Two Story Rabbit Hutch

Whether you want to be a successful rabbit breeder and decide to start your own commercial rabbitry or whether you’re just an ordinary person looking for a small furry animal to lighten up your day; your first and most important step to is to make sure that your rabbits are in good hands. Ya, cute idea, and stylish as hell, but the little bunrab is gonna hafta potty sometime and with the glass tile base poor bunny is going to be covered in its own waste since there’s nowhere for it to go or be absorbed (actually, MDF soaks up all kinds of spills, then bubbles and peels) plus, while it may not get a grip on the majority of the cage, the pass-thru is certain to be a toothsome target.

Generally speaking, you can choose between a feeder that mounts on the exterior of your hutch or a feed pan. Make a frame of 2, 4-foot pieces of 2 by 4 joined at the ends with 2, 2 by 4 sections 2 feet long. In wet and windy weather, it is best to cover the whole hutch to protect the rabbit from the weather, but ensure that there is still enough ventilation. Secondly, make sure the wire on the floor is small enough so your rabbit does not get his foot caught in it. The wiring should not be any larger than 1 inch by 1-½ inches.

We hope this blog helped you learn how to care for a pet rabbit and that winterizing your rabbit hutch is important. Cardboard boxes provided hours of entertainment & also provide somewhere for your rabbit to run into when they feel threatened. They can be spacious and airy so the rabbit does not feel enclosed as much as they would in a cage. Modern rabbit keeping looks at the hutch as more of a shelter within a wider area accessible to the rabbit, whether this be a permanently attached run, secure garden or similar setup.

However, once your rabbit is familiar with your home, once you know what your rabbit does, and once your house has been fully bunny proofed, there’s no reason that he or she can’t have run of your home even when you’re not there. If you are reading this before you get a hutch, or a rabbit then great you can get it right straight away. Just make sure that the ½” side is placed up so that the rabbit’s feet rest on the smoother side.

Next time you are in a gardening center or feed store check out the price of rabbit manure, it will floor you. Any soiled bedding should be removed daily and the entire hutch cleaned at least once a week. So, as you can see from the pictures, the entire hutch was made from untreated lumber (so the rabbits wouldn’t eat the chemicals in the treated lumber). Be it chickens, bees, pigs or rabbits, the first step towards keeping any type of backyard animal is looking at the required housing and equipment.

Sturdy chains hold the rabbit hutches in place, suspended off the ground and off the structure. It is best to buy the biggest, best quality hutch you can afford even if your rabbit/s are only babies. The RWAF recommend a 6 x 2 x 2 foot hutch with an attached 8ft run as a minimum, and a pair of neutered rabbits (or a compatible group if you have enough space).

We would also recommend that the rabbit has a rabbit run for during the day in good weather, not forgetting to offer him some shade of course. The other thing you have to ensure, is that there is plenty of fresh air circulating around the hutch – this is essential for your rabbit’s welfare. Ideally the run should be attached to the hutch if the rabbit is living outside.

This works for rabbits who are contained by a puppy pen or roam free in a bunny proofed room. It is not good for them to be on wire all the time so it is important to get a hutch that has solid flooring as well for them to stand on. They can get sore hocks from being on wire day in and day out and that can lead to infections. First thing you need is a blueprint for making a hutch to know how to build it, below we have listed 10 best free DIY (do-it-yourself) rabbit hutch designs and plans. They have lots of different products to help you choose how you want your rabbit home to look.

As the hutch and run are permanently sited there are paving stones around the outside to prevent the rabbits from digging out, and any predators from digging in, but the middle section is turf so that they have a soft surface. If you fill the nest box with hay or straw, your rabbit will burrow inside, which help it keep warm during the winter months. It will make with a cheap price and doing it might actually be a great activity as well. Lots of people have house rabbits that have the run of the house (along with an area to call their own).how to make a bunny hutch

Rabbits don’t always know to avoid plants that are poisonous to them, so make sure that you have nothing that your rabbit could eat that is not safe for them to do so. See our feeding section for foods that are safe and plants that are poisonous. The inside of the rabbit hutch needs to be equipped with a few important items to keep your rabbit fighting fit, both physically and mentally.

What’s more, a rabbit can develop behaviour issues, like over-grooming, constant chewing of its cage, destroying its belongings and even apathy or lack of interest in its environment. To make sure you receive our emails in your Inbox, drag them from the new Gmail Promotions Tab over to your primary Inbox. If you are worried about your rabbit digging out you could get a skirt for the run or put it on paving stones. The door allows us to put it right up to his hutch (the door will open to the inside of the pen) and let him go in and out as he pleases. The options for cages are varied but require a few basics for the well being of your rabbit.

They also love company so if you are only getting one, make sure you give it loads of cuddles and attention or it’ll be lonely. These companies come highly recommended when it comes to building some good quality rabbit enclosures. The insulation can easily be cut with scissors into panels to fit the back, sides and top of your hutch. As long as you are prepared to bunny proof your home (wiring usually presents the biggest chewing hazard) and don’t mind the odd dropping, house rabbits can bring much joy. Predators such as rats are a reason to keep the hutch off the ground as well as damp.

Honestly, (being first time bunny owners) we were hopeful that he wouldn’t chew on the centerpiece (wishful thinking). The rabbit must be protected from sun, rain, and wind on all sides, and yet be allowed adequate ventilation. The entire hutch is enclosed with wire but the house side has that additional privacy and protection in the form of an additional roof or wooden box. The frozen bottle will help keep your rabbit cool and comfy in the hot summer to make a bunny hutch

One feature of this hutch that is a customer favorite is the lower hutch that you can fill with the proper bedding and the rabbit can use it as a nest and to get some privacy. A very humanist perspective is most people would like to do the right thing by their pets but they lead busy lives – perhaps simply having the rabbit around while you do the chores an easier way here. If you want rabbit babies, then having both sexes is fine, just make sure you read up on rabbit breeding practices and know what you need to do to encourage healthy rabbit babies being born.

Remember, they are little delicate creatures who get colder faster than us humans do. If a rabbit is exposed to too harsh of conditions, like extreme cold or wet conditions, they can easily get sick or die. The foil backed insulation comes in rolls 60cm (2′) wide and 7.5m long, so one roll will make a cover for a standard 6’x2′ hutch with spare left over.

If you give your pet rabbit a water bottle, then make sure you change the water every day and always check it to make sure it is not empty. If you have the time and imagination then this could be a fun project however its important to make sure your rabbis have enough room to stretch up and bounce about inside. The litter box is in the private compartment of the hutch and has pine shavings in it. Straw is put on the floor throughout the rest of the hutch.