Sliding Wardrobes

It never ceases to amaze me how much I take cabinets, drawers and other storage areas for granted. Our sliding wardrobe doors are crafted using only the highest quality products and offer a range of contemporary styles and designs that are the perfect wardrobe solution for any room in the house. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, but more often than not it becomes a hiding place for all the little (or big!) things you don’t want visitors to find.

Jamay Enterprise is a professional manufacturer in field of sliding wardrobe door,Glass Closet Doors,wardrobe aluminum profile. Panels atop the sliding doors can be customised in order to further match the ambience of the room, with any number of different finishes available, including mirrored glass, wood grains, lacquered/frosted/patterned glass or a combination of various designs. According to him, such a brush between the small gap between the doors will hinder the smooth sliding movement of the doors.

Make your own hollow book to hide all of your secret treasures, or go over the top and convert that unused number pad on your keyboard into a hiding spot that no one would think to look for. Sliding doors range from standard mirror doors in aluminium frames, white glass in aluminium frames, plain 25mm doors, recessed panel doors, shoji doors and 2 pack painted doors. This is a FANTASTIC, inexpensive way to get the look of an on trend sliding door, without the cost, or the headache! Most sliding doors have a mechanism called an adjusting screw located at the bottom of the door ends.

Please note that we are not restricted to these samples If you have a specific colour from another manufacturer of timber products, we can source this product and create your sliding doors to match. What is surprising is that even though a childproofing product manufacturer may make one amazing product, that does not mean that all their products meet the same degree of quality. I can imagine getting caught up in the moment, and a foot accidentally smashing through the pane of glass. Buy a nice bed and make it a statement piece instead of breaking up your apartment into little dank to make sliding cupboard doors

Our unique hand built Sliding Door Wardrobes are of the highest quality in the UK , look fantastic and allow an innovative storage solution to be fitted into any part of any home. You can make them by fitting a dado blade onto your table saw or using a router table and fitting a straight cutting bit onto the router. The one with the trim, has a wide solid wood trim and the track sits on top of it, so the trim doesn’t get in the way.

The Wardrobe Man manufactures ultra modern, made to measure, sliding wardrobe doors and contemporary wardrobe doors, for you to install in your home or office. To me, it seems if you bumped maybe one of the doors from inside-especially the one without bottom metal piece-it could pop off top track and fall. All you’ll need is to get is a door, and a flat door track roughly double the length of the width of your door available from a local welding shop for $15-20, and some spacers. Also, I do not want to go with Wood for the door, can I have Fiber or some Composite material doors.

If you want mirrors to be mounted without any visible fasteners, then use an adhesive specifically formulated for use on mirrors If you don’t, you could find that the silvering on the back of the mirror will be eaten away. For some reason, going with the four-panel door really appealed to me. While the new doors don’t match the rest of our interior doors, I felt the style, with clean and uncluttered lines, complimented our shaker kitchen cabinets. The door is a very basic sheet of plywood with a simple handle and sliding mechanism. Little changes like this in a kitchen can make for big accessibility improvements. Get all my cabinet building tips in one place in my Cabinet Building 101 eBook.

Sliding doors keep everything clean, and hanging it from the wall keeps everything dry and mold-free. I want to attach a rail” to the front of each shelf and use them as shoe shelving (someone did this as an Ikea hack.. here: -shoe-rack/ ) I want to go a step further and put one of the shoe racks on a track to maximize space in the closet. In hindsight, we would have benefited from cutting each of the small doors from a separate piece of plywood. We have an automatic door opener that slides the door back and forth for my dogs.

We also make Slimline Triple Track wardrobe doors (82mm) which allow you to access 2/3 of your wardrobe interior or Slimline robe doors (55mm) where the space for tracks is just too narrow for standard tracks. Most of the cabinetry in my workshop is painted grey and I wanted to tie that in with some natural wood. Upgrade with modern glass closet doors to create elegance and style beyond the closet. After a bit of adjustment, the door should roll easily without rubbing on the bottom track. So if you have a small apartment and a lot of tolerance it’s not that hard or expensive to turn your studio apartment into a 1 bedroom apartment.

Each model of the sliding door hardware has limitations on the door weight & thickness it can handle…hence you will need to decide on the door construction based on the specific model of Hardware you are using. I am a DIY kinda girl with tools….(and a carpenter husband!)…gonna keep an eye on your blog….cheers. The rollers at the top can also wear down, lowering the bottom of the door so that it rubs on the track. However, you might want to paint the cabinet door to also go along with the decoration in the room. Move the fence away from the blade a distance equal to the width of the groove you just cut plus a quarter-inch and push the guide through again to make a second groove.

I did add a bit of wood filler in the spots that really had a definite seam and that helped. Your blog is very informative.Could you please give me some tips to choose between mirrored vs backlit glass vs wood from the maintenance angle in a sliding wardrobe. My husband and I just made a sliding mirror for our closet…I don’t know what it is about moving something on wheels but it makes all the difference! I think it can be done if you have more than one track and you roll them over each other. You want to keep that iron bar out from the wall so the wheel slides along the track without rubbing against the wall.

Henderson slipper SS4 sliding cupboard door track kit suitable for two doors to slide past each other. We make absolutely no compromises on quality which is evident from our installations. For stubborn bits and pieces of dirt, you may find it necessary to take a nail or other tool that can be used to dig into the dirt and clean out any small holes or crevices in your door track that are designed to allow water from the outside to drain from the track to the outside.

All our products are custom made so we can generally design something no matter how awkward the area, using a variety of styles, some incorporating both sliding and hinges doors. You just have to make sure there is enough space for your track to accommodate the doors opening up fully. After that, he mounted the 2×6 to the wall above the door frame so the door would stick out far enough from the wall to get past the door frame to make sliding cupboard doors