How To Build Inexpensive Basement Storage Shelves

A few years after Jocie and I moved into our home, the unfinished side of the basement looked like a we still hadn’t completely unpacked. When it comes to storage shelves, I think the ones that you can buy are actually not too expensive. Shop bookcases at wayfair free shipping on orders over $49.. Search for building shelving units. True, I’m looking at about $150 for all the materials… for four sections, 16 feet of shelves. This is only a basic general list of tools that you’ll need for building shelves.

It was a little expensive, but I used some premium plywood and this is much sturdier than the plastic shelves you can get for $30-$40…..and much larger too. Our Big Shelf – Custom Garage Overhead Storage Installation.. Love these garage organization and garage storage ideas. A way to build wood cabinets (for a garage or. Whilst you don’t have quite a few garage area, your nice guess is to accumulate. I used this blog to build the same shelves measuring 12ft long x 8 tall this weekend.

Wooden country shelves compare, shop & save with pronto.. This step by step diy project is about garage shelves plans. This is a really good idea in case your basement ever floods and it transfers some of the weight off the floor joists. I measured the distance of how high I wanted the the shelves to be and tacked my cleats ( I used a small level on each cleat to make sure they were level) to the wall with finish nails using the nail gun.

These floating shelves are made with reclaimed wood so there’s no cost at all involved in making them if you have the right supplies on hand. If not, adjust it as necessary, sanding and cutting wood so that the mount fits as snugly as possible. I recently built some new garage shelves in the home we have been living in for a couple years now. I’m still enjoying my shelves too (but it may be time for some spring cleaning).

Adjustable shelves on the other hand require more work and steps to build , but they are versatile in that an individual shelf can be removed or adjusted to transform the unit’s levels and compartments. After marking shelf location with your tape measure, use a level to transfer the line around the closet. Your local hardware store or timber yard has everything you need to build your own storage shelves.

Line up the notches on the shelves with the notches on the legs and force the shelves into place. Again, run a line of wood glue along the top of each strip, place the free panel on top, and nail it to each strip. Now you longer have to deal with the pile of junk items in the garage as this fancy garage cabinet provides the easiest way to get rid of the clutter, giving more room for parking your car. I would think in newer homes they’d have more storage (the architect who drew up the plans for this addition was insistent!)… also, the hooks for brooms are a great idea! The black shelves along with the silver pipe and fittings creates a modern, sleek look.

Whether you choose to pick up a new crate from your local wine shop, or a vintage piece from any of the antique shops around town, these hardy little boxes are easy to find and can be a great source of inexpensive wood for many of your future DIY projects. Wall Tape Dispenser Woodworking Plan, Shop Project Plan WOOD Store My father made something similar and used plastic bins to hold screws and other misc stuff. We therefore decided to use Redwood for the shelves so they could be stained later to match the floor and doors. When I had the three shelves ready, I lined them up with the lines I had drawn on the backing piece.

The level became our best friend at this point, and as is typical with inexpensive 2x4s, we did have some less than perfect twists in the wood. I built these shelves to 8′ height, and they are still rock solid, especially after I loaded them bottom-heavy. I have a closet that is 61 inches wide and I would like to install shelves like these but don’t know if they would warp at that width. We also love the idea of combining the light natural wood of the ladder with the bright white of the shelves.

You can finish the shelves with a clear coat of varnish, paint or wood stain, but I kept my shelves bare for that warm cedar look. Use this measurement to mark the location for the notches on the shelves; the center points of the notches should be the same distance apart as the wall studs. Ignore what you already have… think of your storage space as a tabula rasa, a blank tablet with endless possibilities!