Vintage Blossom Wingback Chair

This is a beautiful example of a Leather Queen Anne Chair, also known as a Chesterfield Armchair or a Wing Back Chair. Well I had no idea that I was to remove the seats before taking them in and that was at least 22 years ago (the fabric held up pretty well but is definitely overdue for replacement). The proper way to fix the chair is to remove the zig zag springs from the front rail. Stripes: Choose fabric with vertical stripes to add height, horizontal stripes to add width or length to your room. If I were to take this in to be professionally done, it would have cost at least $400 PLUS cost of fabric ($100) so $500 total. These will be paired with a set we upholstered in a Brunschwig & Fils textile in our client’s dining room!how to reupholster a queen anne chair

This is the biggest tip for covering chair seats: it’s all about the corners- making them less bulky, pulling them tight, and creating clean corner folds. A. People should hire a professional to reupholster their chair if the springs are coming through the bottom of the chair or if the seat is dented in and saggy. I probably spent more time making my fabric cuts so they would actually be square.

I’d planned to get the chair reupholstered, but after I got home (file under I can’t make this shizz up), my dishwasher went kaput. Oh and bonus—I had enough fabric left over to upholster my desk chair (aka a Queen Anne style dining chair) and make two no sew curtains (deets to follow). I hope to be able to explain some tips and things that helped me upholster the sofa.

I just purcahsed a wing back chair from craigslist for $50.00. I called many upholstery places and they are charging $750.00 + fabric. Again, use the original fabric as a guide since every chair may be a little different. A vintage set of Herman Miller dining chairs from our Kentucky ‘whole house’ project. My husband is allergic to cats, which meant I had to strip this chair down to its bare wooden frame and replace all the foam and batting as well. Do not staple the batting on the outside arm piece to the bottom of your chair yet.

The backrest fabric is stretched around the back piece of the chair, so other staples to remove it will be on the sides of the back of the chair as well. An electric one will save your hands (there are A LOT) of staples you’re going to have to put in, but if you go with the cheapest versions (like I did), you’ll find that the stapler struggles to get the staples through the wood frame of the chair. Since upholstery fabrics cost from about $20 to $250 per yard or more, knowing approximately how much you’ll need before you make a choice is helpful.

The dining seats will be pretty straight forward, but we might do something crazy to their table. The link Upholstery Techniques: Upholster a Chair in the References section has a sample pattern as well. It had a fun red elephant print on it, which was actually really cool but the fabric was faded and worn out. The strategy I used for both was to lay out the old fabric over the new and trace it about an inch away. I did my whole chair then gave in and took the seat cushion to professional… Paid $98 but it made a world of difference!how to reupholster a queen anne chair

I love to see someone’s face when they find out that I reupholstered the chair myself. Ten of 45 dining chairs we’ve custom sanded, painted and upholstered for California restaurant, Viva Cadet. Don’t worry if you’re unsure which style of furniture you own, our home consultants are always on hand to help you decide which service will suit your furniture best. Fold the first side of the fabric over the straight cushion edge and secure using your staple gun to the cushion base.

Popular styles to either have reupholstered or loose covered include club style, wing style Queen Anne Chair, recliners, chesterfield, chaise lounge, drop arm sofa, tub chairs and many different types of dining chairs. We sanded, painted and reupholstered our client’s vintage side chair in Celerie Kemble for Schumacher’s woven textile, Betwixt in Black & White. If your using vinyl again, keep in mind vinyl is more difficult to work with than cloth fabric.

If you have a simple chair that only has an upholstered seat, measure the seat and allow about 6 inches on all sides beyond the width and length of the seat itself. Queen Anne chairs come in a variety of styles and materials, from fireside winged armchairs to upright dining chairs with no arms. I was thinking of painting the fabric, since that’s the trend these days because I didn’t think I could afford to reupholster.

It totally dawned on me the minute I was finished putting on the double welt to the legs that I should have refinished the legs of the chair…. oh well! The sides of the base of the fabric were originally pulled through to the outside of the sides, so I did the same (this is where photos make a lot more sense than words). For the main part of the back, you can pull the fabric through between the back and the wings and staple it to the back.