Wooden Loft Ladder

The LWS Plus is a 3 or 4 section folding wooden ladders with insulated beige hatch which can be veneered or painted to match the interior character. The only surprise was to find out that the frame for this ladder is 1 cm smaller all around than the opening size they stipulate (I think the frame is actually 113 x 55cm), and you have to pad out this gap at the fixing points with wooden blocks and wooden or plastic shims that they don’t supply (I got the perfect bag of plastic shims from Screwfix for this).

Whether you require folding loft ladders, sliding loft ladders, telescopic loft ladders, concertina loft ladders, timber loft ladders, wooden loft ladders, metal loft ladders, aluminium loft ladders, electric loft ladders, automatic loft ladders, mechanical loft ladders, commercial loft ladders, industrial loft ladders, heavy duty loft ladders, vertical wall access loft ladders or flat roof access loft ladders, Loft Ladders Edinburgh are your one stop shop for all your loft ladder needs.wooden loft ladders

No storage space required in the loft (unlike the traditional sliding loft ladder) as the three ladder sections fold back onto the trap door and sit within the confines of the hatch. Insulated hatch is in white with the thickness of 36 mm and heat transmittance efficient of 1.13 W/m2K. Below you can view our most popular loft ladder supply and installation packages.

Made of pine wood and equipped with a red handrail as standard facilitating loft ladder usage. How regularly you use your loft, as well as its size and purpose of use are all elements that come together to determine the best type of loft ladder for your building. Rest assured that all timber ladders supplied by Attic & Loft Company are FSC certified, meaning they have been responsibly sourced. It requires no electrical wiring and can be screwed directly to any timbers in the Loft.

This is done by professionally trained members of our team who focus on safety first when installing our products to provide a safe and simple loft access solution. Knowing the loft hatch size, floor to ceiling height and the amount of usable space in the loft are all important measures to ensure the correct fitting. For over 25 years we have been providing a service to supply and fit loft ladders (as well as boarding out lofts) into thousands of homes across Devon and Northamptonshire.

Our entire range come with many safety features such as deep slip resistant treads and all come complete with fitting instructions to help you fit your loft ladder as easily & safely as possible. Timber sliding ladders by contrast tend to be quieter, feel more secure and have spring actions which offer a smooth controlled closing and opening action.

Our concertina ladders are either the incredible Dimes ladders made in Italy or heavy duty, almost industrial quality, ladders made in the UK. The ladders by comparison to other loft ladders are expensive but we have had nothing but glowing reports back from our customers. The only deer ladders I found were metal and I want a wood ladder for aesthetic purposes.wooden loft ladders