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Every new woodworking project for me requires milling lumber Starting off with my planer and jointer knives at their sharpest always sets the right tone. This is done by lubricating an extra coarse diamond bench stone ( Diamond Whetstone , Duo-Sharp® & Dia-Sharp® models available) with water and placing the back of the plane iron blade down on the sharpener. After going through the three steps, the back of the plane blade will really look like a mirror at this point. Once the blades 9 & 10 are adjusted accurately, the two sleeves 11 & 12 can be removed and the clamp 2 can be tightened by tightening the fasteners 3,4,5,6,7 & 8. The sharpening process can now begin. It is virtually impossible to have overheating or the bluing of steel as the sharpening processes is cooled.

To flatten and polish the back face, place your abrasive on a solid, non-slip surface and work the blade with arms extended, adding the weight of your upper body. The Forrest Manufacturing Sharpening Service also sharpens other types of carbide saw blades, upgrading the life and performance of any saw blade. By placing the holder in a workbench vice the user can begin repeated reciprocal movements of a sharpening stone or device over the two surfaces created by the two opposing blades.

All of our sharpening is done with precision equipment that restores your tools cutting edges to better than new condition! I’ve planed at least 200′ of everything from red oak, western red cedar, white oak, peach, mahagony, dark walnut & of course pine without blade issues. Customers with open account status will be billed for sharpening and shipping charges. I also seen that Byrd Shelix is making a spiral head for the DW735 for $495, not sure I would spend that kind of money on a lunchbox planer though. After a saw blade is left with us it is thoroughly cleaned and dialed to check for run out.

The back face on a correctly sharpened blade has two characteristics: it is flat and it is polished. Infinity tools sells the best knives for this machine but compared to the $35 you can pay for a new set of Dewalt oem’s on ebay and then sharpen them over and over with the deulan jig ($90), this is the cheapest and best way to go. Finishes like glass when you sharpen on a DMT fine then extra fine stone. My 12″ delta planer wouldn’t feed the board at an even speed so it was (long past) time to sharpen the knives.

The present invention teaches the use of an inexpensive blade holding block equipped with a tracking guide which moves the blade to be sharpened along the face of the grinding wheel while maintaining the correct angle of sharpening and doing this along the entire length of the blade to be sharpened. This is one difference from the jig in the video – I don’t like how high the end of the arm is and how the guide rod that adjusts the sharpening angle can bend because of this extra height.

For many years I had my knives sharpened by a sharpening service, which usually meant I would go way too long with dull knives before dealing with it. When I finally started doing it myself (using wet sandpaper on a granite block with a holding jig), it was one of those rare oh my god” moments when I put them into use. I suppose that if the stone wears enough, it might be better, but while the stone is pretty new, the blade is making contact at only a small area, which allows it’s contour to follow the stone, and, if anything, causes the non-straightness to be accentuated.

I have the Makita 2012 and don’t find the blades that bad, but don’t have much to compare to. Anyways, I have found them for sale locally, and online. Once the rough grinding step is complete, which has produced the primary bevel on the blade, the next step is to hone the cutting edge of each blade. Forrest Manufacturing Sharpening Service accepts the four major credit cards (include number and expiration date).

You only have to work on the 1” of the back that’s closest to the edge, but make sure you’re putting enough downward pressure on the plane blade so that it stays flat on the sharpening media. If high speed abrasive equipment is used, care must be taken not to overheat the blades, since this can take the temper out of the blades. There are three common types of sharpening stones: oil stones, water stones, and diamond stones.

The present invention discloses a rectangular block of sufficient length to hold common planer blades in position for sharpening on a grinding wheel installed in a common woodworking table saw. I have heard people use a carborundum blade on the table saw, and use the miter gauge as a jig, passing the cutter laterally. The stone that comes with the machine is more for resetting a clean facet versus removing damaged edges.

This outstanding sharpener comes equipped with a grinding wheel, blade holder, a water feed for cooling blades and a quiet 560 rpm motor that will leave your blade with a fine finish and a sharp edge. By placing a plastic spacer 19 between the very fine honing device 18 and the blade 9 the honing of blade 10 can begin. He repeats this until visual inspection indicates the entire length of the planer blade has been ground to uniform sharpness. Tool for sharpening Planer Blade MAKITA 2012NB by Rukey is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial license.

A lot easier than taking the blades out, sharpening and then fitting them back in at just the right even height every time. The horizontal wheel provides a congruent surface that allows the pressure of the blade to spread evenly over the wheel’s surface. Using our Cincinnati Monoset and our tool and cutter grinder to sharpen straight, flush trim and profile router bits.

The stone ring is about 1/4″ wider than the iron and I could make a jig for the blade to slide on the rail, although I’d likely only be sliding it that 1/4″. Having made the jig I tried it out and found that although it worked, it was rather awkward to use and the sheets of sandpaper wore out very quickly. If a defect arises in your sharpener within one year of purchase, the tool will be replaced or repaired at a Makita factory or one of its authorized service centers. Now lift the planer blade up a small amount to an angle of about 1 or 2 degrees greater than the bevel.planer blade sharpening

Our sharpening service is still dedicated to supporting local industry but we offer the same regular service to tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts. This is apparently because at first, the stone literally only sharpens at the outside edge, and as the blade gets to the edge, it falls off, causing some curvature, which is is then accentuated as you continue.

Excellent for sharpening and honing both bevel and face sides of jointer and planer blades! Post Charges Please use these Post office charges as a guide we will return at cost whenever possible using Royal Mail or Parcelforce 48. To give you longer tool life we only grind off what is necessary to give the cutter a sharp cutting edge. On the table were (and are still there as of closing time), a small pile of Scheppach Planer Blade Attachments for the TiGer 2000 and 2500 wet stone grinders. This blade was badly damaged from my previous sharpening attempts and was in need of heavy grinding. The only problem for me is that my planer blades are at a different angle than the jig.

Plane iron is most the breadth to 77 mm, chisel is most the breadth to 47 mm. It can be adjust at the blade angle,Use to determine the angle. Blade 9 is held firmly in place by thumbscrews 8. Block guide 6 engages miter slot 7. Grinding wheel 10 mounts on saw arbor 11. Sharpening media – You will have three types of sharpening media: a coarse grit, a medium grit and a fine grit. One day, when you wear down that first 1” of the plane blade, you will have to address the back of the plane blade again, but that will be a long time from now. The technique is the same; so, the choice comes down to cost and grit preferences.