Join well-known PBS star and expert woodturner Tim Yoder for the first six episodes of Woodturning with Tim Yoder, brought to you by Popular Woodworking Magazine. Enter your email address to receive notifications and updates regarding the Florida Woodturning Symposium by email. If you have a large lathe, you will no doubt be involved in lifting large, heavy, pieces of wood. Dust extraction machinery may only be capable of capturing some of the wood dust you generate. This is a photo that encompasses the most important part of the shop, the turning area. While turning wood, you are unavoidably in close proximity to a rotating machine attached to a piece of wood. Tim Yoder was the host and producer of the Emmy award winning show Woodturning Workshop” seen nationwide on PBS stations.

We will cover sharpening and tool shape; the four basic cuts and how to best use them; initial mounting; roughing to round and hogging off; techniques for re-mounting the bowl; shaping the exterior; hollowing and interior finish; sanding; reversing the bowl blank; and turning the foot and bottom. Tim won an Emmy for his work on Woodturning Workshop and a second in his day job as a television producer for RSU Public TV in Norman. Each point is shaped differently to produce a desired effect on a piece of wood.

Lathes are right handed tools and most hollowing tools are designed for right handed turning. Canoe tree burr is quite unusual wood to work with as it is more like turning cork than timber so it needs very sharp tools and a light touch to work with it. Full face protection is advisable at the lathe – safety glasses are not sufficient. If you have your own spalted wood you want to bring, you are more than welcome to.

The selection and sharpening of turning tools, special accessories, drive and tailstock centers, chucks, and steady rests. Say goodbye to the constraints of lumberyard wood and the high price of mail order wood. A self contained, wooded campus where you are immersed in nothing but woodturning for 2 1/2 days. This is your opportunity to get inspired and to learn some new skills to incorporate into your woodturning. I started turning with a Record DML-24X lathe, a cheap set of turning tools from Screwfix, a pair of trestles from Aldi to put the lathe on and a hand cranked grinder. We have a lot of ideas for the new episodes that range from utilitarian items to artwork.

The Florida Woodturning Symposium began in December 2001 through the efforts of three Florida Chapters of the American Association of Woodturners. This set is what I mostly rely on for turning spindle work such as stems and finials as well as a lot of the external work on a lot of my hollow vessels. The aim was to give students the time and opportunity to be introduced to woodturning by means of a practical project with the experience and guidance of a professional woodturner at close hand.

Don’t miss the opportunity to come out and learn some turning skills and say Happy New Year to all of your woodturning friends…we hope to see everyone at the meeting! The forces involved with bowl turning are significant and the longer the handle, the more control you have. The set can be completed in an evening using only a few turning tools and small amounts of your favorite wood.

Ambient air filters are designed to continually filter the air in the whole workshop. I hope this list of do’s and don’ts haven’t put you off turning (I avoided the horror stories!). This month we will feature FLWT Member Jim Echter demonstrating spindle turning techniques. I had just recently finished reading the full works of J.R.R. Tolkien and had also watched the Lord Of The Rings trilogy not too long before I turned this. He uses ordinary turning tools, a scraper improvised from dental tools, and conventional turning techniques. Keeping the floor clear of shavings and the stored wood away from ignition sources will reduce the risk of fire.

You can also bring your own lathe if you really feel the need (this might be applicable to those who do pen work and want to learn the intricacies of spalted wood on their own machine). The lines necessary for the layout of the spiral pattern will also be drawn prior to the meeting due to the need for an indexing system. The lathe and turning tools are in the back corner of the shop with bandsaw to the right.

This is the first time a project of this kind has been undertaken at Crana College, and I am very pleased that the two day workshop was a huge success. Vouchers are valid for up to 12 months from purchase, the recipient simply phones and books their workshop on an available date. Ken has trained in the art of woodturning and strives to continually learn more and experiment with new skills and techniques. Workshops and classes are offered in ceramics, fiber, metals/jewelry, painting, drawing, photography, warm glass, woodturning, woodworking, mixed media, books and paper.

Jim is an expert spindle turner and he will be showing us all the techniques and tools that he uses in his spindle turning. Participants in this 2-part workshop will work with the instructor to come up with multiple designs, and then go over different tooling techniques to achieve the desired effect. When we started Woodturning Workshop on PBS it was my way of paying it forward.

I generally prefer to use wood that has been spalted ‘in the round’ (in log form) as the spalting runs right through the wood but surface spalted wood definitely has it’s uses too. Airborne wood dust can be an irritant, can cause allergic reactions, reduced lung function and with some timbers, even poisoning with various side effects. After this workshop, you will have a full size bench to take home, which you may paint, stain, or leave to weather naturally.

The thought of giving up on a piece of wood with such interesting figuring never crossed my mind and as I only carved the areas that the spalting had created, it fits with the natural shapes in the wood so it still looks natural. Episode 3: Bloodwood Votive Holder: Tim shows you how to make a votive holder from a beautiful chunk of bloodwood, and provides tips to improve your turning skills. Fingers can be dragged into the gap between the spinning wood and the metal tool rest.

There doesn’t seem to be a set of bowl turning tools on the market that I could recommend so I’m going to recommend brands I use and trust then what I would consider a good starter set and a more versatile set. The heart of the show, however, is still about the step-by-step process of using a lathe to turn a block of wood into a unique piece of artwork or useful household item. Episode 5: Twice Turned Bowls Tim demonstrates how to work with green wood (and frozen, in this case!) to turn a bowl from start to finish. I’m a sucker for big chunks of wood but when they are spalted as well, I have to have them.

You are welcome to bring cracked wood or scrap as well as any material from Session 1 or 2 of these series of classes to incorporate into your blanks. Safety goggles are adequate for grinding but for woodturning, a full face visor offers greater protection against flying objects. Feet – If heavy objects such as large pieces of wood are being moved around, suitable protective footwear should be used. With an emphasis on safety and wood turning principles, Ed Youtz teaches wood turning through demonstration and individual attention.

Woodturning isn’t done in isolation – there is always other workshop activity associated with it. I think that some turners will want to know about them. With almost all bowl turning tools, especially as the tools get larger, you want the longest handle you are comfortable with. By the end of class, students will have several wood lathe blanks from natural logs and a solid understanding of the turning tools and their uses.

I plan on buying a Myford in the future once I have a workshop big enough and although I can turn metal on my Nova DVR, a proper engineering lathe is more convenient and I would like the option to cut machine threads when I need to. I could just get a modern engineering lathe but I doubt it would be as well built as an old Myford. Adequate breathing protection for yourself and anyone else entering your workshop should be considered essential. Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned wood turner or just enjoy watching chips fly…Woodturning Workshop is for everyone.