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The thought alone of a neighbor building a homemade chicken coop in their backyard is enough to make most people cringe. Pallets are like treasures for homesteaders, it’s often free and you can build anything with it. If you can get pallets easily (which it is) then you might be able to build this coop for almost $0, no cost (other than the optional paint job). TRIXIE has more than 10 plans with various size and capacity, from 8 feet square up to 26. In fact, BackyardChicken alone (one of the biggest online chicken owner communities) has more than 3,000 of them, submitted by the members. The first step in converting the shed into a coop happens before the shed even arrives.

Nina walked up to the ‘fence’ and within seconds one chicken half hopped half flapped out into the yard. One approach to temporary pens is to make poultry tunnels To create the tunnels , loop chicken wire or hardware cloth into tunnels temporarily staked into the ground. The answer to the question of what do I wish I had known before getting backyard chickens is really a tough one when one delves into the minds of chickens. This is good to keep water, bugs and critters out of the coop that shouldn’t be in there.

There are also plans for barn, cabin, desk & chair, planter, dog house, compost bin, and every other imaginable woodworking plans. If you want to start a backyard flock quit running around like a chicken with its head cut off and get on with it. If you want to and don’t, then well…you’re just plain chicken. If you plan to raise Bantam chickens, you can reduce the amount of space in the coop by one square foot per chicken.

If you have this plan, you could build the Backyard Chicken Coop in 2 to 3 weekends according to our past customer’s feedback. If this is your family home and you have a plan of how you want things to look for the next 10-20 years then I would say think a little about the materials you want to build it out of. If you have a large block you may be able to build it down the back and screen a cheaper construction with a hedge.

Many other cities, including Austin and Pittsburgh, offer self-guided coop tours. I recommend having a few nest boxes in the coop but don’t be surprised if one nest box becomes the popular nest. One of the biggest concerns I had was dealing with the potential flooding of the area surrounding the chicken coop. Most chicken coops for sale will come with roosting poles built in, which are often removable for cleaning.

The bump out makes it easy to store chicken feed and allows eggs to be collected without entering the coop. Rescue chickens are those that have been recovered after their previous homes were found to be in violations and closed down to chicken farming. Customize your coop by varying elements such as color, door and hardware style and use of accessories. You won’t believe if I say this is Rick’s first ever major building project, but it is. If Rick can build this, you can too. The list of reasons goes on and on, which leads me to my point… Build a bigger chicken coop than you think you need – David B.

Poultry keeping expert Robert Ludlow recommends each nest box should be a minimum of 12 x 12 inches, or larger is possible.” 5 Nests should be sheltered within the chicken coops for the comfort of egg-laying hens. It took us quite a few days and weekends to even get started on our DIY backyard chicken coop. After you’ve got your ends built, you will hook them together with 2 x 4 (85 in.) stretchers, and a 2 x 4 (45 in.) across the middle to support the chicken coop floor. Our Posts for our outside chicken run we acquired from our neighbor that was tearing down an arbor so we stained and re-purposed them.

This is a store-bought coop that the owners chose for its easy-to-clean slide-out flooring. At a minimum, the amount of floor space each chicken needs within the chicken coop is three square feet, and this is only appropriate if your chickens also have easy access to space outside the coop. For various reasons extra space separated from the main hen house is essential for maintaining a backyard flock.diy backyard chicken coop

Whether the coop is four feet high or seven feet high makes no difference to chickens. Also CD’s in the coop to keep the birds out, I must have lost tuns of feed back before I discovered duckweed. A friend of mine suggest that I invest in Oh Lardy’s Guide to Keeping Backyard Chickens and it is my new favorite book. Based on a simple equation, we figured out how large our coop should be. We wanted to allow enough space for an average flock of eight hens with three square feet of interior space per bird.

The rules surrounding what is and isn’t allowed in terms of backyard chickens vary from city to city, and you must make sure your backyard coop abides by the ordinance in your specific area. Next, you’ll frame your upper walls, using horizontal 2 x 2’s (89 in.) and vertical 2 x 4’s (13 in. for the center and 14½ in. cut at 30 degrees for the ends.) Please note: the plans below show vertical 2 x 2’s instead of 2 x 4’s, like I used.

This hen house has such great curb appeal , it’s a shame to keep it in the backyard. On top of that, I prefer a wide rectangle coop instead of square because it’s more efficient. We added a prop to hold the roof open, which I will show you how to build later on. And, we added a little hook to the side of the laying box so he can hang his basket up while he gathers his eggs.

They can climb, they can dig, and they are extremely strong and can rip chicken wire right off of your coop! GardenHood is one of the stops on the annual Chicks in the City urban coop tour. This coop is a high quality larger size chicken coop which is made of fully treated and grooved wood that is coated with water based preservative. The window makes it easy to watch your flock inside the coop and provides plenty of light.

With a professional quality roof and attractive two-tone paint job, this barn styled chicken coop features ample space and an elevated roosting space. This coop can be wide opened to be a fresh air school”, and closed to make a controlled-environment coop. The guys at MyOutdoorPlans said that you can build this coop in just one day even if you haven’t built anything before. If you’re overwhelmed by the list or if you really don’t have any idea where to start, I think it’d be a wise decision just to buy a ready-use chicken coop.

This is one of the larger coops but there are other simpler plans for smaller flocks if you only want two or three chickens. A do-it-yourselfer in the United Kingdom converted a vintage Morris Traveller into a chicken coop for a small group of hens. You might come across cheap ones but that’s usually because the quality has been sacrificed. Please note that no chicken was harmed during the making of this coop and all testing was done in very controlled manner were no chicken was ever placed in danger.

The ample mesh covering and secluded roosting compartments make it a very useful coop as well. I should have gotten a bigger coop for my girls and I have four right now, but would like more! A Portland, OR-based architect made this gray-clad modern coop for his own backyard. If you know how to use these tools safely, you will face no problem while building this coop. You can either filter in the left hand navigation by the amount of chickens you own or plan to own or you can use the size slider to find a coop with the ideal height, width, and depth.

Building a basic chicken coop for a small flock of birds is a solid weekend project for the determined do-it-yourselfer with basic carpentry skills, while the more elaborate coops could easily take several weeks (and will require advanced carpentry skills). Landscaping and Insect Control: If you allow your chickens to free range (roam out of the coop), they will meticulously landscape around your trees and shrubs. Its walls are made with hardware cloth, providing great ventilation inside the coop.

You can’t tell from the picture, but the floor of the nesting boxes is tilted towards the coop so water will flow out when cleaning. I mean, look at the image, it’s vertical unlike the other plans in this article. For those who live in colder climates that experience a lot of snow in the winter time, it’s important to realize during these cold conditions, the chickens will spend a majority of their time inside the coop.

Photo 16: The water can be hung under the coop or elevated on bricks to be above the girls and their scratching. Where you place your coop is very important, as chickens are extremely vulnerable to environmental hazards. The book features 14 complete building plans for DIY chicken coops that range from functional to fabulous. The most common form of protection is chicken wire, which is just a thin metal mesh that you can place across the outside of your coop to keep attackers away.diy backyard chicken coop

Curved roof is getting more direct sun rays compared to a flat roof, so your coop will be warmer in the winter. But if the chickens will be confined to the coop, then the three chickens will need at least 30 square feet of floor space in the coop. More and more urban areas are making it legal to raise backyard poultry , including Chicago, Ann Arbor, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Ft. Collins, and South Portland, Maine. Create extra perch space in a small coop by installing a branch in front of the nesting box. He thought of the project after seeing something a user at Backyard Poultry had done.

I uploaded a photo of my current one: I also opened a blog about building a chicken coop ! When I mounted the gutter to the coop I realized the lower end would be below the drip edge from the roof. Given that the garden beds were pre-fabricated out of hardwood and corrugated iron, I decided to use these materials in the detailing of the chicken run, the coop and the replacement of the existing pergola. There are two main reasons to do this, one is to allow drainage and air flow under the coop and to prohibit rotting.