Garden Climbing Frames

Wooden climbing frames for children have always seemed to capture everyone’s imagination, the outdoors always has that way of captivating you no matter how old you are. If you’re looking for a slide or swing then the DIY accessories from Climbing Frames UK is the right place to shop for all your playset needs. It has two towers which will soon be connected with a clatter bridge, wooden climbing rungs and steps and a fresh coat of paint. There is also a 12 month warranty on all parts against failure due to defects in material or workmanship. Make a simple wood frame and cover it with tongue and groove planks (marine plywood would be even easier).

With a wide range of wooden climbing frames to choose from, we have something to suit all sizes of garden and budget. If you would like to build your own garden climbing frame, this is how it could look after only a few weeks of craftsmanship. Climbing frames can incorporate climbing, sliding, swinging – perhaps even monkey bars for the slightly older child who require even more of a challenge. Basically, to get the real long term benefits of outdoor play it needs to be easily accessible. Please be careful when opening these packs as some parts are very small and are easily lost in grass.

That’s where climbing frames are wonderfully beneficial; a climbing frame sits proudly in the garden ready for plenty of active adventures. The Action range will ensure that your children will get maximum play value out of their climbing frame by allowing your children to explore their imagination at play but also challenge their physical demands whilst keeping them safe. However, there are several materials you might not think of that can be used to great effect in a climbing frame.

Attached to the strong wooden tower is a tall swing-arm with two wooden swings, heavy-duty 3m slide and full-sized commando net. In addition to swings, slides, and monkey bars, we also offer a huge range of other features on our climbing frames. Action has been producing climbing frames for many years and their experience means they have designed a range of climbing frames which will suit boys and girls of any age, ability or interests. From a compact wooden play tower to a large bespoke designed wooden play structure we can supply it all and, if the building and installation isn’t for you, we can do that too.

It’s important that all of our outdoor climbing frames are of an incredibly high quality with lots of exciting features for the kids, while being wonderfully easy to build with simple fixures and fittings. We’ve created inspirational spaces for kids here at Eden because we know that outdoor play can improve cognitive skills, health, imagination and self-esteem; all essential ingredients for a happy and successful young person.

There are plenty of fun things planned, including a giant jenga game, giant snakes and ladders and of course of favourite, a garden climbing frame with all the trimmings. Action instructions are available to download prior to your purchase from our Action Climbing Frames Instructions Page. If you want the frame to really blend into its natural surroundings, but you want to add fun accessories, choose ones which are wooden or at least green so they won’t stick out like a sore thumb. Our climbing frames range is designed to be safe, but also to include all the most popular play features, such as swings, slides, monkey bars, climbing walls, and our playhouse and cabin packages.

We understand that purchasing a climbing frame can be a large purchase for any family, there are a whole host of factors to take into account, whether you might need to save up, it’s not time for their birthday yet, or you need to adjust and amend the current layout of your garden. Sandpit: A compact space for younger children to dig in under the frame complete with two small seats.

We are a genuine business that has been established as one of the leading suppliers of children’s garden play equipment in the UK for more than 10 years. They are aimed at stimulating children’s imaginations as well as giving them a lot of exercise sliding, climbing and swinging. Every year or so an application of some kind of non toxic wood preservative might be a good idea but make sure it has plenty of time to dry before the kids start to play on the climbing frame again.

These play towers have a variety of sizes and shapes to chose from, including a range of wooden and fabric roofs. Should you decide to build it yourself we are able to offer valuable advice and answer any questions you may have. There are no plans for making this stunning looking cat cocoon, but it’s fairly self-explanatory. This wooden outdoor equipment can become like the best playmate and second home for your kids. Our range of garden climbing frames is split into a few different categories for you to narrow down your search, and work out which size, shape and brand is best for you. This is a kit that provides you all of the plans and parts needed to build a play center as pictured.

DIY climbing frames , parts & accessories, swings & slides, our huge range includes any part or accessory you could ever need when making a DIY tree house or play center. This is a kit that includes components that can be added to timber sourced locally or supplied by us. It includes plans and parts to make a playcentre for your children as pictured. Action 3D means endless climbing frame possibilities, and lets you design your own climbing frame to the exact specifications you require. In terms of brands to look out for the wooden climbing frame market is difficult to search.

Bought a climbing frame with slide for our three young children, the quality was excellent and it took my husband an afternoon to build on his own and was really straight forward. The Active Toy Co is the exclusive importer of Houtland climbing frames , a well-known European brand of good quality and reasonably priced wooden climbing frames and swings. Excellent climbing frame which appeals to my children (18 months and 4 years) as well as visiting kids up to 14 years old! Games for gardens -wide range of trampolines, garden swings, climbing frames, go karts, sandpits and garden games.

Before you can build anything in your garden you need to ensure you have a space that is large enough and level enough for the equipment you are intending to purchase. We will check the layout of your climbing frame to make sure that there are no conflicts in safety. If buying a new climbing frame is slightly out of your financial reach, then there are other your own wooden climbing frame

This ensures your wooden climbing frame looks amazing and is protected for the initial months of usage, however, as with any wooden garden product, whether it’s a playset, fence, shed, decking or table and chairs, we’d recommend you treat it with stain or sealant to ensure the effects of weathering are minimised. Tp’s fun and compact wooden play frame with two single swing seats and wavy slide. The stages of the build are done in simple steps with a mini parts list for each segment.

Antoine Swing Set measuring 470cm x 230cm x 230cm, made from FSC pressure treated timber, it is supplied with all the accessories pictured other than the slide, this can of course be ordered from the play accessories category. Action wooden climbing frames offer imaginative and creative play combinations at an affordable price. That is the size of the garden concerned, which must dictate the extent to which the wooden climbing frame can stretch. Manufactured in Wiltshire, the climbing frames are carefully designed and built to offer the best quality and value in the climbing frame market your own wooden climbing frame

Your frame should not be placed closer than 2m from any boundary of your property. My children ADORE the kiosk aspect of the frame as well as the upper level, swings and glider which they play on well together. This ensures your wooden climbing frame looks amazing and is protected for the initial months of usage. Alex Play Tower with Swing Arm measuring 430cm x 230cm x 330cm, it is pressure treated timber and comes with all the accessories shown other than the slide.

Once you have designed your perfect Climbing Frame Action 3D will create your own personalized shopping list, where each part used will be clearly listed with code and price thus giving you ease of use when ordering. Paul has plans to connect the twin towers with a wooden clatterbridge and has already connected a 3m green wavy slide. The climbing frames are designed to offer social activity, challenge and fun for children in domestic gardens.

I reckon I could do a good job, and I’d like to give it a go, it’s just I’d like to design and build it properly and, given my track record, it may not be finished before her birthday! DIY climbing frames, parts & accessories, swings & slides, our huge range includes any part or accessory you could ever need when making a DIY treehouse. Last year I build a small ‘a’ frame swing with ladder out of tree support posts and an old high chair seat.

Wooden climbing frames offer the same structural strength of metal versions and will look so much more beautiful in your garden and its surroundings. What you attach to a tower is entirely up to you: cargo net, climbing wall, swing frame, slide, ladder, fireman’s pole, ramp – it is your call. This means that while purchasing outdoor climbing frames may seem like a big decision initially, the amount of fun and adventure that’s provided will make sure it is treasured for a very long time, and may even be passed on through the generations.

Big Game Hunter’s climbing frames shop offer a ‘design your own’ service where they will advise you on what will fit into a certain space – even if it not square. Climbing frames can be built with toolkits, including items an electric screwdriver, hammer, spirit level, tape measure ratchet heads and square ruler. I obtained a Goldenridge Climbing Frame in April 2015 for my daughter who had unfortunately struck down with leukemia, after spending 12 months living in Alder Hey Hospital I decided too build something special for her. Garden Games offer a range of climbing frame hardware designed to help you build a domestic frame.

There is a choice of complete Wooden Climbing Frames with everything included or you can tailor make a frame to suit your own needs with our Design Your Own Climbing Frame facility. Our climbing frame range is designed to offer social activity, challenge and fun for all ages of children. The main bolt holes have all been pre drilled, so you know where the structural parts of the frame join together.