How To Make Your Ikea Furniture Look Vintage

I think you’d be hard pressed to find a household nowadays which doesn’t contain at least one piece of Ikea furniture. Follow the directions on the can and make sure you have long sleeves and pants, shoes, and safety glasses or goggles on. Trust me on this one…I was using this wearing flip-flops and got just a speck of it on the top of my foot….Ouch, it feels likes it’s burning a hole through your skin…actually it probably is. You can use a wire brush to get into crevices.

I’m an editor and writer and, while it’s lonely work and has driven me to look to something else that’ll fulfill me and help bring some money to the household pot-without having to resort to office work, because I find it grim and drama filled, which I can NOT deal with!-I think that giving vintage furniture new life is a different kind of alone work, but not lonely, because it lets me be creative, and that makes me happy.

My house is full of old furniture which I bought for next to nothing and made beautiful at low cost and down in the basement right now is a piece which set me back $90.00 and should sell easily for over $300 when I’ve finished with it. The work isn’t exactly fun, I’ll admit, but now that I’ve perfected my methods I do find this home business to be truly absorbing and rewarding.

This is why the same color of stain can look lighter on one piece than another. He also recommended adding faux finishes like Panyl or decals to give the furniture a more individualized or customized look. It’s important to apply this layer in the same direction, otherwise when your top coat starts to crackle, it will look fake. Just find a piece of furniture for super cheap at a thrift store or on Craigslist and give it a try. You can create this country look without the task of trying to pick the correct stain and worrying about the stain blotching on the pine.

The good news is that leather can look like new, simply by spraying it with WD40 (a lubricant). I usually paint with milk paint and have distressed with water and a rag while the paint was not quite dry. I did have a quick look at jute rope – but it was mainly paracord or japanese bondage sets. Before the white is completely dry, you wipe it with a damp cloth in areas that would normally show wear, and the dark paint peeks through. Use a drill with a small drill bit to drill very small holes into the furniture if you’d like to up the distressed quotient. Taking too much sanding paper to a piece makes it look unnatural and unprofessional.

Use fancy wallpaper like a yellow leaf by Burke Décor or this woods design by Cole & Son to give the standard Billy an original look. A great example of this is the mid-century style coffee table pictured above which was previously featured in our IkeaHackers article Below are some further examples of how with some basic materials, you can make your Ikea furniture look vintage. We found we needed to do the entire process one more time to get the look we were trying to achieve.

Choose the general color that you would like your furniture piece to be and paint that color over the entire piece including the underpainting and the chapstick. Once you have the majority of the paint off, wipe the chair down with a wet rag and/or steel wool to remove any remaining stripper and paint, and to prevent the stripper from drying on the wood surface.

If you want to go the whole hog and get involved with actually distressing furniture, we’ll look at that next. The longer plastic furniture stays outside, the more stains and sun damage become visible upon it. Before you decide to throw the old thing in the garbage, try bleaching it first: Fill a bucket with hot water, pour in ¼ cup of bleach and scrub the piece. I’ve always had trouble with trying to add stuff to this hutch to make it look decent and never feeling really satisfied at all. When you are looking at a piece, even at auction, make sure you open and close the drawers and that they slide well.

You’ll need some furniture to experiment with, an orbital sander (for a small piece, you could probably get away with a sanding sponge but the orbital sander would certainly speed things up), rags, a paint brush, milk paint, furniture wax, and some water-based poly sealer. I’m just starting out, getting my feet wet, in this furniture restoration adventure, and want to thank you for your great advice on what to look for in good, solid pieces to make more beautiful. Stripping: I almost always strip my furniture before I paint it. Another option would be to sand it really well. You simply dab streaks of clear furniture wax where you want the wood to look distressed.make furniture look old

If you need to give an old piece of stuffed furniture a cheap and easy make over you can cover it with a slipcover. Every time you re-wax with Briwax you remove the old finish, you hand rub the piece one more time , and you apply a new finish. Sometimes, you can have too much of one style and it’s time to freshen your piece back to wood. This will help protect the wood, but don’t be too overzealous as an overly shiny varnish will not look authentic and shabby chic!

Whitewood or pine is relatively soft, so it’s easy to leave some dents with just a few light bangs. The key to making it look authentic is to sand places that would have worn naturally over time, like near handles and edges. Like anything, there are short cuts and tricks and this tutorial makes it look easy. Parsons has used many paint products and finds that milk paint , along with small bottles of craft store acrylic paints for decorative detailing, meets her furniture refurbishing needs. Material, construction, and general appearance of old furniture are more important than detail or present state.

My furniture is kind of like an old white/bone color, and I want them to match with the bright white of a desk I bought recently. The first step is to determine what you’d like the finished piece to look like. If you’re wanting a super chippy, primitive look, consider using milk paint instead of chalk paint (read more about the difference in those here ). Echo also stores clothes in an Ikea Stuva modular wardrobe the family already had.

Re-vamping old furniture gives you the ability to add your own personal touch to your furnishings and your home. The acrylic paint that I used is just the craft paint that comes in small bottles. Again, these can be pricey, but it’s a look that you can pull off with a little elbow grease. This kinda genius company makes easy-to-apply geometric decals that glue onto the front of Ikea furniture, mirrors-and even your walls. Best to maybe take an old piece of wood or furniture and practice on to see which you like best.

You don’t want any clear finish or wax on it or the paint will scrape right off. Pleased to hear that you enjoyed our blog post on how to Shabby Chic Furniture for a stunning contemporary look. If you would like to re-vamp an old piece of furniture in your home there are many places to find ideas. After drying, sand the edges and the centers of surface tops and backs of chairs slightly to give the furniture the worn appearance of age and to reveal a bit of the bottom color and even the wood underneath. Rachel Ashwell (the Queen of shabby chic) also has the old typewriter font on her blog …. it’s a bit clearer than yours. I must admit that throwing a bag of screws against the wood was kinda cathartic.

How-to: Remove all drawers and hardware, and set the piece up on bricks or wood blocks on top of a drop cloth. This long console table/TV stand by Canadian Adam Wu is one of my favourite vintage Ikea hacks and just goes to show how much a simple set of hairpin legs can transform a piece of furniture. We decided a furniture makeover was the way to go and then it was pretty much like fate.make furniture look old

I am tired of old world and traditional and am enjoying cottage style and shabby chic. I was going to paint everything new, but now that I see it, I want to old paint aka distress paint” the new parts to match the old parts. Make sure that the marker matches the color of the piece and lightly apply it to the affected area. Finish by making sure that every part of your furniture has been waxed at least once with a lint free cloth.