look, and you can use sandpaper to age/distress the wood. As with oil-based stains, you can deepen the color of the stain with multiple applications. Often, the difference between junk store dust catcher and collector’s item is just one simple step: refinishing.

These chairs are high quality, solid wood and are a style that is pretty hard to come by. I am so excited to report that we FINALLY go around to refinishing these chairs because we found some amazing Mohawk products that allowed us to do it without sanding or stripping the existing finish. My husband and I own online furniture stores and we are really into helping our clients be eco friendly.