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After searching endlessly for home built camper plans I stumbled on a link to this site. I have attached details of some modifications I made to this trailer in 2009 and also some details of a new draw system I plan to install this year. It also comes with an all-new 2013 trailer tent with upgraded features and can be easily set-up by two people. More R&D, refinement and passion has gone into our Black Series range than any previous camper we have sold and we reckon you’ll agree.

Now that verification pic’s have been added, proving what a good job this build was, I’m satisfied no one pulled a fast one on us tiny houser’s. With instant approval on most applications, we can have you holidaying in your new camper in as little as a week. Our personal favorite was the below combination of baby blue 1972 Citroen DS 20 Pallas with 2,200-lb (1,000-kg) 1967 Dethleffs Nomad 420 T trailer in tow. Looks great, will have to show Peter (the other half) this; we have a camper trailer he is always modifying to suit longer trips.

Just found a camper trailer for 650 dollars hd canvas sets up to the rear of the camper about 20foot been susin out all the cost to get it to 4WD drive quality and I guestamate with reseach that it should hit the dirt between 1200 to 1500 dollars I will keep you posted and I will send you pictures if you the way thats with all the bells and whistles.

I’ve never attempted anything this complex, but what I’ve heard from people who have built their own trailers.. and keeping in mind these are usually carpenters who are building their own mobile workshop trailers, not camper trailers.. is that you should always buy a pre-fab chassis because that’s the one area of the build that you don’t want to trust to your own inexperienced hands.

Tell you what, why don’t you go down south in the Philippines where you will find guys manufacturing hand guns out of crude junk type steel, with foot operated lathes, forges out in the open fields etc… that when finished are every bit as good as what you would buy from a retail gun shop, then tell me someone with good practical skills can’t make a trailer like this in their, probably exceptionally well laid out, home workshop.

Do you have accsess to bend steel sheets or do you intend to buy prefabricated to your design.$$$$$$$$Eg- Tub ,doors etc.I would think that these would need to be customised to my opinion but i think 100x50x3 RHS is an over kill for the chassis.Thats is what i would use for the drawbar.Exreme chassis to me would be 75x50x3 i would extend the drawbar length,makes it easier when reversing,rather than having something short and damageing your car.

How Jason built a cheap camper trailer for about $500 using a Harbor Freight utility trailer. Our quality is backed by great service, only GIC can have your new Black Series camper ready for delivery promptly, as we manufacture in house & have complete control of every stage of the construction process. From the trailer I would strip all the appliances, all the metal (aluminum), fixtures and RV specific things you’ll want in your house, and wood if it’s in decent shape. Our new 2015 model camper tents incorporate 10 additional features as standard equipment (not as optional extras). You need to get rid of a LOT of stuff before you move into your tiny house or little trailer.

The bonus of this camper trailer design is that less canvas is required than a normal soft floor, it’s not as long or as deep and although a little higher, the bottom of the walls start almost a metre from the ground. I understand the need for the trailer to be off road worthy…. built well, decent balance, track and function. The internal design called for a single bed down one side of the trailer with lift out panels to access storage underneath. If I’m ever lucky enough to build a small house, I will plan to incorporate many of the ideas I’ve learned from my trailer.

The Camper Trailer Book clarifies issues such as the pros and cons of independent suspension, and why shock absorbers are essential. Our commitment to innovation and quality has been the cornerstone our thousands of happy customers have counted on and the drive behind our development of our new range of camper trailers. Year-Round Living: Lighter weight frames and siding also mean that trailer homes will cost more to heat and cool.camper trailer designs plans