How To Paint Purple Heart Wood Furniture

The stunning, unusual beauty of this solid walnut dining table by Eric Manigian comes as a real visual treat. Why people love it: Pulled up from bogs in New Zealand, Kauri is thousands of years old, making it the oldest wood on the market. When cut, the wood quickly turns from a light brown to a rich purple colour, hence its name, but over time the vibrant purple will lesson to a more browny purple shade. When I grind down into the wood – it is a light brown/tan – which changes to the bright purple later.

This strong and heavy wood (density of air-dried wood is 800 to 1,057 kg/m3 (50 to 66 lb/ft3)) is rated as easy to moderately difficult to air dry. It is a fast-growing hardwood and the functional furniture made from it can deal with everyday stresses and strains without losing its attractive appearance. The W. S. U. Cougars Logos are created from solid purple-heart wood and hard rock maple wood.

The Purple Heart table illustrates: a simple slab atop subtly in-sloped twin supports, the construction is understated yet evocative. Both Greenheart and Purpel heart (also known as Lapacho or Ipe) can give allergic reactions (skin iritations) espceccially the saw- and sand dust. The trees are prized for their beautiful heartwood which, when cut, quickly turns from a light brown to a rich purple color.

The only thing I can add, is that any type of power tool that causes friction heat in the wood will cause the oils in the wood to weep through the end grain. With more than 60 models of living room furniture and more than 30 types of tables, you can be sure to find the right piece as per your requirement. The medium-sized to large trees are among most expensive wood on planet because of extremely dense and water-resistant wood ranked as one of the hardest and stiffest of the woods in the world. Sanding will once again bring out the purple lustre, and clear coating with a UV protector will stop it from fading once again. It ages well and is extensively used in cabinet making and solid furniture handles.

The color of purple heart wood can go anywhere from a bright, almost pink-ish purple to a purple-tinted brown to a deep purple that is almost black at first glance, The color your wood will take is dependent on several factors; how old the wood is, how much exposure to sunlight the wood has had and how oxidized the wood has become. The wood takes and holds paints and stains exceptionally well and is readily polished. I also would suggest the red cedar heartwood for a replacement with some purple woods, too.

Dawn’s bedroom needed additional storage and since we had already used Purple Heart on her kitchen counter, it seemed like a natural to add a vertical strip of the stunning wood to the four featured legs of the chest that had been custom-sized to fit below her window. The design of the mantel is our own contemporary reinterpretation of a traditional frame and panel design, using the Purple Heart to highlight the frames”.

His Purple Heart Dining Table re-visits the past to create the future, showing a certain respect for nature while simultaneously re-envisioning its inert materiality, and, in the process, paying homage to both. Why it’s overrated: This color is not natural, it’s from beetles that infest and bore into the tree, leaving a series of holes in the wood itself, bringing in fungus that discolors the wood. One door constructed of Purpleheart, it will be impossible to be broken up, a very strong wood. Skip the work-gloves as any good table saw will cut right through them and you’ll lose your sense of touch.

Pink Ivory is one of most expensive wood in the world which is sustained and protected by South Africa following very limited permit to cut down the wood. Lol, yup, I turned a chess set and made a board with Purple Heart recently and had exactly the same experience… I had to resharpen my chisels just about every second chess piece, and also had hassles with my saw blades!

As a preventive measure to avoid any potential future bleeding, some woodworkers choose to apply a first coat of de-waxed shellac to seal the wood before applying clear finishes. Product # AF-22-TC >>> Solid African mahogany conference table with purple-heart wood border inlay, boat shaped with V” shape pedestals, 3 data ports. Here you can see the Purple Heart has lost quite a bit of color from all the sanding. This wood is straight-grained with a moderate coarse texture and a pale-yellow to brown color.