How To Strip Paint From Trim

First, let me say that your phone service is excellent and your confidence in the Paintshaver Pro is well placed. That said, JASCO would be the product we would use if Master Strip was not available to us. If you have a lot of wood to strip it is more convenient to purchase the 5 gallon drums. If exterior shutters or other detachable elements are being sent out for stripping in a caustic solution, it is wise to see samples of the company’s finished work. Testers praised CitriStrip’s orange-sherbet smell and relatively short wait time (I’ve used harsher strippers in the past, and I was impressed that this pulled up most of the paint in 30 minutes,” said Thomas), and the thicker formula won points for containing drips. I did see a machine that had spinning blades meant to take it down to bare wood.

You may want to use a lighter shade than the wood you are trying to match – I have found that in about two month the stain will lighten a bit. I have been using my year-old Paint Shaver again recently to remove multiple layers of paint from an 85 year old clapboard bungalow. Thank you for your inquiry, there are two possible options for stripping, the first is the Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover this is a quick working stripper that can remove up to 6 layers in about 5 minutes. Wrinkled layers can generally be removed by scraping and sanding as opposed to total paint removal.

I found my variable speed Dremel tool with the small round sanding belt the best for cleaning the grooves in the window and door trim. The down side with using steam on old, irreplaceable wood is the damage it does to the wood itself when it is scraped. In most cases, it’s better to buy a little too much paint rather than not enough, so you don’t run out in the middle of the job.

I used Soy Gel when stripping window trim in my 1920s colonial – 4 large windows in my living room. It may be worth trying a test area of both the Peelaway 1 and 7. Any layers of paint that are over 30 years old and potentially have the old lead based paint wood require the Peelaway 1, whereas the Peelaway 7 is suited to the more modern Paints and Varnishes. We’ve been stripping and sanding the heart pine trim in our family room for the past several months, and started staining a test piece of baseboard just last night. Decorative features were painted with a traditional oil-based paint as a part of the rehabilitation.

The obvious goal in using the putty knife or the paint scraper is to selectively remove the affected layer or layers of paint; however, both of these tools, particularly the paint scraper with its hooked edge, must be used with care to properly prepare the surface and to avoid gouging the wood. Both contain a wax component that slows evaporation, allowing the chemicals to remain on the wood longer.

Make cleaning up your paint tray easy by lining it with a polyethylene bag before you pour the paint in. When the work is done you can easily clean up. For tougher issues, Simple Green and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, applied with a soft brush can be used. When I first started stripping paint years ago, I used methylene chloride-based products. I then tried Smart Strip when I stripped the trim of 4 large dining room windows.

To load a paint roller with paint, it should be rolled back and forth in the well of the roller tray until the cover is uniformly covered with paint, then lightly rolled back and forth on the upper portion of the tray to remove the excess paint. One solution is a slow-acting paint stripper that can be carefully monitored while it’s working. There are other paint removers and solvents one is called Goo be gone you can buy at your local paint store, they also may have organic less smelly and harmful paint removal products at your local paint store.

Paint attaches itself to the trim both by mechanical means (locks into the tiny pores and grooves) and chemically (sticks to the trim like tape). The first step is to heat the paint and remove as much paint as you can with your sharp scraper on a test area. If any paint remains, put a little additional stripper on a nylon scrubber or steel wool and work the surface.

When we first attempted to strip paint ourselves, we tried the silent paint remover , but we didn’t have the hands-free stand and found it to be bulky and awkward to work with. Always read the cleaning product manufacturer’s specific information before using any product on your AZEK Railing and follow their instructions. You’re about to turn all this paint into a slimy, gloppy mess so you better have a plan for what you’re going to do with it and how you’ll clean up. The short handle makes it easy to paint the inside of cabinets without a long handle hitting the shelves.

No problem if you used mineral spirits but I would clean the area with water to neutralize the citristrip before you try to repaint. Unfortunately, we also discovered (the hard way) that breathing the fumes from lead based paint can make one extremely ill. When painting the ceiling, the paint should be applied across the shorter side of the ceiling, so the paint will be less likely to dry out between passes.

If you don’t wipe off the excess stain, it will dry streaky and most likely have drip marks along the side, looking like it was painted rather than stained. Painting on surfaces treated this way often results in a very uneven and unattractive painted surface that will show sanding and shaving patterns in the final paint coat. Starting at one corner of the room, the paint should be applied over about one square yard at a time. First, you can take the paint back to the store and ask them to tint it darker or lighter.