Super Simple Gokart Plans

There is an issue with lawnmower engines – Most are 4 stroke machines that have been designed to run fairly slowly this is difficult to over come. The methods and techniques explained will apply to push mowers, riding mowers, tillers, go-karts, mini bikes, generators, pressure washers, log splitters, shredders, edger’s, walk behind blowers, and essentially all small single cylinder residential and commercial (one spark plug) engines 3hp-18hp etc…. As I shifted out of neutral, the go kart took off picking up speed like crazy as it zoomed down the sidewalk. The only real problem I’ve had is with the carburetors on the mower and washer.

I have never build a racing lawn mower this is my first attempt, I have spent the last two days and approximately $50 building my lawn mower. Here’s the mock up in the garage with the seat blocked in about where it would go. This was needed to insure the roll bar was going to be high enough to clear a taller person sitting in it. In this demo, you’ll get some ideas of how you can make a real racing riding mower used in national events. I think it’s awesome that you dudes can build something instead of playing stupid video ames that mess up your fingers after a while.

On a backhoe you get bounced a lot, work in stifling dust, cold, rain, heat, dry leaves and trash in the air, leaning up to 30 degrees side ways, 45 degrees with the shaft tilted for or aft, sometimes even with the engine level, up to 16 hrs in one day and all this in just over 4 years. But the water system of this type of engine should be properly set up, or your engine will get in trouble.

If this contact patch is not necessary to transmit power from the engine to the device the engine is powering, one can change the flywheel design to distribute most of the mass along the outside edge. Enter the number of teeth or sprocket splines on the axle (higher number, probably 50 to 70) and on the clutch or engine (smaller number, probably 8 to 15). For all of those people who need plans and such for building a go- cart out of a lawnmower should go to This site has some excellent diagrams and instructions for building go-carts. The NHRA rules specify that the engine for these cars be a standard configuration 5-hp to make go kart with lawn mower engine

You can go take ur gokart out off roading through all sorts of shit, id like to see you do that with the peice of shit cars you fuckers who pass there time on triing to moach smarter people then yourslef. I want to know how to build an go cart easy so can anybody send me some plans pleaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Lastly, your mower must have an approved jet ski/snowmobile style safety tether switch. If you’re looking at buying a lawn more to turning it into a racing one this is what I have done.

Depends if you actually want to race it in mower racing competitions or just use it as a hooligan tool. For those creating their go-karts from scratch, you need more than just the lawn mower engine components. If you don’t notice that something fell into the engine and start it, it could destroy the engine. Along with some added wheels of your desired size, this can make your kart either look like a monster truck or a race car. A good go kart plan will take the weight distribution and placement of the rear and front axels into account. For the throttle I like to have a spring back by the engine pulling hard, so that when the throttle is released it slams shut.

Two problems immediately spring to mind, 1. the drive comes out of the base of the engine so will need some method to turn this through 90deg to drive a sprocket. Even though the engine showed it was manufactured in February 2001 they still refused to even look at it and told me I would have to buy another engine for $1100. The benefits offered by participation in the small-displacement engine market are evident and the opportunities are plentiful, say the experts. You can build your go-kart from scratch, like using an old lawnmower engine and some old metal frame that you can incorporate on your personal design.

I zoomed toward the church doors, and then made an abrupt turn which the go kart handled like a champ. You get the chance to build the spindles, figure out the axle, motor mounting plate, etc. Note that your basics here include the braking and steering systems, an engine as well as a chassis. Yeah you can easily build a go-cart or a mini bike with a roto tiller engine or even a snow blower engine. Another good add on is mounting the belt clutch off the mower this will let the belt slip so u can idle.+ you can do some rip roaring burnouts. He might go and look over your go-kart at your invitation:) Thank you for reading!

Then very liberally, work new engine oil throughout the air filter and squeeze out excess. You need to come up with a way of mounting the engine in a way that it wont put stress on the rest of the engine. Your go-kart engine needs to have some power behind it, but it also has to be able to drive at least one to two axles, depending on if you want all-wheel drive, rear- or front-wheel drive. I took it off of the lawn mower frame and I want to make a table saw with it (I remember seeing someone who made it before, on the internet). You can either weld it or make use of a screw to hold it in the correct position.

There was only one hitch to this fine piece of racing engineering: my Mom expressly forbid me to take it out of our yard for public riding as she wasn’t quite sure about the laws concerning go karts on city streets. It does 73 km/h (45mph) maxed out down a straigh away, has OK acceleration, and is powered by a 5 hp, horizontal shaft engine. I love my Honda riding mower that is 17 years old and I paid a ridiculous amount for it, but I have also asked it to do ridiculous amounts of work.

Several of Automotive Rebuilder’s contributing editors are involved in small engine work as well. You can watch the video using the Real Player available from Real Networks as a free download. And finally the truss system does give the go kart an aesthetic look, or a cool look to it. With minimal maintenance ( I don’t ever empty the gas tank during the winter) on all of the above equipment, I never had an engine related problems. Unless you’re a pro mechanic, then I advise that you buy a good small engine that will do the job right.

Variety of other engine sources—You can also find an engine in a chain-saw, generator, moped, water pump, rotavator, or old go-kart. Thanks to your instructions on how to make it work, I now have drawn up plans for a new go kart that will have 15hp. The part you are measuring in the image is the mount for the blade, but it SHOULD come off somehow. Get an engine like that on a go kart, like how did you gear the go kart to run a engine like that, I thought you had to use a horizontal shaft engine or whatever. The motivation for this set of plans is to provide an easy and cheap way to get a typical lawnmower engine (with a vertical drive shaft) to power a wooden go-kart.

And you losers who make bad posts can just go on and fight back but all us good PRODUCTIVE people know that we will grow us with nice jobs and families while you guys are on the streets begging for money and sex. Its only 7.5 feet long 4 feet wide and 4 feet high its 535 pounds with me in it. i finished it just the other day it took me like 4 weeks to build.

The customers would supply the engine (usually a 1-horsepower) and other materials, and John and I built the cars. Other mower has a 16 hp Vangaurd /Briggs that has 600 hrs on clock & oil consumption is now of concern – needs rings replaced. This isn’t a critical part but in carburetors where the jet is built into the nut, cleaning is very important. My friends and I tore down the engine and rebuilt it. Its a horizontal drive engine that has 5 hp. Watch for a mower that has a broke engine (craigslist, neighbors, etc.), and you will have a backup, or a salable mower.

Place the rearend back under neath and you are ready to go. example on how fast you will go, the big pulley you took off, if you got one half that size, lets say your lawnmower is a 7 speed 7 gear being the now 1st gear is as fast as 7th gear was before so you can imagine what 7th gear is like. MAKE SURE THEY KNOW WHICH PEDAL (the one on the left) IS THE BRAKE VERSUS THE GAS PEDAL!!! Individuals who may be near the go-kart are in just as much risk as the driver, perhaps more so. When the switch is activated it shorts the wire to the frame stopping the engine.

First off find you A MTD mower or another more that the pulleys are held on by a bolt not pressed on its just a much simpler process however you can get the press on pulley type if you have a pulley puller. If the driver has to start his/her own kart then place the front end of the kart against a stationary object like a tree or fence post. The older Honda mowers have what is now referred to as their commercial engine.

Reassemble carefully, use permatex on the edge of the cases to prevent leaks, pack all bearings with grease, and make sure that the bushings or bearings are seated properly, they will have a little tab or flat edge that locks into the case. Subsitute their engine with yours and the don’t have a gas pedal or brakes this way cause lawnmowers run at a consant speed. A push mower engine around 4 horse has a really light flywheel and it uses the blade as a second flywheel so it runs right.

I also have a rupp hustler mini bike with a 6hp b&s vanguard, which when I bought the motor off craigslist, the guy wanted $60 (the dummy didn’t even bother to pull the rope to see if the engine turned over). The engine still has it’s original starter rope, the mower has the original grass catcher. Remember to check your welds, bolts, screws and engine mounting before taking it out to an open area. The engine is what makes the go kart fast or not and if you are going to build the engine yourself or buy it as a part from your local store, it will still need some expert knowledge to understand how to make the kart accelerate faster.