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Of course, someone else’s trash could start off looking like, well, trash, and some of the furniture you find second-hand might need a little TLC before it’s ready to turn heads. Refurbished Tables – will usually have a very nice refurbished cabinet that will have a new finish on the esthetic parts of the table giving a very nice outward appearance. It’s also difficult to sand varnish from round or decoratively curved areas such as turned table legs. I can not stress this enough…if you don’t take this process seriously and REALLY get rid of all the old finish, you are wasting your time…because you WILL be disappointed.

With your cloth rub off the excess oil and leave the piece of antique furniture to dry over night. I have been dealing in antique furniture for many years and we find just using a good quality bees wax will revive and make the finish on original furniture beautiful. Sounds like I was on the right track – with the exception of using too much Briwax (the old poisonous stuff BTW) that necessitated too much elbow grease. The wood was taken from very old trees and will show a different pattern than our quick-growth varieties today.

Before you wrap up for the day, be sure to properly dispose of all the chemical soaked rags, steel wool and brushes, as well as the old finish you removed, according to the manufacturer’s instructions and local regulations. By saturating one of these pads in the mineral spirits and gently rubbing, I should be able to remove this white paint. Appraiser Leigh Keno had diffi­culty containing his excitement while examining this rarity -a Philadelphia candlestand table, circa 1765, with a refinished but badly alligatored top. I did accept a nice solid-cherry dining table with a broken leg, which I knew I could fix.

This furniture is worth more with its original (or at least very old) finish because collectors will pay more for old finishes in good shape. Now, with either a plastic scraper or one with a dulled blade and the edges filed down, start removing the layers of the old finish, carefully discarding the waste in a disposable aluminum cooking pan. Now that I’ve taken two of the leaves out, as we’ll keep it for our everyday use, and put a handmade burlap table runner on top that matches my recovered chairs, it looks fabulous!

When leather is so badly damaged or ruined that it needs replacement, there are companies such as Constantine’s that carry new pre-finished leather with the gold tooling (remove old leather and re-apply). Then again, sometimes it can be a relief to own a piece that isn’t in its original condition, Karen says, because you need not worry about what happens to it. Karen, who has two teenage sons, has a Victorian drop-leaf dining table in her kitchen that was stripped of its original finish. Be the first to know about This Old House contests, sweepstakes, and events and receive special offers and promotions from your favorite home improvement brands.

Yet another option is to take the dilemma online and hit up game table and/or refinishing forums. If you don’t want to get it tested, then when you remove the old finish, you’d want to assume that there’s dangerous stuff in the finish and act accordingly (using appropriate protective gear). Distressing replacement parts to look convincingly old is where most of the artistry comes into play. I bought a plain oak lamp table at my father’s auction for $10 for display purposes.

Give an old kitchen table new life in a weekend with these simple steps for refinishing wood furniture. If you accidentally spill oil or butter onto your antique table top whilst cooking it can look a bit of a mess but can also blend in as it is an old piece of antique furniture so marks are expected. I love to refinish old, found pieces of furniture and you’ve given me some great new ideas. This table was going to take some serious work to get to the bottom of the grime.

The finish itself is tinted so the color lies on top of the wood instead of being absorbed into it like penetrating stain. How-to: Rough up the wood with a copper or brass brush to allow the whitewash to adhere better. When you decide to refinish your antique, consider leaving some of the old dents or scratches. He replaced 3 ceiling fans very efficiently, removed old fans and cleaned all hardware and trash after completing the job.

A factory-made, mass-produced, mahogany-veneered dining table with a poplar base from the Depression era that has a dark crackled, scratched ugly original factory lacquer finish will never be worth as much as the same table properly refinished. You simply place the side with the horizontal ridges on top of the fill and gently rub it back and forth until the filled gouge is completely level with the surface of your table. This ensures that the chip breaker will tightly mount to it and not allow wood shavings to be trapped and torn off. When I examined the details of this dresser, I realized that it was solid wood except for some plywood on the back and bottom.

We mounted the wings back on the saw and found that we could align them with the saw table by flexing them slightly and carefully tapping them into position with a dead-blow hammer. If you had to sand the surface of your table past the finish in order to get the surface smooth, that could ruin the markings. Agree- Someone already tried to refinish table 2 but did not strip/prep properly. Everything said the wood conditioner would prevent this from happening, and clearly in my case, it didn’ to refinish antique table

I got a good price on the table since at some point someone had stacked something heavy/sharp on top and dragged it off, leaving a couple scrapes through new paint, old paint, gesso base, all the way down to the original wood. Once you have found some suitable veneer with a similar grain pattern and pore structure, you need to cut a piece in a shape that will blend easily with the existing table. Removing old paint or finish is NOT as daunting as it sounds if you have a good process and the right products! This mahogany writing desk now belongs to Jude, but has been sadly neglected of late and ugly watermarks have marred the top.

Step 2 – Wipe down your coffee table and make sure that the surface is completely clean and free of sanding debris. I dip a clean cotton cloth into the solvent and begin wiping the table in the direction of the wood-grain. Minwax® Antique Furniture Refinisher removes old finishes, including shellac, lacquer and some early forms of varnish. If an aniline dye stain was use on the backs without a top coat of finish you may loose some color in the process. I would avoid polyurethane because it will not bond very well to an old finish.

Thanks I have found your blog very useful as I am about to re-decorate my daughters bedroom and re-vamp some old bits of furniture i.e an old chest, book case, and bedside table. A top coat like this wipe-on urethane locks in the color layer underneath, offers protection from spills and abrasion, provides an attractive sheen and gives the wood a sense of depth and character. Most people can easily treat their antique furniture themselves unless the furniture is so badly infested, it is structurally weakened. You should almost always use chemical strippers to remove ALL the old finish and only sand a tad (with the grain…if needed…220 grit) AFTER you have stripped all the old finish.

Luckily, no one ever asked me to refinish a nice arts & crafts piece, however it does seem like the majority of these pieces are not in original finish. Also, you will NEVER get all the old finish out of decorative carvings or turned legs (like this table) with sandpaper…not happening! I had a can of Minwax Early American Wood Stain that I thought would be the perfect shade of not too dark, not too red, you know…just right. Applying wax with an abrasive pad or steel wood will allow you to work more wax deeper into the wood.

It served as our dining table when we lived in Anchorage, Alaska; it was where we had our family meals, our birthday celebrations, and our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Despite what you may read on the back of a can, if you want to do a really good job, some sanding will still be required after the old finish is removed by the stripper. Let’s say you forgot to use the wood conditioner and your stain ends up looking splotchy. To layer the stain, start with a dark stain, add a lighter stain such as a light coat of antique white, apply another coat of dark stain, and then blend the piece with a blending pencil.

Once dry, a seal coat of shellack will help proven regrowth by sealing the wood so moisture can not absorb as readily. The original paint underneath is matte, surprisingly strong, and applied to/integrated into what looks like a gesso base on top of the original wood. The tape also keeps you from accidentally gouging the wood with the sharp corner of the blade. Therefore, pour the wood stain in a container and make sure it is properly mixed because color pigments may settle at the bottom of the can. She helps her family and friends to learn how to restore and evaluate their antique pieces. The two divide their time between buying old tables, restoring them and selling them.

In North America, we are much too quick to strip off the existing finish, sand the wood with a power sander and re-coat the piece with a commercial lacquer that often resembles a plastic coating. Be sure that the product says specifically that it’s non-yellowing, or the top of the piece will be a different color from the base. When we refinish a piece of furniture, we first make small repairs like filling cracks and small holes. And here is where I managed to scratch into the table with one of those spirograph thing s when I was little! Start at the top and work your way down; let the paint dry completely between coats.