Rabbit Hutch Covers

To be honest as long as the hutch is water proof, off the ground, and has a sleeping compartment full of straw he should be fine, these extra covers etc are just so pet companies can make more money. As we mentioned above, the best way to ensure that your pet rabbit is the safest during the winter months is to keep them inside with you. This sturdy hutch has a unique hinged lid so you can observe the living habits and activities of your little pet. If you are building rabbit housing, you’ll need a tray for their droppings Drop trays are not mandatory, but they’ll make cleaning beneath the rabbit hutch a much more pleasant experience. If you do this make sure there is still good ventilation; perhaps leave a small gap along the top.

Don’t leave kids unsupervised – they may be perfectly loving in their intention to cuddle bunny or give him their sweeties – but poor handling techniques and feeding could injure your rabbit greatly. It’s also fine to use normal water-based paints on the outside, where your rabbit doesn’t have access to chew. I dig down about a foot to put the wire in the outside area and then cover with soil. Metal feeders are the way to go with food, and really they are quite cheap at your local farm-supply store.

Did you know that rabbits are ‘crepuscular’ so they are most active at dusk and dawn – this means they prefer to run around very early in the morning, probably before their owners are up and putting them into a run, and again during the evening, possibly once they have already been put to bed for the night. Make sure the rabbits cannot chew on these as this could result in an intestinal blockage.

The easiest way to introduce another rabbit is to go to a rescue centre, where they are likely to already be neutered and vaccinated, and if you take your rabbit with you it’s possible to try a few rabbits to see who gets on best with your bunny. Soiled bedding should be removed daily, and all bedding should be removed and the cage or hutch thoroughly cleaned once per week. The top mesh and sides of the cage should be 1” x 2” or 1” x 1”. However, the floor of the hutch should be ½” x 1” to support the rabbit’s feet.

Make sure that all chains and hardware used are Zinc coated for outdoor use, and that the chains are of sufficient gauge to support the weight of your hutch (doesn’t take much). You are correct that rabbits should have large amounts of hay in their diet, and also that the diet for a young rabbit is different to an adult rabbit. Incorrect accommodation can cause the rabbit to develop health problems, as will a lack of exercise.

Once you’re created a large space that you’re sure they can sprint about in, its vital to make sure it’s as safe as possible. Make sure there’s enough space for the lower decorative strip of the upper door and the upper decorative strip of the lower door so they can turn freely. But remember, rabbits are very social creatures, so choose a location in your home that won’t leave your bunny feeling lonely and abandoned. His owner will still need to check his bottom daily for fly strike and make an effort to give him some companionship every day.

One of the benefits of house rabbit is that they are part of the bustle of family life, but your rabbit will also appreciate quiet time where they can escape from busy people and noise. For rabbits in an ex-pen, there are a variety of fun wooden and cardboard play houses available today for your rabbit to climb and hide in, which will make his time in his home” much more enjoyable. Others have casters which also work for keeping dampness off the bottom of the hutch and away from your rabbit.

My House Rabbit is an educational website that promotes keeping pet rabbits inside the home. However, if you do opt to house your bunny in a large cage, you must ensure the rabbit gets plenty of time of time outside the cage- at least a few hours daily. Not only that, we’re so confident you’ll love everything about the Eglu Rabbit House that we offer a 30-day, no-quibble money-back guarantee. Hutch size is very important and the bigger the better, you will be unlikely to get a suitably sized hutch in a pet store!how to make a bunny hutch