Lowes Tries To Silence Sucks Site For Complaints About Lowes

A driveway gate costs $1,400-$3,200; powering it to open by remote control costs an additional $550-$4,500 – bringing total costs to $1,950-$7,700. Whats more is that Lowes has a responsibility to make money in order to preserve my job as well as the other people who work there. I HAVE A DOCTOR’S NOTE THAT I WENT OUT OF MY WAY TO GET SO THAT I WON’T HAVE A PREMATURE BABY WITH A LOW BIRTH WEIGHT!!! Our expert craftsmen handcraft each wood gate and column in our Houston shop using ¾” cladding made from only the finest, premium grade, genuine Honduran Mahogany, Teak, Western Red Cedar, White or Red Oak. The first step is the measure the distance between the gate posts, adjusting for hinge and latch space.

Lowes is stealing customers money by refusing to issue refunds for mdse never delivered- it’s over a month and counting – I want to hear from Niblock. At 11:53 am I called again to Lowes Service Advantage telephone and spoke to Brianna. Wooden dog gates are also available in high-quality, furniture-grade wood with various stains and finishes, or simple low-cost models such as an accordion-style expansion gate. There are quite a variety of wood gates from simple split-rail types, plank and also large, ornate carved wood.

My price includes 3 gates; 2 – 4 foot gates, and 1 – 12 foot drive gate so I can get my camper and boat into the backyard. Also-as far as contractors go, you have to remember that HD and Lowes have people who install through their store. Turns out the mix wasn’t correct, and they said to bring what was left back to the store, and they would correct it. So i cleaned up my spray gun and pump, and went to lowes.

Have a driveway gate installed can add so much to your property; beauty, sophistication, security and also make it feel welcome to visitors. If u have a problem with a install call ur lowes store asap because the installer want get pay till it is fix or the store will pay someone else to fix the problem with the first installers pay. Home Depot and Lowes both sell another Master Halco product of similar design with a similar name. Along with the different materials used for driveway gates, there are additional items you can choose to add to them like automation or security.

They use a special method for attaching wood to them and have to go in a certain way. The fact that Lowes would not even attempt to fix the obvious problems with the gates says a lot about how little the manager at that store cares for his customers. You didn’t understand something that Lowes expertly explained, or a rule that you never heard of covers the issue so Lowes is not in error. In order to preserve wood skillfully come chemical preservative in accordance with procedure A3, the thermal treatment (heat treatment), and the acetylation into account. I worked for lowes x man and the same thing happened to me. I was fired for no reason and lowes could care less about any of their employees.

I contacted the national Lowes people; they said senior store management would get back to me instantly. If you want to block off an area that doesn’t have a doorway, such as a fireplace, you’ll need a configurable gate. More expensive kits include access controls and other accessories, and have larger motors to swing bigger gates. We have shopped at Lowes a lot because we thought they had good customer service. I know how gates can sag over time so i put these on my gates when they were new. As the following weeks and months went on, we had multiple more problems with fence leaning, along with both gates working improperly.

I intend to seek legal relief and expose the Lowes Shuffle” for what it really is to would be customers. I have worked for Lowes for many years, I must say this is a great company, not to many companies out there still give bonuses, we still get them. We have bought ALL of our shoddy appliances, compressors, lumber, carpet, flooring, hardware and even lightbulbs at Lowes for years because they were convienient to our proximity. So we went to the new Lowes in Orleans and purchased their ready-made kitchens. In July of 2008 we purchased vinyl fencing and gates to surround and protect our in ground swimming pool. But Lowes had added on another charge, which started accruing penalties and interest.

So, for instance, when I found that HD had cheaper fence panels but Lowes was a bit less on 4x4s and cement, I was able to do my fence supply shopping in one fell swoop. The initial fix for the non-latching fence gates by the installer was to smack and pound on it. This did not sit well with us, nor did it instill faith in the other repairs made on our very new fence.

This approach only addresses the force of tension that is being placed on the gate, but ignores the considerable compression force that is in play when a gate is installed. You can also attach wood planks (we provide) to your drywall or paneling, and hinge to the plank (and latch to the one on the other side). As an installer you must must must always list everything down on your details to Lowes.

A driveway gate should include one or two gate panels (sometimes called leaves), posts, mounting hardware, hinges and DIY installation instructions. I first noticed this when making a project out of red oak where the local supplier offered prices slightly more than 50% less then Lowes. Complete the attachment of the gate hinges to the gate posts using the screws provided and following the manufacturer’s specifications for installation.

Ranch Fencing Gate Ideas Gallery, Ranch Driveway Gates provides Wooden Fence Gates, Ranch Gates, Horse Gates and Driveway Entrance gates, made of the strongest wood on earth. We contacted the local Lowe’s (Latham, New York) in the spring of 2009 and they said the installer would return to repair the gates. If Lowes is willing to sacrifice all future business over a few measly bucks, it deserves any problems it gets.

Most of the bad news had to do with having HD or Lowes be the middle person between you and whoever they get to show up at your house to do the work. Hopefully other hardware stores will continue to bloom and gain buissness in the hopes that one day there will no longer be a Lowes at all. Their are some things lowes will not do so if you are not very handy at doing small jobs then you need to open the yellow pages look for a handy man. Lowes has pulled through a couple times for me. One item was a 100 inch cutting guide for my saw.

Anybody that goes to Lowes for an install is taking a chance.Customers are throwing their money away. In the process, the sales person convinced me to get a Lowes credit card and put the mower on it. Fine. I informed them that I had checked the internet and others were having the same problems with the vinyl gates. Before I received this product, the gate that I was using was very hard to open. Called to Frigidaire and talked to Nancy and discovered Frigidaire does not use A&E for service work, (someone should tell Lowes). I needed to vent God bless all the good people that are discredited by Lowes unprofesional attitude.

For various reasons we have found that these products produce a less than superior end result and we will not fabricate any gate using them. Some people think that an aluminum gate is the cheap” way out, but they have come a long way and are now available in a wide variety of strengths. Water leaked into seams and bubbled up. Lowes replaced counter, It was bubbled up when the installers got through. First off, as a rule, I try to stay out of any LOWES store due to past negative experience. HD seems to me to market mostly to contractors, while Lowes markets towards homeowners.

It’s bad enough Lowes has stolen from their employees to prop up their profits and give execs overinflated compensation but they have now moved on to stealing from customers- just like MF Global. Wooden double glazed insert door, loft access, wood panelling to ceiling, coving, picture rail, storage cupboard with UPVc double glazed frosted window to side aspect and alarm box and single encased radiator. Lowes promotions are not the problem, the problem is idiots like you that dont read the fine print.

The estimate for a tear off and wallpaper job like this is $1,200.00 But Anthony of the Lowes in Brooklyn NY was so generous as to promise me %10 off my next purchase at Lowes. Thats a no no. Lowes can screw you in ten different shades of grey for that one. It is treated for a reason and by keeping it inside HD and lowes are actually making it more damaged. As soon as the consumer understands this point, they will understand the lowes is the highest price iistall, of any thing… Period.

The subcontract installer is a private company that has agreeed to install for lowes at a reduced rate of pay. If navigating the store is troublesome for you because of the concrete and/or size, Lowes does offer the free use of electric scooters at the entrance that should ease any physical ailment you experience as a result of the store’s size. We Manufacture Gates under the Trade Names Southern Crossings Gates & GateBuilder Gate Frames. The biggest problem with Lowes is they deliver incorrect door sizes more frequently than they should. No wonder, at least in plumbing, they has less stuff and higher prices than Lowes.

Insert the diagonal brace cut in Step 13 into place within the gate frame and secure in place with 10d nails through the sides of the gate frame into the ends of the diagonal brace. Along with the major issues of fence leanings and gate malfunctions, other issues have popped up over the past year, with no resolution. Here is the truth,,, if lowes would spell out the correct intall and the true cost of the job with the changes orders.

People tend make their purchases from large companies like Home Depot or Lowes because they feel that they can trust them to stand behind the products they offer for sale only to find out that the products are often mediocre and only subject to the warrantees of the companies manufacturing the product. Happily, we have chosen to drop lowes ,finding that our bottom line is better for it. Word of wisdom to those who are on the fence..lowes does suck..they suck the life out of YOUR business. The ¾ thick wood cladding, set in the custom design, is attached to a steel gate frame using epoxy and urethane glue. I really don’t see this post ever wearing out like a normal wood post put in the ground.