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Thanks to the absolute worst life coach ever, Terry, who convinced me to go buy $40 worth of lotto scratchers last night and I won NOTHING. The GoPong PRO table elevates the playing surface from the traditional table height of 27.5” (mid thigh height) to a more natural height of 36” (waist height). It could be a if concern the table would sag in the middle due to the high force on the hinges. This easy to made DIY Foldable Beer Pong table will make a great addition to any small apartment, dorm room, or outdoor.

The weight of the wood alone should hold it in place, but don’t let anyone who has had a few too many jump on top of the beer pong table for any dancing. If you’re sharing your DIY project, please tell us how you did it. Free beer pong table size Video Download Video. Plus, letting the glue dry overnight with the clamps still on will make sure that little bit of a warp is out of the plywood.

Then you will be in a position to make your final table design and know how many zeros the price tag has on it. This table features a massive Maryland flag with holes to fit 2 games of six-cup and 1 game of ten-cup. The ping pong table is the easiest and most traditional way to go about setting up your own table. BroBible shared the story of Bradley Nelson and Zachary Peek starting a business where they make custom tables and sell them. Such fine, wood beer pong tables make great pieces of solid furniture perfect for fraternities or nicer, professional establishments.

You will also be receiving the weekly Make: Newsletter to keep you inspired with new projects and more product reviews. You can either use a library that wraps all the data up into packages for you, or in this case you can probably make your own format given you have just two scores to pass plus ‘reset to start’. While beer pong was beginning to spread from East Coast Ivy Leagues to West Coast Colleges, MJ and the gang were on the same course. With the legs now firmly attached I was able to unfold and stand up the table on its own.

Then I was able to remove the blue table in the exact shape I needed the designs for the letters, or in the case of large designs such as the X, I just cut the shape out of paper and outlined the paper in tape. Make: is the voice of the Maker Movement, empowering, inspiring, and connecting Makers worldwide to tinker and hack. That’s right – if you want the Bentley of beer pong tables for just pennies more per play, then you’re our player. Object of the game – A relay race in which one team must finish all the beer in their cups before the other team finished theirs.

If I ever decided to build another table, I will go for a thicker table top (1/2″ instead of 1/4″), and will make the table wider to properly house the the folding legs. You can buy a pre-made pool beer pong table or you can make your own with a few pool noodles and some rope. Our tables are totally compactable and portable so that you can remove them and store then when they are not in use. If you plan on starting from scratch, there are a lot of ways to go about it. The simplest is to go to your local hardware store buy some plywood and some 2x4s, slap the plywood on top of the 2x4s and Bob’s your uncle.

Nybo sells various DIY kits that cost between $85 to $500, while a fully assembled table costs a mind-boggling $2,200. The selling point of this tables are the 16 color RGB LED lights that line the inside of the table. Our friends over at PartyPongTables even allow you to upload your own images for your table. Your nightly beer pong will inevitably grow through the promotion of your weekly tournaments. Place plastic party cups with a pre-agreed upon volume of beer in each cup along the along side of the table in front of each competitor. Either they didn’t come with instructions or I misplaced them, but luckily there is a youtube video!

We take pride in supplying the world’s beer pong enthusiast with 100% unique works of art. Then I printed out all the letters and designs that I wanted to have on the table, then I put the pages over the blue tape, then traced the designs with an exacto knife. The pong table is light in weight that makes it easy to carry along during your road trips. About our Tables: 8 feet long regulation dimensions, with an easy to clean surface that will not warp like a home made table. The GoPong Portable Beer Pong Table is great for tailgating, house parties, bars, fraternities, and more.

Putting a few of them opposing each other right near the top surface, inside the joint created enough separation to level the table out perfectly. BJ’s Beer Pong tables are very sturdy & will last you for a long time so you don’t need to keep buying them every few months. Custom made table for the pledge class of Sigma Rho with each of the member’s names along the border and the crest in the center. Those players start the game by picking up their cup, toasting the other player’s cup, touching their cup to the table again (down-up-down) and drinking all the contents in the cup.

Game starts when players on opposite sides of each other start to bounce their coin off the table and into the cup. Up your party games when you invest in a Red Cup Pong Black Beer Pong Table in Standard Aluminum. This Interactive LED Beer Pong Table kit includes all of the required PCBs, components and parts fully assembled so that you can put your own beer pong table together in a snap! We learned a few things from our first homemade project that would help fuel the direction and vision of our future company.

This table features the Plutonians (and dr. Weird) vs. the Mooninites (and Carl) and the main characters from the Adult Swim TV show: Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The last player at the end of the table is the Anchor Man” and must finish the pitcher without removing his/her lips. Build a few rings with twine, duct tape, and tiny cones and you magically have Quidditch Pong.

Shared daily, she still manages to make appearances on Top Lists”, despite being retired and cremated years ago. I built the table first in Autodesk Inventor so I knew most of what I would need. We’ll run through a few of the ways you can make your own custom beer pong table and the necessities required for how to build a beer pong table. Teams can play up to nine innings or can play shortened Little League” games of beer baseball of three or six innings. Using roughly 1 qt of your choice of paint (make sure it is compatible with your primer), color/decorate your table. The DIY project is powered by five microcontrollers and features 120 RGB LEDs, five per cup.

After all the stickers were laid out, two coats of clear semigloss polyurethane were brushed onto the table and over the stickers. This golf themed table features real sod, a cart sign and of course spots for beer pong cups. Much like in pick up basketball games on the neighborhood playground, the winning team controls the table and continues to play until they are beaten. This pong table has a high-strength aluminum frame, and a sturdy waterproof MDF surface, which ensures longevity.

Los Angeles, Portland, Phoenix, Seattle, and Salt Lake all fell to Chicago, right while our beer pong dynasty was beginning to take shape. Thanks to my lack of woodworking talent, the frame didn’t quite line up flush with the table top. Being from the South, I mean anything from two sawhorses and a long piece of plywood to a coffee table jacked up with cinder blocks. We’ve all witnessed people attempting to play with hard alcohol instead of beer and this yields predictable results.

We graduated from plywood to stronger hardwoods and realized the innovation and customization in beer pong was lacking. The construction is sturdy and won’t break right away like some of the cheap plastic ones you can buy. The Port-Pong has four grommets at each corner so that you can easily hang it wherever there’s a need for a little beer pong. You can use paint, bottle caps or anything else you want to decorate the surface of your table. The lettering was done is a few steps, first the whole table was covered in blue painters tape.

Made by an obvious Lakers Fan, this table is a glistening example of a beer-sketball court, one that looks like it was freshly waxed. You can buy the table already built or you can order the BPT X5 which is a kit for creating your completely custom beer pong table. Below are a few designs that we have done, they are good examples of the variety that you can apply to your personalized table. The one weakness I could see in this design is that bounce shots would be next to impossible with the raised Ping Pong balls.

We have seen quite a few beer pong tables in our life, and decided to compile a list of the 33 best beer pong tables that we have ever seen. The beer pong table pictured used custom PCB’s so I have some questions about using a teensy for this project. Step 4: Waterproofing – Spilled beer is part of the beer pong game, so you’ll be better off if you just protect your plywood board so it can easily be used again and again. Set up the table you’re using as a base, place the set of three 2-by-4 boards evenly across the table and place the plywood on top. Here’s the reason why – your table will be crafted by us in our print factory in North Carolina using state of the art equipment.

The game continues until one team has consumed all the beer in their cups and successfully flipped all of their cups onto their open sides. Made from nothing but aluminum, this table features a skeleton of a frame, cup holder on both sides, and a flat surface in the middle for bouncing. The table tops are covered with a polycrylic coating for protection while providing a luxurious gloss. It’s usually not that hard to find a second-hand ping pong table on after market sites like Ebay or Kijiji.