Wooden Tool Box

In 2006 H. Gerstner & Son’s celebrated their 100th Anniversary of handcrafting wooden chests and cases for individuals who appreciate high-quality products. As far as being more than a chest, the size I picked make the top of the 4 ft tall chest perfect height for detail work. I got to looken at some of the chests I had and decided that they were worthless in the condition they were in, as you know, dirty filthy, so I went against what every one said and refinished one that I had bought on ebay for $80. The top quality CBB226BGB provides ample tool storage for engineers and mechanics. I chose Baltic birch plywood for the case sides, back and bottom (pieces 2 through 4) to eliminate any wood movement that might bind the tight-fitting drawers from season to season.

Front lid stows under drawers in the open position, and covers drawers in locked position. When the finish cures, line up the drawer case with the drawer opening on the chest front panel, and drive the pocket screws (pieces 28) home to attach these parts. I searched for something like this for weeks online and as much as I would have loved to get the USA made tool chest, I just couldn’t justify the price.

It’s also 3/4 inch plywood shelf basically so I can set stuff on it, unlike a think sheet metal lid that comes on top of many cheaper store bought chests. The problem of wood power tools is that they don’t fit well into commercial style steel tool chests on average. I also got the GI-310 jewelry chest and it is beautiful and just right for on top of my dresser. I have 2 Gerstners, belong to the Gerstner Owners Club (one of my chests was featured in their magazine a few years ago btw). It’s easy to find the piece I’m looking for and the chest looks good in my bedroom. We also contacted a close, mutual friend of Fred’s and ours, Andrew Gore , to make the chest.

Obviously, the purpose of the amazing oak chest is to store the tools of those used by people such as artists, machinists, or other hobbyists. Advantages of the ‘CC’ tool storage range include enhanced structural features, solid construction & safety ‘push lock’ drawers – they’re prevented from opening should the chest be unintentionally tilted. Even though the kit looks to require more user-supplied elbow grease than I would have thought, the result is a USA-made Gerstner tool chest at a fraction of the normal price.

Pop off the hardboard, clean up the cut surfaces with a block plane and mount your lid to the chest with a pair of quality brass butt hinges (pieces 10) set into mortises. It all started when founder Harry Gerstner was designing and building unique hardwood tool chests for his own tools. Give the outer chest surfaces a thorough sanding, and ease the corners and sharp edges with a few swipes of a block plane. Go for a sail in a wooden boat with wooden masts, and you will feel a sence of……. of ??.. A oneness of Man , Sea , Wind , and Wood.wooden tool chests

Keep your tools organised and safe with this highly popular secure tool cabinet , comprising of 9 drawers plus a top tray with a sturdy triple hinged lid. Though perhaps not as practical as a metal box, there’s something special about a shiny, lacquered, multi-tiered chest of drawers sitting on a garage workbench—a calm, organized center in an often messy, chaotic place. You’ll see specifically what that includes on my new DVD, A Beginners Guide to Workshop Essentials, which is included free with every book order! I am leaning towards the Traditional Tool Chest from issue 161 of the Woodsmith magazine.wooden tool chests

A hundred years ago or so, when the chestnut for this project was still gracing the Ohio landscape, a tool chest was much more than a place to store chisels. If you plan on moving the tool chest around, you’ll probably want to add a handle to the top or sides. If you’re in the category of someone that wants to build your own and were looking for a tool chest design or building plan, then this one will be available in my new book, Made by Hand-Furniture Projects from the Unplugged Wood shop. There are many less expensive imitations of Gerstner’s wooden chests on the market today.