Greenply Manufactures Marine Plywood, Waterproof Plywood And Block Board

Greenply offers a range of excellent quality plywood that is made from premium A+ grade timber which undergoes a rigorous 5-stage manufacturing process to make it termite and borer resistant. Aviation-grade plywood is manufactured to a number of specifications including those outlined since 1931 in the Germanischer Lloyd Rules for Surveying and Testing of Plywood for Aircraft and MIL-P-607, the latter of which calls for shear testing after immersion in boiling water for three hours to verify the adhesive qualities between the plies and meets specifications.

Shuttering Plywood, Packaging Plywood, Plywood drums, Flush doors, Commercial & Decorative Plywood, Block Boards, Molded Plywood furniture and chair seats, Laminated picking sticks for cotton and jute textile industry, Sliced decorative veneers of walnut, teak, rosewood etc, Impregnated wood veneers required for heavy chemical industry and electrified railways.

Though pricier than MDF, plywood is still generally much more affordable than solid wood and has the benefits over MDF of being stronger, better at holding screws, suitable for exterior jobs (depending on the variety) and, arguably, better looking in its raw state. Traditionally, Teak is popular in India on account of several advantages , it offers over other hardwood species. As on date the borer proof decorative plywood introduced by Century has become the minimum bench mark in the plywood industry. Marine plywood can be graded as being compliant with BS 1088, which is a British StandardĀ for marine plywood.

The APA – The Engineered Wood Association rates Exposure 1 OSB the same as Exposure 1 plywood in terms of both its weather resistance and its nail pull strength. The BWP (Boiling Water proof) grade is generally used to indicate grade of External grade blockboards (which are different from plywood and consist of blocks of softwood at the core) and BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) grade is used to indicate External grade plywood. Trimming – The circular power saw is used for trimming the plywood boards to give it the required size.

Though pricier than MDF , plywood is still generally much more affordable than solid wood, and it has the benefits over MDF of being stronger, better at holding screws, suitable for exterior jobs (depending on the variety) and, arguably, better looking in its raw state. Whereas Mr. Bhajanka is a well-known name in plywood and is involved with its products and strategic planning, Mr Sanjay Agarwal, who is also a part of strategic planning, heads the aggressive marketing and sales of the company’s products.

From super-strong, humidity-proof and good-looking marine ply to easy-to-cut-and-drill softwood ply; rugged and ready hardwood; pale, smooth birch ply, or thin, bendable sheets, there are many plywood varieties to choose from, as well as multiple thicknesses. Phenolic resin is a synthetic plastic resin made from phenol formaldehyde and it makes Marine plywood completely waterproof.

While we discuss this more in our section on panel types, it is important to know that we offer a variety of skin types from Drywall to Plywood and we can mix and match with a job or even within a panel. The durability of a 0.7mm thickness laminates is though less when compared to laminates produced in India but still can be very effective as the entire budget allotted to interior part of furniture at home or office can be reduced by replacing other brands of laminates with the imported ones. In stock there is always high-quality plywood to buy that you can contact our specialists.

When the excise contribution of Century is compared with other branded plywood manufacturers, Century is the highest excise contributor and the next contributor is 30 to 40 percent below it, followed by further lower contributors. Marine plywood is a much better kind of plywood in which unextended (undiluted) phenolic resins are used for glueing the plies together, which makes it stronger.

We stock a wide variety of hardwood species, many of which are exotic, a wide assortment of dimensional pre-milled lumber, many kinds of hardwood plywood and manufactured panels in varying thickness, plus other items and materials to help in your woodworking endeavor. Generally branded products are being manufactured by the plywood factories in the medium scale, who are paying all the taxes and excise duty, whereas non-branded products are mostly being manufactured by SSI units, most of whom are availing excise and sales tax exemptions.