Dutch Door

However, if that’s what you’re looking for you – you’ve come to the wrong post! We put the Dutch door leading into the laundry room primarily because it creates a safe place for Ben when we have guests or contractors (when you build a house, you tend to have quite a few contractors coming in and out over the first 6 months!), but it does not make the space feel closed – it still provides light and air and a feeling that the space is still part of the next room.how to make a dutch door

However, I also wanted to take this back to being a regular door in the future if I wanted to. I checked at the home-improvement store to see how much a door similar to mine would cost (in case I wanted to buy a replacement in the future.) I was surprised to see that four-panel doors are not the current popular style, so it would have cost extra time and money to buy one.

And most likely add a storage shelf or two on the lower half for newspapers and stuff. The latching mechanism is quite simple – just put the bolt down (on the inside of the door) when you want the door to operate as a regular door. As for the door knob, it’s a plywood door with a 2×4 frame so I don’t think door knobs would work in that. Here is a great interior picture of a Dutch door, right in the middle of the action.

I was just telling my hubby the other day that I would love to replace our back door with a dutch door! Then hang the door by fitting the hinges together and dropping the pins back in place. Vintage Doors – has more than 45 different styles of dutch doors to choose from, or if you prefer, they’ll custom build you the door of your dreams. Measure up 1/4 inch from this line and draw another horizontal line on the door.how to make a dutch door

What’s also cool is that Weather Shield will trick this door out however you want. At the pool we joined this summer there is a kid sized door that separates the baby pool from the rest of the grounds. That said, you may be able to find a dutch door with a little wear and tear for a lot less than buying one brand new. Where you cut depends on the desired height of your gate and where any panels fall on your door. Finally, a Dutch door could also make things more secure: a stranger could not just enter the house.

Placed in front of the entry to the hall or kitchen, this little door provides so much fun and keeps him playing right where I can keep a watchful eye. We left a small lip on the side of the door that doesn’t have the hinges when doing our horizontal pieces. If you’re catching up on my move, click here to see all my posts about the new house, as well as the video tour here !

In the magazine, Smith notes that for this particular house, a Dutch door was incorporated as it is a garden house, and the Dutch door was an ideal way to bring nature in. Solar Innovations – Solar Innovations’ dutch doors feature aluminum frames with panes of insulated glass for exceptional energy efficiency. We can help make recommendations to help your company save thousands on unneeded or overly expensive materials.

I would love to see the rest of the room to understand where it is in the house – it seems like an unusual place for a Dutch door. The Dutch door allowed them to stand up and see what’s going on without feeling shut away.” Like some other writers here, we found that Dutch doors were expensive, so we had our carpenter cut one from a nice interior door we liked. I see Dutch doors from time to time in Atlanta, mainly in the casual entrance (or friend’s entrance, as I have heard it called) of a home. The bottom of the slide bolt lock should be screwed to the bottom half of the door.

I will definitely suggest this really useful idea to my husband and we probably will start with a hollow door first as I believe that would be easier to saw through. Monthly advice on how to make your home eco-friendly, including energy and water saving tips, healthy home products, green remodeling, and more, plus special offer. This looks like a very convenient position for a Dutch door – very easy to bring the groceries into the kitchen!

The door itself is made of plywood and it is hung on a simple two-by-four frame. Also, like Sharon from Michigan’s relatives, we had a Dutch door between the kitchen/dining area and the laundry room in our previous house. If the old hinges are centrally located, make marks for four new hinges above and below the old ones. In Atlanta, given the weather and climate, it seems as if the function is more charm that practicality; I wonder how many Dutch doors are actually utilized in the way in which they were designed given the mosquitos, pollen, and heat that are the norm in Atlanta much of the year!

On another note, I had not seen this picture before, and I love the niches to the left and right of the stove, and the shelf above the stove. However, people do use Dutch doors on the interior too, and this is what we decided to do (more on that later). I have seen this picture quite a few times, but never really tuned into the fact that there is a Dutch door.

Draw another line 1/4 inch from this line with a straight edge, then cut along both lines with a circular saw, separating the door into a top and bottom half and creating a small gap between them. We also chose to install ours about half way down the back of the door so the little one wouldn’t have easy access if he reached over the other side. I recommend using two hinges per door and making sure they are sturdy enough to hold up if your little one decides the pull on (or eventually hang from) the door. A screen door is useful in climates where a nice breeze through the front door is good to have.

It’s apparent the moment you pass through the Dutch door into Tera and Rick Ayotte’s big, friendly kitchen, which is the focus of their modest, 1,500-square-foot home in Hermosa Beach, California. A lot of it depends on how well built (and well-hung, and well-framed) your door is. If it is professional house-type quality, probably what you describe above would be adequate. Instead, I thought it would be better to save the original door, and replace it with the one I would cut down to a Dutch Door, even if it was a different style.

The Dutch Door Kitchen will bring this experience along with some flair and insight into your cooking and baking. Even a hollow metal door doesn’t come with revit so even the most basic commercial architecture must have some custom families, unless your just drafting over your views, which is fine too. When you buy from Old Wood Workshop, you’re not only saving a door from a life in a landfill but you’re getting a door with built-in character at no extra cost.

I’ve loved Dutch doors ever since I saw a photograph of Kelly Harmon’s beach house in Malibu, years ago. Cut a metal astragal or molding that is 6 inches shorter than the width of the door. Another popular use for Dutch doors is in preschool classrooms and nurseries where the top half of the door remains open for ventilation and the bottom half is secured to make sure children don’t slip out and get hurt or into trouble. Watching him play gave me the idea to create a super fun mini dutch door complete with latches, locks, and a mailbox. A charming space, and the Dutch door makes it even more so. BHDM Design, via House of Turquoise.

Measure 3.25 inches up from the handle and draw a horizontal line bisecting the width of the door. OK sorry, I am getting distracted….So they cut the door leaving about an inch of space because I wanted a ledge in between the door. Attach a bolt to the door, with the bolt on the top half and the bolt lock on the bottom half so that the door can be locked together.

Use a router to make a 3/8-inch rabbet, or groove, that is 1/4 inch deep in the top edge of the bottom door. The 1/4-inch gap allows space for the door to open and close once weatherstripping has been installed. Fill the gaps with panels, do the whole thing twice, add hinges and locks, and you have a Dutch door. Susan, many years ago my family lived in Waycross, Ga. Our neighbor had a dutch door at the front of her home.