Hardwood Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

Noticing splits or checks in your wooden floor is never a pleasant experience, but it’s especially disturbing when the floor is new as that’s when it’s most likely to happen. I have had many compliments on the floors and I shall recommend your company to anyone who is contemplating hardwood flooring. The Moisture Content should have been between 6% and 8%. If it was more than that, the boards will shrink excessively. You can choose to use room humidifiers or furnace humidifiers; both will help minimize the chance of gaps showing up in your hardwood floors down the road.

When a consumer tells us there’s something wrong with their floor they’re usually right. We are stuck with having spent thousands of dollars on a floor that is already coming apart. Buckling is one of the most extreme reactions to moisture that can occur with a hardwood floor. Picture is Sydney blue gum floor at Chadstone Shopping Center finished with Synteko natural oil. Dryness that causes major splitting in the boards should be addressed and repaired. Drill pilot holes in the tongues, then nail and countersink them through the tongues (but not the faces) to hold the boards in place. I disagree with the installers that you should rip up the entire floor and replace it.

If the landing was installed using strip (1 1/2-2 inch wide) flooring that was milled with a tongue and groove the tongue should be nailed to the sub floor and into the floor joists if possible. If any source of moisture touches this floor it will warp around the edges because the veneer wear layer is so thin there is no material. Today’s finishes on Quality” Hardwood Flooring can last many years before the wood flooring would need to be sanded and refinished new again, but like all things they must be maintained properly so that they look good for a long time.

Was the hardwood floor acclimatized for at least a week in the air conditioned finished house (all drywall and painting done). Tongue and groove flooring, the most common type of wood or engineered flooring glues and nails well, some installers even uses both when installing floors. We do not recommend any type of hardwood floor in a full bathroom where water will be splashed or spilled on it. Hardwood or Laminate flooring can work well in half-baths where there is no tub/shower or high humidity.

A repair from underneath the floor is cosmetically ideal because you don’t have to mar the surface of the floor. After sanding and finishing, we expect to see movement in some floors, from factors such as seasonal changes and humidity, use of wide boards, air-conditioning, and so on. In these cases we recommend a flexible finish to allow boards to move individually. Combining that advantage with the fact that engineered lumber is not as prone to shrinkage ad dimensional” lumber, and the chance for cracks is greatly reduced.hardwood floor splitting

My hunch is the engineered flooring was poorly manufactured and the plywood composition of the flooring was not the proper moisture content when the flooring was manufactured. John Bruker, who owns Timber Floors Hardwood Australia, says it takes years of experience, knowledge and installation know-how to attain the holy grail of timber flooring: a stable floor. However the professional opinion is to obtain some oak sawdust and mix this with wood glue to fill any cracks or splits.

Our flooring specialists will help you answer your questions to repair and restore hardwood floors back to their original beauty and elegance. And if that does not solve the problem, the only other thing you could do would be to pull the floor up and have it reinstalled with a better adhesive. Since the boards are finished in a factory and have 5-9 coats, the finish is very hard, smooth, and durable. A few of the reasons for noisy floors include improper nailing, improperly configured tongue and groove, and sub-floor deficiencies.

They are not, however, a good enough reason to demand that your floor be ripped up and reinstalled at the installers expense. Note: for concrete slab installation, engineered lumber is a better choice than solid hardwoods. Too many gaps, extremely wide gaps, or a floor that has movement (creaking or loose boards) may require extensive repair, as opposed to floors that are only beginning to have gaps appear. You’ll want to choose a suitable product and this will depend on what kind of finish you’ve got on your floor. This type of wood floor can buckle when humidity rises or the flooring gets wet.

Also, you will have to cut the excess away flush to the floor with a sharp knife when dry and spread some wood filler over top of it to try to colour it and fill the air pockets it has a tendency to leave. We both agreed it would look best if the boards ran the length of the hall in both sections so I suggested making the corners like a log cabin quilt. It is December, and we just had 5″ wide engineered hardwood floor planks installed in our home.

Areas around fireplaces, furnaces, heating ducts, as well as wall and baseboard heaters are especially bad for drying out hardwood floors, with particular noticeability in areas surrounding wood stoves. If the flooring is installed parallel to the joists on one side of the girder, I would first recommend installing solid, 2×10 blocking beneath it at 24″ on center to support the floor better. I would like to use 2″ since I intend to have 1/4″ cork underlayment to build up the floor to existing trim, molding, and adjoining floors. The problem with this approach is that overzealous hammering of the shim can cause over-lifting of the floor.

If the cause of the splitting in your wood floor is high humidity, a dehumidifier is often enough to prevent further splits until you can remove the source of the moisture. Laminate floor repair London by Capital Polishers Ltd vinyl floor repair laminate flooring repair service in London. With wood, the only way to have all the boards be exactly the same height is to sand the floor after it’s been installed.

It might make you feel better to know that the average wood floor repair costs around $1000 , with minor repairs costing as little as a couple hundred and major jobs costing well in to the thousands. The use of a good quality humidifier in the home can help to reduce the seasonal humidity changes within the home, thereby reducing movement in the floor. Because losing an original old wood floor is losing the most significant original surface in the house.

Considering that steel rods, in the same situation, would lose more than three times that amount, and aluminum more than seven times, we can continue to feel pretty confident in our beloved wood floor material. And you should place the hardwood flooring planks in the space where they will be installed for several days or longer so they can acclimate to the humidity. If the floor is old and the finish is worn, the splits may be simply a sign of age.

The retailer won’t come look at it but he’s willing to resend out the floor installer (he’s been out once and repaired two small areas by nailing from above) and the sales rep he got the wood from. It is going to cost a small fortune to replace it – much more than the cost of the floor and installation – it will involve a lot of carpentry work and painting. The way we make a straight line is measure off the wall in several places, and make a mark on the floor (say 12 inches from the wall).

Before attempting to repair the floors, you may wish to check that your crawlspace is dry and if it isn’t get that taken care of so that the damage doesn’t recur. It wasn’t until we actually took post it strips and started marking out the areas on the floor that we realized how widespread the problem actually was. The hardwood is a living material” and the changes in the humidity and moisture will live an impact on it. Sometimes as a solution for gaps removing can be siding the boards back but also to add some glue to the end of joint, and to leave the space block, in order not to cause other problems.

So, if you want, describe your wood species, how it is finished, what the subfloor is and thickness, and what the hardwood floor fasteners were. We replaced our carpet in the living room and family room to hardwood floors in May 2010. If you would like to estimate your repair please email us picture of your floor damage and we will be pleased to submit an estimate. Someone was saying that maple floor absorbs lot more water and whatever shrink and cup that i see is all of it since it has been about 10 days. How you choose to fix floor gaps will depend on the size of the gap, how sound the floor is, and how many gaps are present.

Split drive anchors require that the hole in the fixture be a minimum of 5/16”, slightly larger than the designated diameter of 1/4 inch. DuoFast also provided their new DuoFast Floormaster 250BN finish nailer for the first and last boards and to facilitate molding installation. If your wood flooring isn’t installed in the correct relative humidity (RH), it has higher chance of splitting. Chisel the remaining sections of the floorboard off the floor and the adjacent boards, taking care not to damage the adjacent boards. The first and last rows of flooring have to be nailed through the face of the boards.

And if the split in your floor is exceptionally large, it might be the best to consider replacing the plank altogether. The Manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty to the original purchase that our engineered flooring products will not delaminate, if our flooring is not exposed to excessive moisture or other environmental conditions such as low relative humidity or extreme temperature changes. What happens with most hardwood when it was installed in warmer more humid summer months, the installers paid no attention to acclimation. Nail threshold or transition strips in place where the edge of the floor is exposed.

A properly installed wood floor should have no gaps in the summertime and the gaps in the winter should not be big enough to stick a dime into. The only cause for the cracks that I can think of is that the boards are cupping and are breaking (cracking) as a result of being walked on. I would like to know if the boards are flat sawn or quarter saw (I’m betting on flat). Seat the end tongue and groove into each other and push the two boards together for a tight seam. The nails should driven into the floor joists and then countersunk and the holes filled.

Use some soap, wax, or plain old spit to lubricate the screws before driving them in. Set the screw heads slightly below the surface of the floor and fill the hole with colored wax wood filler. I would hold the retail sales accountable for misleading you to believe wood of any kind will work below 20% humidity, which leaves a wood moisture content of around 4%, which is so low, splitting is bound to start occurring on every board, to some extent. In the winter time, the lower levels apply and in the summer time, the humidity with no dehumidifier on is a little below 50% now. Personally, I would rather have minor gaps in a solid wood floor in the winter than a laminate floor.